Plugins in category Android

Android Resource Usage Count

Count for android resource usage and show in each line.

MVP Generator

Plugin which generates activities and fragments for MVP + Dagger + Rx using Kotlin (soon for Java)!.

Data Binding Formatter : Databinding Model Generator

Quickly add android data binding setter and getter ,notifyChange and PropertyChangeRegistry methods for a model.


kotterknife plugin for kotlin.

Android ButterKnife Injector For Lib

Plugin for generating LibButterKnife injections from selected layout XMLs in activities/fragments/adapters.

Generate M.V.P code

This plugin is a key to generate the MVP of the android code.

Plugin for Adaptive Android Imposition

This plugin can help you create Android items such as RecyclerView, TextView, BottomNavigation, BottomSheet, Buttons, Cards, Divider, FloatingActionButton, Toolbar with...

CustomUI Tool Window

Plugin Function.


此插件旨在帮助接入 atlas 的用户快速编译Android 手机淘宝, Android 优酷等 app.

YXDroid Tools

the android development tools,include the following:.