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Base64 image encoder

Allows to view image as base64-encoded for using in CSS/HTML.
Available as new button in image editor toolbar. This plugin requires Java 8 to run.


By 0leGG
Basic viewer for Adobe After Effects animations exported with bodymovin library.

NavMine Demo

Diagrams demo

PNG Optimizer

By kb
Plugin allows to optimize PNG files by size before commit and manually via context menu in Project View

SvgViewer 2

An updated version of the SVG Viewer plugin originally released by Andrew Armstrong back in 2004 (I attempted to contact him but his listed email address is no longer valid) This release works with the current versions of the Intellij platform and runs in Intellij and WebStorm. It seems to have trouble in AppCode due to a missing Batik dependency. However I was unable to find a 'depends' node in the plugin.xml file that indicated it works with all Intellij platforms except AppCode so I simply left it out, indicating it works for Intellij only. UPDATE: I've added some dependencies so that this can be used with WebStorm and PhpStorm. It will not work on AppCode, even if it shows up as being available in the browser repository for that product.