Alexey Gopachenko

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PHP 5.3-7.2 editing and debugging, PHPUnit, Smarty, Twig and various frameworks support.

Phing Support

Phing build tool support.

Behat Support

Allows to use Behat BDD test framework for PHP.

Framework MVC Structure Support

Provides MVC structure information for framework-based projects.

Codeception Framework

Allows to use Codeception test framework for PHP.

TYPO3 TypoScript Support

Typo3 language TypoScript support.

PHP Remote Interpreter

Allows to create php interpreter for remote run via ssh.

Performance Testing

Plugin for automated execution of test scripts, capturing performance snapshots and gathering performance statistics.

Twig Support

Twig Template Language Support.

PHP Docker

Allows to create php interpreter for remote run inside docker container.


Provides ".ini" files support.

PHPSpec BDD Framework

Allows to use PHPSpec Specification-oriented BDD test framework for PHP.


Provides hunspell dictionary support.