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granting TeamCity users various badges based on their activity

Artifacts torrents

By spak
turns the TeamCity server and agent into a torrent tracker and seeder for artifacts published to the server.


displays the user's avatar in UI. Announcement.

BitBucket Trigger and Status

provides BitBucket-specific build triggering and pull request status update

[comment by JetBrains]: in addition to this triggering plugins consider using bundled functionality: commit status publisher for publishing build status to BitBucket and commit hooks instead of VCS trigger if you need to reduce load on BitBucket generated by TeamCity.

Build Queue Priorities

(bundled since TeamCity 6.0)

Caches Cleanup

cleans Maven and Gradle caches when agent needs more disk space

Chef install

downloads and installs the TeamCity server and agent via Chef

Command Line Remote Run Tool

a command line tool to start remote run/personal build

Commit Status Publisher

(bundled since TeamCity 10.0) Publishes build status to JetBrains Upsource, GitHub, Atlassian Bitbucket Server(Stash) or Gerrit Code Review tool

Config monitor

Monitors TeamCity data directory file changes and synchronizes those with local and remote git repositories. Windows only


A test-driven set of plugins for TeamCity. Includes carrot and stick tabs and log grep

Debian package generator for TeamCity installation

a tool to generate custom Debian package for the TeamCity server and agent

Gerrit Changes Status Update

a Gerrit Verification build runner which calls ssh gerrit command to Label Verify. +1 if build success, -1 otherwise. See also Commit Status Publisher plugin by JetBrains.

Groovy plug

example for TeamCity extensions in Groovy. As a demo, adds time properties, resources locks.

Investigations Auto-Assigner

a plugin to assign build failure investigations automatically (basic implementation)

JIRA reporter

adds comments/modifies JIRA issues on TeamCity builds

Linux System Properties

- provides Linux OS-specific parameters on an agent


adds the ability to create runners from xml. (obsolete, implemented as core functionality in the scope of TeamCity 8.0)

Microsoft SDKs Detector

detects Microsoft SDKs (Azure SDK, Windows Phone SDK and ASP.NET MVC) on the agent and exposes configuration parameters

Node.js Service Messages

an npm package for generation of TeamCity service messages in Node.js

Page colorizer greasemonkey script

colors TeamCity pages background red/green depending on the displayed build's status

Password reset

Adds a 'password reset' link to the login screen and allows you to reset password without disturbing the TeamCity Administrator.

Puppet TeamCity module

installation of the TeamCity server and agent from a yum repository via puppet

Queue Manager

(bundled since TeamCity 8.0) allows you to pause the TeamCity build queue manually

S3 Uploader

uploads build artifacts to S3 bucket

Service messages .NET library

a .NET library for generating (and parsing) TeamCity service messages from .NET applications

Stash Change Status

sends build status updates to Atlassian Stash. See also Commit Status Publisher plugin by JetBrains.

Symbol Server

Allows you to use TeamCity as a Windows symbol and source server.

TeamCity Benchmark

allows executing various benchmarks against TeamCity installation. Related post with details.


provides a command line tool which can be run as a build step to send notifications based on @user mentions in change comments

UI Static Content

adds a static text to various TeamCity pages

VSIX gallery

Turns TeamCity into a Visual Studio Extensions (vsix) Gallery