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360 FireLine Plugin

By qtest


FireLine is a static code analysis software produced by the test team named Qtest in Qihoo 360 Company.
For more details,please visit the website: magic.360.cn

ADB Duang

(Need Root !!!)Plugin for one key pull file ( database,preference.ANR info, method tracing info ) from device and push file ( database,preference ) to device

For more details, look at the repo on GitHub: https://github.com/zzz40500/ADB-Duang

AI Predictive Coding

Coding is hard, let AI help

  • AI can infer the most relevant method you are calling, and rank it first in autocomplete list
  • Tell AI by writing a line of intention such as /// convert myString to int , Enter, AI will fill in the code snippet for you.
  • ... more to come

You will also need to the AI.codes dashboard (in fact a local proxy) for this plugin to be functional. The local proxy ensures good user experience by talking to server asynchronously, as retrieving candidates from server usually takes more than 100ms, causing visible delay in UI.

This feature is still in early alpha, and it can break, burn, or make your eyes itchy. Help me improve this plugin by reporting issues


By aqqxa

Android Asset Importer

This plugin is designed to facilitate the process of importing multiple assets into Android Studio in a painless manner.


- Select an Android Project top level folder
- Select a folder with appropriate assets, following the agreed naming convention.
- Rename your asset.
- Select densities from list of available ones.
- Import! (if folders don't exist they will be created automatically

Find the source code on my GitHub page.

Android ButterKnife Plugin Plus

Plugin for generating ButterKnife injections from selected layout XMLs in activities/fragments/adapters.
Add some new features based on on the Android ButterKnife Zelezny(Version 1.6.0-SNAPSHOT).

Android ButterKnife Zelezny

By avast
Plugin for generating ButterKnife injections from selected layout XMLs in activities/fragments/adapters.

Android Code Generator

Android Code Generator Author Author of this plugin is Tomasz Morcinek.
Public github profile: https://github.com/tmorcinek. Repository Project on github android-codegenerator-plugin-intellij Description Plugin parses xml file, and retrieves data about all the views that contain android:id attribute.
Plugin collects information about view's type and id. Based on that, plugin generates fields, assignment, imports and methods.
Full project description on github's information page. Features

There are several very useful features some of them are:

  • generating Activity Class code from layout
  • generating Fragment Class code from layout
  • generating Adapter Class code from item layout
  • generating Menu code from menu xml
  • creating files from code
  • preview screen with generated code that can be modified before creation of file
  • detection of project package
Compiled with Java 1.6

Android Develop Templates

Android Develop Templates
Android Develop Templates is an Android code template management plugin, you can develop the page, component template code, and then generate the same code you need.

How to add a code using a template: Google Doc

  1. Install the plugin
  2. Settings>Other Settings>Template Manager
  3. Configure Source, click Refresh to get the available templates
  4. Select the template and download, restart the IDE
  5. In the Android project, click the File> New menu or right click on the Project window to display the templates.
An example of a template source: Templates

Android Develop Templates是一个Android代码模版管理插件,你可以通过已开发的页面、组件模版代码,生成自己需要的相关代码。

如何使用模版添加代码:Google Doc


  1. 安装插件
  2. Settings>Other Settings>Template Manager
  3. 配置Source(模版源),点击Refresh获取可用模版
  4. 选择模版并下载,重启IDE
  5. 在Android项目中,通过File > New菜单或在Project窗口中点击右键,即出现相应模版
一个模版源的示例: Templates

Android Drawable Importer

This plugin consists of three main features. You can access them by a right-click anywhere, but not on a file, inside an Android module under New.

1. AndroidIcons and Material Icons Drawable Import
You are able to select the asset, specify your color, change the target resource name and select all the resolutions you want to import.
All the missing folders will be created automatically. If there are already drawables with the same name, you will be warned. You can even search for your desired asset by just start typing when the first spinner has focus.
Since Material Icons provide also Vector Drawables, those can be imported now as well!

2. Batch Drawable Import
Select assets (or a whole folder) and specify the source resolutions. You can change the source size of every image as well. Specify all resolutions, to which it should be resized to.
This works also with 9-Patch-Images. But take care: sometimes it's necessary to remove / add the one or other "pixel" in the 9-Patch-Editor. But just give it a try :)

3. Multisource-Drawable
Ever got a zip with drawables for your Android project by your designer with the following structure?


No problem! Now you can just select for every resolution a different asset, specify one name for them, and the rest is done by the plugin.
Or even easier, you can select the whole zip, and this plugin will auto extract the asset to the best matching folder.

Hint: When you select an asset, you can also just drag a file from your explorer to the text field and drop it there.

Android Layout ID Converter

This plugin convert IDs in your android layout xml, to java source code.
Supported format: Plain Android style, AndroidAnnotations, ButterKnife
See demo movie.
Source code is here.

Android Methods Count

A plugin to get information about the number of methods on Android libraries.

Android Parcelable code generator

Plugin which generates Android Parcelable boilerplate code for you.

Android Postfix Completion

Postfix completion templates for Android

Available templates:

  • .toast
    Create and show Toast
    Toast.makeText(context, expr, Toast.LENGTH_SHORT).show();
  • .log
    Log.d("log", expr);
  • .logd
    If BuildConfig.DEBUG is true, Log message.
    Log.d("log", expr);
  • .find
    Typed FindView
    (ViewType) findViewById(expr);
  • .isemp
  • .vg
    ? View.VISIBLE : View.GONE;
    (expr) ? View.VISIBLE : View.GONE;

Android Res Resizer

Resizer for Android image resources

Android Selector

Generate selectors for background drawable
You can use `colorButtonNormal` simply,
but make easily touch feedback of normal `View`s as well as `Button`s with this plugin.

1. Set your colors(in `res/values/colors.xml`).
2. Select `New -> Android Selector(or Ctrl/Cmd + N)` on your `res` directory.
3. Select filename, color, pressed and pressed-v21 respectively.

- ripple drawable is generated in drawable-v21 directory.
- normal drawable is generated in drawable directory.

- com.android.support:appcompat-v7:22.+

Android Selectors Generate

This plugin automatically generates drawable selectors from appropriately named Android resources.

Android Snippets Search

Search android snippets directly from android studio.
code preview, online code and many other features

Android strings.xml tools

Provides simple actions for sorting entries in Android localization files and adding missing ones.

Android Studio Prettify

Android Studio Prettify
  • Generator for inflater and activity setContentView view variables
  • "Extract String resource" shortcut in context menu
  • LineMarker for view types
  • View cast checking annotator
  • Field and method variable generator for views
  • Related layout files for nested classes
  • Symbol search for layout id in xml files

Android Toolbox Plugin

Android Toolbox Plugin for IDEA.

Supported features:
  • Create ViewHolder/ViewPresenter from layout.xml
  • Generates ButterKnife annotations, if ButterKnife presents in project dependencies
  • Optional inheritance from RecyclerView.ViewHolder
For more information go to github https://github.com/idamobile/android-toolbox-plugin

Android View Generator

Plugin for:
1)Generating fields from selected layout XMLs in activities/fragments/adapters;
2)Initializing the fields by findViewById method;
3)Generating viewholder-template for adapter;


AndroidAccessors is designed to generate getters and setters for Android projects. It removes leading m's from field names so the external methods are cleaner.
For more details, look at the repo on GitHub:

Apiary Blueprint Manager

Apiary Blueprint Manager is a plugin for Android studio or any other IntelliJ IDEA based IDE. It helps keep the code up-to-date with Apiary documentation, by notifying about changes and helps by generating code based on Apiary documentation.

Plugin can analyze Apiary blueprint and tell you:
  • Which methods need to be implemented
  • Which methods have changed in your code, or at Apiary documentation
  • Which methods are implemented, but no longer supported by API

Plugin can also:
  • Give you detailed information about requests
  • Generate example code for requests methods
  • Generate example code for entities

Plugin limitations:
  • Plugin currently works only with retrofit library
  • Plugin currently works only with JSON body in requests


Appaie - Deploy a coding bot to create native android app automatically
Developer SDK for Android

Appstrakt Translations Sync

Synchronize your Google Sheets directly into your strings.xml

Assets Compressor

By memo
Compressing js and css files, go to Refactor > Compress


  • 快速打包(awo)
  • 强大的手淘代码模板
  • 依赖同步集成区管理
  • gradle助手,快速使用手淘打包插件,maven依赖迁移
  • 调用关系查询
  • 作者查询等


Validate and auto fix source code documentation.
  • Code -> Autodoc current file to generate documentation strings for Python and Java.
  • Code -> Autodoc current project to generate documentation strings for all files of a project.


Convert normal java model or pojo or entry to auto value model. 一个简单的Android Studio插件 ,把一个普通的Java Model转化成AutoValue的形式。


By whilu
Generate Android string resource from Excel
BeTranslate on GitHub


@RequestMapping(value = SOME_STRING + "/company")
public class TestController {
@ApiResponses(value = {
@ApiResponse(code = 404, message = "error")
public ResponseEntity filter(@ApiParam(value = "搜索过滤参数", required = true) @RequestBody Object request) throws SuspendExecution {
return new ResponseEntity<>(response, HttpStatus.OK);
* error
public void filter_404() {
def headers = userLogin(accountInfo.dj)
def body = [
"request" : "Object"
def res = restClient().post(
path: "/api/company/xxxx/xx",
contentType: JSON,
body : body,
headers: headers)
assert res.status == 404202
} ps : def restClient = new RESTClient("")
2.Simple Plugin (位于上边栏最后一个):
step1: 拥有一台linux系统的电脑
step2: 安装expect
step3: 安装terminator
step4: 配置config, 配置文件 在.IntelliJIdea2016.3/config/plugins/bb中
config 格式 : 中间用空格隔开
别名 帐号 密码 ip 注释
别名 最好用英文,支持中文。如果没有密码,用?代替。当通过这个插件登录过一次远程服务器。系统自动加入别名,可以直接用别名登录。
效果类似: ssh username@ip ,自动帮助你输入密码,完成登录。

Bunyan Pretty Print

Plugin for IntelliJ IDEs to pretty print JSON log through Bunyan.
You'll need globally installed bunyan command line tool (npm install -g bunyan) for this plugin to work.


This is a tool to remove butterknife codes. How to use: First, open the file with butterkinfe in the editor and choose the codes to be replaced; Second, right click and the popup menu will contain a "CX5" item. Click the "CX5" and choose which situation you should use. There are totally three situations,"Activity","Fragment" and "ViewHolder" which convert codes with "findViewById","contentView.findViewById" and "itemView.findViewById". After the codes converted, a row of function call codes is generated,e.g. "findView()" for activity or "findView(itemView)" for viewHolder. This function call should be used to replace "ButterKnife.bind(this)" or "ButterKnife.bind(this,itemView)" with your own.

Bytecode Editor

Provides View | Edit Bytecode action for those who learns JVM internals.

Based on ByteCode Viewer by JetBrains but is better:

  • it uses an editor tab instead of a popup
  • it allows you to edit bytecode assembler and assemble edited code back into .class files
  • it provides default hotkey for bytecode analysis: Ctrl+K, Ctrl+B

Based on ASM6.

It's a very gloomy tool. WIP.


  • Support for ASM Textifier representation
  • Support for ASM Textifier representation assembling
  • Check Jasmin compatibility with recent class file versions and rework it if required
  • Representation switching
  • Krakatau integration (maybe, I'm not sure)
  • Refactor all that shit!
Patches are welcome...


统计代码行数,允许在设置界面添加用户自定义统计类型。(Statistics the number of lines of code, allowing the user to add a custom statistical type in the settings interface.)

cedarsoft Serializer Generator

This plugin creates Serializers and Tests based upon cedarsoft Serialization.


Alt+U (Shift+Alt+U for Mac OS X) to discover unchecked exceptions that might be thrown in the statements you selected.

Create or update a try catch statement based on the exceptions you selected.
Customize the search process through the settings menu (Ctrl+Alt+S: find CheckMate).

Code blocks sorter

It will sort your code depends on indentation , comments, brackets etc. eg. You may select whole class and sort all your method alphabetically - pleas notice that eg. Private keyword is also a part of line with your method name so it will sort your methods by accessibility.

Code comments

Add comments to code without change it.


Android Studio Java to Smali Plugin.
Support For Android Studio (IDEA 14+)


This plugin generates code from right click 'Generate...' menu while focused on a java/scala class. The output class can be customized using a provided velocity template to format the code based on the origin class and optional selected classes.

The following features are available:

  • Generate the model class for the persistent class.
  • Generate the converter class for the model class and the persistent class.
  • Support add custom template to generate more code.
  • Generate @see doc for override method

If you want to add variables into template context, you can modified the source and package the plugin to meet your needs. See README


Search millions of code snippets
Coding collaboration platforms such as GitHub, Google Code, and StackOverflow are treasure troves of programming knowledge. Codota helps you find the best code examples from *any* source that may have them.


The Codota intellij plugin also integrates with your CodeBox. Install the Codota Chrome Extension to save snippets from your browser into your CodeBox and use them in the IDE.

Use Codota to find the best code examples for every class or method in the code. Tap into the collective knowledge of the community!

To use the Codota plugin, just select a class/method name in your code and hit alt+k (or ⌘k). You can also hit alt+k (or ⌘k) without any text selected and use the popup search box to enter your search query.

To index and search your own code, visit Index your repo and use alt+l (or ⌘l), or ctrl+shift+k (or ⌘+shift+k).


By whilu
Convert color with alpha value to hex format
ColorPanelHelper on GitHub

Compare Directories

Allows the fast comparison of two directories or archive files (jar, zip, war... and also tar/gz) based on file contents. Compared directories/archives are shown in a tree view to give a better and easier-to-read overall view of the differences.
Compared directories/archives may contain archives in archives in archives in..., which are all opened and compared compressed file by compressed file.
In IntelliJ IDEA, compiled Java class files can also be compared at the attribute/method level (option when starting the comparison).
Comparisons can be run on any file or directory inside or outside the current project.

From the comparison tree view, single file differences (on both text and binary files) can easily be viewed and edited with the usual IDEA diff window. Left-side and right-side files can be separately opened as easily.
You can also view differences in compiled Java class structure and bytecode using the usual IDEA diff window, thanks to the built-in Java disassembler.
Blank-only differences in text files are detected, as well as user-defined differences in text files and differences in source file comments, called «non-significant differences».
The plugin provides some basic mass-merging facilities on compared files and directories (copy/delete on compared files or directories).

This plugin works on any IntelliJ Platform product, except the Java disassembler, which is only available on IntelliJ products bundled with Java ASM4 library.

For more information, please read the online help bundled with the plugin (complete plugin sources are also bundled for the IDEA plugin developers' convenience).


This plugin allows copying code from editor to clipboard with colors and style! Select lines you want copy, and then right click on the editor, you can see "Copy with style" options on the first line

CreateIntent method generator

Plugin for generates createIntent method for Android Activity


Checkmarx plugin for IntelliJ allows retrieving scan results from the Checkmarx scan server. Full user's manual can be found here: http://www.checkmarx.com/instructions

Data Binding Formatter

Quickly add android data binding setter and getter for a model.

After created model,open Generate window, select Data Binding Formatter.

In this preview version,you still have to manually add import for BR class and add implements Observable.

find exits getter and setter.
allow select field.

GitHub repo: https://github.com/Qixingchen/DataBindingModelFormatter

If you find a Bug,please create a Issue in GitHub


Convert normal android xml layout to databinding layout.

DTO generator

Data Transfer Object(DTO) generator that generates Java classes from the given feed.
This is a open source project please raise a feature request or file a bug if any,at our repository we are looking forward for your feedBack

Dummy Text Generator

The plugin adds a random text generator, capable of creating witty texts in different genres. Created text can be inserted newly at the caret, or replace a selection.
The dummy text generator is added to the main menu, tools menu and into the generate... popup (Alt+Insert).

The plugin allows to choose from several genres:
  • Culinary Inspirations
  • Esoteric Wisdom
  • Fake Latin (similar to "Lorem Ipsum" blindtext)
  • Pirate Lingo
  • Science Fiction

When replacing a multi-lined selection of text, the generated dummy text maintains the amount of lines. When replacing a selection of text within a single line, the amount of words is roughly being maintained.
When the replaced text selection consists fully of lower-cased or capital letters or begins with a capital letter, that previous casing is maintained. Furthermore, the presence or absence of a trailing punctuation mark of a replaced text selection is being maintained.

Please note: This plugin is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS, WITHOUT WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied.


An Intellij/Android Studio plugin that support Chinese English words or sentence translation of each other, this function is simple, but very useful, if you have any questions or suggestions in the course, you can always feedback.

Instructions(important update):

  • 1. Double click to select the English word you want to translate.
  • 2. Press shortcut key(Alt + A) to view translation result.
  • 3. To Step 2. you also can right click the word and select menu item "Translate".
  • 4. Another way is to press shortcut(Alt + S) display translation content in tool window(Floation Mode or Pinned Mode).
  • 5. Press shortcut key(Shift + F10) to select an translation engine(Goole or YouDao) to translate it in web page .

  • Fixed:

  • 1. Solve the garbage problem.
  • 2. The balloon support for mouse events.
  • ECTranslation

    Plugin for translate English to Chinese.
  • 1. Choose the word you want translate.
  • 2. Press Command + I.
  • Emmet Everywhere

    EmmetEverywhere Plugin for IntelliJ IDEA

    v.1.2.3+ for JAVA 1.8
    v.1.2.2 for JAVA 1.7

    Use HTML Emmet anywhere.
    For example in Google Closure Template (*.soy files).
    Just type your code and press CTRL+ALT+]

    Here’s an example: this abbreviation

    #page>div.logo+ul#navigation>li*5>a{Item $}

    ...can be transformed into

    <div id="page">
    <div class="logo"></div>
    <ul id="navigation">
    <li><a href="">Item 1</a></li>
    <li><a href="">Item 2</a></li>
    <li><a href="">Item 3</a></li>
    <li><a href="">Item 4</a></li>
    <li><a href="">Item 5</a></li>

    more information about Emmet:


    auto create code 4 testing Android using Espresso

    Explore Trace

    Works with Java thread dumps.
    Reads thread dump from clipboard buffer.

    Menu: Analyze -> Explore Stack Trace

    • automatic grouping of similar threads - works well for dumps with thread pools
    • patterns for socket, I/O, waiting for process detection
    • prioritizes by different factors
    • allows view editing - reorder or delete "not interesting" threads
    • filters by thread category (jdk/pools/socket/waiting etc)
    • remove all not interesting and export back into text
    • navigation into code also by method name: useful when code had changed
    • removes email prefixes like ">" or concatenates lines cut by Windows console
    • on start jdk threads (except EDT) and thread pools already filtered

    Externalizable Generator

    The plugin allows to generate externalizable code for Java classes easy and safe.


    Exynap - Effortless Android Development
    Exynap is an Android Studio plugin which helps you find and implement the code you require in an instant.

    @OSX users: If you encounter a plugin crash after installation, please take a look at this troubleshooting article: Android Studio does probably not use Java 1.7+ as runtime.

    Reasons to use Exynap:
    • Just type whatever you are looking for: You only have to formulate a command, pick a suggestion from the list and press Enter.
    • Remembering tons of shortcuts or Live Template abbreviations is in the past. There is only one shortcut you need (Ctrl + Shift + D). Nothing else.
    • Ready to use within minutes: Just download the plugin from the plugin repository and begin using it, there is no sign up procedure involved.
    • Privacy guaranteed: A “Data Privacy Monitor” shows you all the data that has been submitted to our servers since you launched Android Studio. Exynap will never send your implementation details, code or project related material to us.
    Please see exynap.com for further details.

    Important: By installing Exynap, you are agreeing that you are solely responsible for the protection of your equipment and backup of your data!

    FindViewById to BindView

    By yalan
    Android plugin for converting findViewById(R.id.xx) to ButterKnife field.


    A plugin for android developer, with the plugin you can generate "findViewById" code quickly.


    A plugin which automatic generation "findViewById" code.

    Focus on Active Task

    Focuses the project tree view on the active task, only displaying relevant files/paths.

    Freasy Monad Plugin

    Enable proper Intellij highlighting for Freasy-Monad macros.

    Generate Android Resource

    A quick way to help you extract an existing Java or XML string/demin/color etc to a resource.

    You just write like "@string/example/exmpleVaule" in Java or Layout , the words will be replaced by "xxx.getResource().getString(R.string.example)" in Java or "@string/example" in Layout and "<string name="example">exampleValue</string>" will be generated in strings.xml.



    generate a class all setter method default value by alt+enter on the variable class

    generate a set method for two object converter when they have same field

    generate default value when returnType is List Set Map

    like a user class has setName, setPassword methods

    User user = new User();

    then alt+enter on User

    will generate following



    support all your class set method including super class

    view more on https://github.com/gejun123456/intellij-generateAllSetMethod

    Geocoding Plugin

    This plugin is made for engineers working with Location-Based-Services / -Applications. Thus you can replace address names by its coordinates (Geocoding) and vice versa (Reverse Geocoding). It enables you to create test-locations quickly or resolve coordinates to its addresses within your IntelliJ Editor.

    After you installed the plugin you have a new action group Geocode inside your Refactoring context menu.

    Alt + Cmd + G for geocoding
    Shift + Alt + Cmd + G for reverse geocoding

    Geocoding Context Menu

    Create Sample Data Demo

    Reverse Geocoding Demo

    Geocoding Plugin Preferences

    Source Code under Apache 2.0
    Geocoded data is provided under the ODbL via Nominatim / OpenStreetMap®

    GIO SDK Helper

    GIO SDK Helper 可以帮助您自动集成GrowingIO的SDK。

    Gist Templates

    Fetch gists from one or several github gists accounts and use them as templates inside IntelliJ.
    If you like it don't forget to rank and comment the plugin on JetBrains site.
    If you don't, please drop by our github repository and submit an issue or propose an improvement !

    GMVP Build

    Generate the template code based on the Google MVP example


    quickly to convert a JSON string to an InnerClassEntity class ..


    Support GSON and XML to the entity class
    most HTML tags may be used

    Guava Postfix Completion

    Postfix completion templates for guava Available templates:

    • .checkArgument
      Checks that the boolean is true
    • .checkNotNull
      Checks that the value is not null
    • .checkState
      Checks some state of the object, not dependent on the method arguments
    • .checkElementIndex
      Checks that index is a valid element index into a list, string, or array with the specified size
      checkElementIndex(index, size)
    • .checkPositionIndex
      Checks that index is a valid position index into a list, string, or array with the specified size
      checkPositionIndex(index, size)
    • .checkPositionIndexes
      Checks that [start, end) is a valid sub range of a list, string, or array with the specified size
      checkPositionIndexes(start, end, size)
    • .join
      Joins pieces of text (specified as an array, Iterable, varargs or even a Map) with a separator
    • .split
      Extracts non-overlapping sub-strings from an input string, typically by recognizing appearances of a separator sequence
    • .immutableListCopyOf
      Creates an immutable list containing the given elements, in order
    • .immutableListOf
      Creates an immutable list containing a single element
    • .immutableSetCopyOf
      Creates an immutable set containing the given elements, in order
    • .immutableSetOf
      Creates an immutable set containing a single element
    • .fluentIterable
      Creates a fluent iterable that wraps iterable, or iterable itself if it is already a FluentIterable
    • .optional
      Creates an optional around the element, if variable is annotated as @Nullable then .fromNullable will be used, .of otherwise
    Postfix completion templates for java 7+ Available templates:

    • .requireNonNull
      Requires that the value is not null

    Hash Generator

    By Borz
    Plugin to calculate Hash code for the text string


    With HasteIt you can quickly share your current file or selected text to Hastebin.

    Haxe Checkstyle

    Haxe Checkstyle is a static analysis tool to help developers write Haxe code that adheres to a coding standard.

    Code conventions improve readability, allowing team members to understand each other's code better.

    Ideal for any project that wants to enforce coding conventions.

    Static analysis is usually performed as part of a code review.

    It automates the process of checking Haxe code to spare developers of this boring (but important) task.

    IDE Features Trainer

    We created this plugin especially for newcomers, people who are not familiar with the IDE features. The main idea of the plugin is to offer IntelliJ IDEA shortcuts and features training right inside the IDE. No need to read a long manual or search for a proper screencast for dummies, just install this plugin, open IntelliJ IDEA and start learning in an interactive way and getting used to your new IDE.

    The course is divided into 5 modules: Editor Basics, Completions, Refactorings, Code Assistance and Navigation, with several lessons in a module. Each lesson includes short tasks requiring one or two shortcuts to complete.

    We are working on new lessons. If you have already finished this course, come back here soon to update the plugin and keep training.

    Feedback is much appreciated: jb.gg/training-plugin-feedback

    For bugs and feature suggests: https://training.myjetbrains.com/youtrack/newissue


    Coati plugin for idea IDE's like Intellij or CLion. Provides communtication with Coati.


    Sourcetrail plugin for idea IDE's like Intellij or CLion. Provides communtication with Sourcetrail.


    By axter
    Plugin for generating code from selected layout XMLs in java file(via R.layout.xxx)
    • support declare/findViewById/setOnClickListener.
    • support ButterKnife Annotate fields and listeners.

    Jackson Generator Plugin

    This plugin allows you to generate Jackson ready java files from provided Json formatted string.

    How to use:
    • Select folder from Project Window , click RMB (right mouse button) > New > JacksonGenerator.
    • Enter main class name and json string in dialog.
    • Click OK.

    Java8 Postfix

    Postfix completion templates for java8
    Template Before After .stream array.stream Arrays.stream(array) .lambda someMethod().lambda () -> someMethod() .opt obj.opt Optional.of(obj) .optnull obj.optnull Optional.ofNullable(obj)


    Plugin that generates java docs on java class elements, like field, method, etc.

    jclasslib Bytecode viewer

    Bytecode viewer for Java class files

    JDocs API Lookup

    A plugin to access the JDocs apis through IDEA.

    JDT AstView

    This plugin provides Eclipse JDT AST Viewer for Java source code.


    Plugin for Convert JNI var to C/C++ styte code.
  • 1. Mouseclick,make sure the cursor between "JNIEXPORT" and function-declare-end .
  • 2. Press Command + shift + 1.

  • 将JNI中的参数转换为C/C++的代码.
  • 1. 游标点在JNIEXPORT 方法声明的地方,方法声明不能超多三行,因为只扫描了最近三行 .
  • 2. 按住 Command + shift + 1 ,或者右键选择【ConvertJNI2C】.

  • JSON Model Generator

    By moxun
    Tool to covert JSON string to Java class.

    * Support get JSON string from URL or user's input.
    * Support data conversion library like fastjson.
    * Support auto implementation Java interface.
    * Support generate getter and setter.
    * Support field type inference.

    Sourcecode and Tutorial
    Bug report

    Hope you enjoy it :)


    Plugin for generating java file from json string.


    Json2Java4Idea is a code generation plugin which converts JSON to Java in IntelliJ IDEA or Android Studio.


    Allows for easy creation of Java POJOs from JSON, with GSON annotations and accessors. Once installed, just right-click on the destination package and choose "New -> Generate POJOs from JSON", then enter in your root class name and source JSON text.

    Source code available on GitHub.


    Automatic inference of nullability and kotlin annotations from a set of jar files



    A tool to assist you when you need code references. As Developers, we tend to hunt for best-practices of using common and uncommon libraries in order to make our code more efficient. Often, a lot of time and energy is spent understanding the pros and cons of different approaches. KodeBeagle aims to solve this problem. It cites common practices from standard code references.

    How it works ?

    KodeBeagle servers crawl through existing popular open source projects only and collects useful information about them. When a user searches, it queries the kodebeagle servers by making a remote call and fetches relevant results. Currently, the source for code of open source projects is Github.

    We do not collect any personal information on our servers nor do we send user-end code on our servers for processing. The processing of keywords takes place on the plugin locally. These keywords are references to libraries external to the projects. These are send as part of the query to our servers. There is a way to exclude user defined library by clicking settings icon on the plugin and configuring exclude imports. Deciding which library is external and should be included in search is automatic and user configurable both.

    Furthermore, participation on improving search results based on anonymous search logging can be opted-out from plugin settings. Please review our privacy policy for more details on data collection KodeBeagle privacy policy.

    KodeBeagle Website: KodeBeagle.com

    Technology Stack : Elasticsearch and Apache Spark

    Current Status: Beta

    Supported Languages: Java, Scala


    auto generator findViewById code in Activity or Adapter(ViewHolder) etc.


    By leeii

    Lifecycle Sorter

    Sorts the lifecycle methods of an Activity or a Fragment in the order that they are called in your application.
    Activity Lifecycle
    Fragment Lifecycle

    LikeOrm schemes plugin

    Plugin for autogeneration schemes which will using in db interaction

    Line Counter

    Purpose of this plugin is to display list of files and methods that have more lines than user specified.
    This can be specially useful when you want to refactor your code.

    Log generator

    Generate log methods from class fields.
        Its good for model class.
        Default log class is Android.Log.
        Plugin generate debugTag from "foo.class.getName()";
        Is possible set log class on plugin settings.
        Example settings: timber.log.Timber;
        Use:click right in class -> generate -> DebugLog
        Shortcut: ctrl+shift+L.
        Choose fields to log and choose level log.
        Only for Android studio. Im working on others.
     model class before generate:
     package sk.bigfootindie.loscocos;
     public class Foo {
            private String name;
            private String city;
            private int age;
     model class after generate:
     package sk.bigfootindie.loscocos;
     import android.util.Log;
     public class Foo {
            private static final String debugTag = Foo.class.getName();
            private String name;
            private String city;
            private int age;
            public void printToDebugLog() {
                if (BuildConfig.DEBUG) {
                    Log.i(debugTag, "name = " + name);
                    Log.i(debugTag, "city = " + city);
                    Log.i(debugTag, "age = " + age);

    Loopeer Model Format

    By kumaj
    an Android Studio plugin for generating model using loopeer data dictionary.


    Miscellaneous Magento code generation.
    See Tools -> MageWizards.

    Features available:

    • Product attribute wizard

    Report bugs and suggest features here.

    magicwindow sdk plugin

    This plugin is convenient for developers to quickly integrate magicwindow's SDK

    Magnet rest2mobile

    Native Android API generator for REST services Interacting with REST APIs from a mobile app can require a lot of code:
    • Connecting to the server
    • Building the REST URL and HTTP headers
    • Marshaling and un-marshaling JSON data
    • Converting JSON data to type safe objects
    The Magnet rest2mobile Android Studio and Intellij Plugin turns REST services into Java components that you can call from your mobile app. The components are native classes and interfaces that automatically handle server connections and type safety.

    Maven toolkit

    This plugin add some refactoring options to maven modules.

    It adds a new action in the maven contextual menu. This action merge the first module select in the second one.

    GitHub | Issues

    Metadroid Plugin

    Enable proper Intellij highlighting for Metadroid macros.


    Automated code metrics for IntelliJ IDEA and IntelliJ Platform IDEs. Lines of Code and file count metrics for all languages supported by your IDE and many more metrics for Java.

    Getting started

    Select the menu item Help | Find Action... and search for Calculate Metrics.... Try the Lines of code metrics profile first, if you haven't used MetricsReloaded before.

    Metrics can also be calculated from the command line for integration into build servers. Enter idea metrics -h for help. For this to work IntelliJ IDEA must NOT be running.

    Mvp Classes Generator

    一键生成Mvp类 for Android - Activity/Fragment/View/Presenter.
    配合 Corelibs一起食用味道最佳.
    参考 https://theseyears.gitbooks.io/android-architecture-journey/content/mvp_generator.html


    By xunzz
    Android Studio插件,一个生成mvp框架代码的插件.


    mvp + dagger2 code generator, 在Activity\Fragement中生成相应的presenter、presentermodule、component、contract, 适用于使用googlesample中MVP + Dagger2方式组织代码的工程(https://github.com/googlesamples/android-architecture/tree/todo-mvp-dagger/)。


    Through the MVPManager can quickly manage the MVP framework
          Generate the code required for MVP and automatically create the implementation class, and implement methods.
          Reverse MVP code to add or remove methods, without having to manually in the interface and the implementation class in two operations.


    By yugai
    This is a can help developers to quickly generate the MVP template plug-ins
    What's the problem can be feedback on my email

    MVVM Generator

    Plugin which generates classes for activities and fragments for MVVM architecture and Android Data Binding




    • 支持mysql和oracle
    • 根据java对象生成mybatis crud代码和建表sql

    • 根据mybatis接口中的方法名生成mybatis的sql 支持find,update,delete,count方法 只需定义一个方法名就可以得到完整mybatis xml代码 可生成大部分单表操作sql 极大提升效率

    • mybatis接口文件的mapper xml之间的相互跳转

    • 数据库对象更新后一键更新对应的Sql和mybatis xml文件

    • 默认提供insert,insertSelective,insertList,update。因为delete可以由方法名生成 默认不提供

    • 提供mybatis接口方法名的重构

    • refid, resultMap跳转到到定义,支持重命名
    • refid,resultMap,keyProperty,property的自动补全
    • mybatis mapper xml文件sql的自动补全


    • 在数据库对象上使用alt+insert (generate mybatis files)来生成crud代码和建表sql(mac上使用ctrl+N)

    • 数据库对象添加字段后使用alt+insert (generate mybatis files) 来生成更新sql,mapper xml中的字段

    • 在mybatis接口的方法名上使用alt+enter来生成对应的mapper sql

    • 详细配置: https://github.com/gejun123456/MyBatisCodeHelper

    • qq群:542735959


    • Generate mybatis crud and create table sql according to domain class
    • Generate mybatis sql based on mybatis interface method name, with this, you don't have to write most sql for non join query,support with method name start with find,update,delete,count

    • Jump from mybatis dao interface to mapper xml each other

    • generate files provide insert, insertSelective,insertList,update. others can be generated by methodName

    • refactor for mybatis interface method name

    • jump from refid resultMap to their definition, refactor their name as well

    • mybatis mapper sql auto completion

    • refid,resultMap,keyProperty,property auto complete
    • Support java + MySQL and Oracle and later will support more DB.

    • https://github.com/gejun123456/MyBatisCodeHelper to learn more.

    How to use

    • alt+insert (generate mybatis files) on domain class to generate mybatis files (ctrl+N on mac)
    • alt+insert (generate mybatis files) on domain class to update mybatis files when domain class add field (ctrl+N on mac)
    • alt+enter on dao interface method to generate mybatis mapper sql
    • view more on https://github.com/gejun123456/MyBatisCodeHelper


    • Android Studio plug-in developed by NetEase Department of Front-End Technology
    • Generate network requests and models defined on NEI


    Create Data Class on the fly!!


  • Help you to get Okhttp request params.

    Map<String, String>

    Map<String, RequestBody>



  • How to use

    1 Choose a class.

    2 Press Alt + P or click the Generate menu choose GetParams.

    3 Choose a type.

    4 click ok.

  • ps:

    @Ignore: dont add to params
    @PostFile: post a file
    @PostFiles: post files

    These annotations can be in any package
  • Olymp Plugin

    Generates Main class without dependencies.

    This plugin is intended to be used at online contests (competitive programming). It does only one simple thing — adds button to IDEA's toolbar that can generate Main.java in default package using your solution (it integrates all dependencies and eliminates some unused code).

    PageObject evaluator

    By bjorm
    Allows evaluating PageObjects without starting a full Selenium test run, just feed it some HTML.

    Parcelable Code Generator(for kotlin)

    Parcelable Code Generator is a plugin which generates Android Parcelable boilerplate code for kotlin class.


    Generates code for ParcelablePlease. See ParcelablePlease on github


    Pastebin.com plugin for Intellij IDEA

    Path hide

    By Wirzi
    This is a very small plugin to remove the project path in the tree view to prevent horizontal scrolling.

    Pepper SDK

    Create robot applications in Android Studio!
    This plugin allows for the development of the Pepper robot right inside of Android Studio. Your Android know-how is immediately applicable to the growing field of robotics! You can use your knowledge and understanding of Java to create robot applications, or modify your current Android applications to work in the real-world using the lovable, expressive power of Pepper. Easily re-use sample animations, or create robot animations in a simple and easy-to-understand animation timeline. Bring your experience and know-how to life on this revolutionary and powerful new platform, made available by SoftBank Robotics, powered by Android.

    • Immediately use your Android programming know-how in the field of robotics, without having to learn new programming languages or complicated methodologies

    • Combine Android APIs with Pepper-specific APIs to unite the power of Android with robotics and bring your applications to life in a new and exciting real-world environment

    • Utilize hundreds of pre-programmed animations, or create your own unique animations in a simple timeline

    • Use the Android Virtual Device emulator to display a virtual Pepper, allowing for programming and debugging all on your computer. No actual robot required!

    Contact info

    Developer Community
    Have questions about robot development? Connect with thousands of robot programmers and fanatics from the site below:

    Who is Pepper?
    Pepper if the first mass-produced commercial robot in the world. Utilizing a combination of touch sensors, cameras, and 3D-sensing, Pepper seamlessly interacts with the world around him. His omnidirectional wheels allow for fluid movement, and 20 motorized joints create beautiful, human-like movement not seen on any other robot available on the market today. Capable of fluid conversation, Pepper also comes equipped with a chest display powered by Android, allowing for smooth, entertaining, and educational human-robotic interaction. For more information on Pepper, please see http://www.softbankrobotics.com

    PermissionsDispatcher plugin

    IntelliJ plugin for supporting PermissionsDispatcher. This is NOT official plugin. PermissionsDispatcher is wonderful library for Runtime Permissions. However, it asks developers "attach annotations" and "delegate to generated class" and then after that "rebuild". It's hard to follow all steps correctly. This plugin generates the skelton of methods for "attach annotations" and "delegate to generated class" using GUI.

    POJO Generator

    Generate Java objects from XML and JSON files.

    JSON generation using jsonschema2pojo and supports Gson or Jackson2 annotations.
    XML generation is done using a custom parser and supports Simple XML annotations.

    As with all automatic class generators, output should be reviewed and modified as required.



    Using intellij to infer Python typing and

    add type comments using the typing module.

    See more from https://www.jetbrains.com/help/pycharm/2017.1/type-hinting-in-pycharm.html

    Move cursor to the element, and press ctrl shift Y to add the type comments.



    def greeting_with_type(name):
        return 'Hello ' + name


    def greeting_with_type(name):  # type: (str) -> str
        return 'Hello ' + name

    It depends on the Python plugin of intellij, and I think Pycharm also works.


    QAPlug is an Intellij IDEA plugin to manage code quality which integrates tools such as PMD, Checkstyle and Findbugs.


    The Realigner plugin adds three tools for reformatting text:
    • Join (Ctrl+Shift+Alt+J) - Removes newlines from selected lines, optionally joining them using a "glue" string.
    • Split (Ctrl+Shift+Alt+L)- Replaces arbitrary strings with newlines.*
    • Wrap / Unwrap (Ctrl+Shift+Alt+W) - Adds or removes a prefix- and postfix- string to a selection, the current line or each of multiple selected lines. Frequently used wraps can be stored as quick-wrap buttons, hint: quick-wrap buttons can be selected via cursor up/down keys as well.

    Mac Users: On Macs, the keyboard shortcuts are J, L or W together with Shift+Alt+Cmd

    *Splitting with an empty delimiter and w/o selection inserts a newline at the soft-wrap boundary.

    Realigner is helpful e.g. for:
    • Reformatting lines into comma-separated lists
    • Converting lists into lines
    • Breaking up long URLs for easier analysis
    • Quickly commenting-out multiple lines of code even if that particular language is not supported
    • Quickly un-commenting lines of code even if that particular language is not supported
    • Commenting-out / un-commenting using keyboards with layouts not compliant to the keyboard shortcuts for the similar in-built function
    • Reformatting long lines to wrap at the soft-wrap boundary (120 chars)

    Please note: This plugin is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS, WITHOUT WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied.


    The plugin adds three new tools for inserting, copying and navigating among references out of the edited file(s) and other contexts. To copy and insert items, a list suggestions is added to the editor, taken from various contexts:
    • File(s)
    • Text selection
    • Caret position in the editor
    • Date and time
    • And more....

    When evoking the referencer plugin, a list of reference items taken from the current contexts is opened.
    • Ctrl+Shift+Alt+V twice - Open list of references for inserting into the current document
    • Ctrl+Shift+Alt+C twice - Open list of references for copying to clipboard
    • Ctrl+Shift+Alt+G twice - Open list of jump destinations in current file for going to

    All parsed items in the following list are relative to the current caret position, for example "previous classname" refers to the first classname found when searching backwards starting from the caret position. Some references are only specifically available for certain file types.

    • Current date/time formatted as YYYY-MM-DD and YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS
    • Current UNIX timestamp in seconds and milliseconds
    • Path to current file
    • Current filename
    • Current filename::line number
    • Path to current file::line number
    • When having a multi-line selection: File path / selection: line num. sel. start - line num. sel. end
    • When having opened more than one file: list of paths to all opened files
    • PHP files: list of method names in current file
    • PHP files: previous classname::previous method name
    • PHP files: previous classname::line number
    • PHP files: previous classname
    • PHP files: previous function name
    • PHP files: previous/next variable name
    • JavaScript files: namespace.classname
    • JavaScript files: namespace.classname.previous method name
    • JavaScript files: namespace.classname::line number
    • JavaScript files: previous/next method name
    • JavaScript files: filepath formatted as namespace
    • General word-completions: all continuations to the word to the left of the caret, found in the current file

    • All lines with bookmarks in the current file
    • All lines with PHP or JavaScript method declarations in the current file
    • All lines with occurrences of any of the configured dynamic jump patterns in the current file

    Please note: This plugin is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS, WITHOUT WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied.


    What's the plugin
    An Android Studio plugin to help remove use of ButterKnife
    Why i do this
    ButterKnife is a wellknow open source tool to help you inject your view, but some times, you use plugin to gen butterknife's code, but you don't want to use it again.

    It's a very horrible job to delete every line inject code and write findviewbyid code, so, i made this plugin to do it.
    How to use it
    1.Clone the code and build it in your idea

    2.Then, you can find a jar, install it as a plugin in your AndroidStudio(You also can find the jar in the project)

    3.Open your Activity/Fragment you want to change.

    4.Find the RemoveButterKnife button in your android studio edit menu


    Generate Java and Kotlin POJO files from JSON: GSON, FastJSON, AutoValue (GSON), Logan Square, Jackson, empty annotations template.
    Supports: primitive types, multiple inner JSONArrays. key words: JsonToPojo, Json2Pojo, Kotlin, GSON, FastJSON, AutoValue, Jackson, LoganSquare

    RxJava Postfix Plugin

    Postfix Completion with RxJava2 to use in IntelliJ Idea/Android Studio.

    Available templates:


    • .ojust
      Creates Observable from item.
    • .ofrom
      Creates Observable from iterable/array.
    • .oerror
      Creates Observable from throwable.


    • .fjust
      Creates Flowable from item.
    • .ffrom
      Creates Flowable from iterable/array.
    • .ferror
      Creates Flowable from throwable.


    • .sjust
      Creates Single from item.
    • .serror
      Creates Single from throwable.

    Scalagen, Java to Scala converter

    This plugin allows you to convert Java code into Scala. Selection in current editor will be converted if any and the whole document if nothing is selected.

    • Default shortcut is Ctrl+K, Ctrl+G
    • Supports quick opening of Scala scrathes (default shortcut is Ctrl+K, Ctrl+S) and Java scratches (default shortcut is Ctrl+K, Ctrl+J)

    Search Resource Plugin

    Search resources by value in Android Studio project.

    Selector Drawable Generator

    自动生成android Selector Drawable 资源图片(This plugin automatically generates drawable selectors from appropriately named Android resources).

    Selenium plugin

    With our plugin your web tests development using selenium becomes as simple as it could be. All info you could find on our site : http://perfect-test.com

    SerializableParcelable Generator

    Plugin which generates Android SerializableParcelable boilerplate code for you.
    lib location at https://github.com/bunnyblue/SerializableParcelable


    Integration with ServiceStack Web Services, includes support for Java, Kotlin and TypeScript Add ServiceStack Reference.

    Shape Drawable Template Generator

    自动生成ShapeDrawable 文件模板(Automatically generate ShapeDrawable document template)


    Detects type of selection, line or keyword at caret and shifts it "up" or "down" on keyboard shortcut. If there's only one shiftable word in a line, it can be shifted without the caret touching it. Lowercase/uppercase or lower case with upper first character of shifted words is maintained.

    • Ctrl+Shift+Alt+Comma - Shift Down
    • Ctrl+Shift+Alt+Period - Shift Up
    • Ctrl+Shift+Alt+K - Shift Up More*
    • Ctrl+Shift+Alt+J - Shift Down More*
    Shift more: repeats shifting a value multiple times. The amount of repetitions can be configured in the plugin configuration (default: 10).

    Mac Users: On Macs, the keyboard shortcuts are Comma or Period key together with Shift+Alt+Cmd

    Tip: Using Mouse Wheel
    To setup the mouse wheel to invoke shifting, open the IDE preferences and go to: “Keymap”. Search for “Shift”, than right-click the shifter action items and use the option “Add mouse shortcut”. Mouse shortcuts can include hotkeys, this way for instance “Shift + Wheel Up” can be assigned to “Shift-Up”, “Shift + Wheel Down” to “Shift-Down”.

    • Shifting a multi-line selection sorts the lines alphabetically ascending/descending.
    • Shifting a single-line selection, that is a comma- or pipe-separated list, sorts the items ascending/descending.
    • Shifting a single-line selection, that is a tupel, flips the items' order (delimiters: ":", "|", ", ", " - ", " + ", " < ", " > ", " <= ", " >= ", " == ", " != ", " === ", " !== ", " || ")
    • Shifting a selection that is a camelCased (w/ lower or upper lead character) word pair, flips the order of the words.
    • Shifting a selected (from questionmark on) ternary expression, swaps "than" and "else" statements
    • Shifting a selected PHP concatenation from two strings / variables, toggles the concatenated items' order
    • Shifting a selection from a CSS file, sorts all attributes inside their selectors (alphabetically, vendor-attributes and vendor-styles at the end)
    • Shifting selected attribute-style lines inside a CSS (or LESS or SASS) file, sorts them (alphabetically, vendor-attributes and vendor-styles at the end)
    Numeric Shifting
    • Numeric values - Incrementing/decrementing numbers
    • Strings ending with numbers - increments/decrements the postfix
    • Numeric block selection: opens dialog to chose: 1. in/decrement each or: 2. replace by enumeration
    • UNIX (and millisecond based) timestamps - Increments/decrements by one day, shows a balloon info with the shifted date in human-readable format
    • CSS hex RGB colors - Shifts color value lighter/darker
    • CSS length values - Shifts numeric length values up/down by 1 (units: em, in, px, pt, cm, rem, vw, vh, vmin, vmax)
    • Increment/decrement roman numerals
    String Manipulations
    • Shifting a selection within a single line: detects and swaps characters: single quote vs. double quote OR slash vs. backslash
    • Shifting a selected (or the caret touching a) camel-cased string, converts it into a minus-separated path (and vice versa)
    • Strings wrapped in single/double quotes and backticks - Shifts to alphabetically next/previous quoted string found in current document
    • Strings surrounded by round or square brackets: toggles surrounding "(" and ")" versus "[" and "]"
    • Logical operators: toggles between (selected) "&&" and "||"
    • HTML en/decoding of selected special characters
    • Single characters and string consisting from any amount of the same character can be shifted to the previous/next ASCII value
    Code- and DOC Comments
    • Selection which is a block comment or multiple line-comments (e.g. PHP, JavaScript, C syntax) - toggle among comment type (//... vs. /*...*/). Merges multi-line comments into 1 line.
    • Selected line of code ending with a trailing //-comment - Moves the comment into a new line before the code
    • Selected HTML comment inside a PHP / PHTML file: converts it into a PHP block comment (and vice versa)
    • PHP DOC: Shifting a selected PHP doc comment block that contains @param comments w/ variable name but no data type, guesses and inserts data types
    • PHP DOC: Shifting while the caret is inside an @param annotation that contains no data type, inserts a data type (guessed from the variable name)
    • JsDOC: Shifting w/ the caret touching a data type that is not wrapped in curly brackets, inside an "@param", "@returns" or "@type" annotation: adds the missing curly brackets
    • Selected JsDoc block: Convert "@return" into "@returns", add missing curly brackets around data types in "@param", "@returns" and "@type" lines, correct invalid data types into existing data types (bool => boolean, int(eger) => number), reduce empty JsDoc lines
    PHP and JavaScript
    • PHP variables - Shifts to alphabetically next/previous variable found in current document ("shift more" shifts until first variable with a different first letter)
    • Selected PHP array - Shifts among long and shorthand syntax (PHP >= 5.4)
    • Selection which is a Sizzle-Selector - Converts the selector into a corresponding JavaScript variable declaration
    • Selection of multiple JavaScript var declarations in succession - are joined into multiple comma-separated declarations
    Dictionaric Keyword Shifting
    Shifter comes with a customizable, file extension specific and globally usable dictionary of shiftable keywords. Some keyword types from the default dictionary:
    • PHP core magical constants - Shifts PHP's magic constants (__FILE__/__LINE__ etc.)
    • CSS orientations and positioning: top/right/bottom/left and absolute/relative, and geographical directions (north/east/south/west)
    • Accessibility types: public/private/protected
    • MySql data types: Shifts to next bigger/smaller numeric/string type
    • Primitive data types of Java, JavaScript, PHP, Objective-C
    • Doc comment tags (Java, JavaScript, PHP)
    • JavaScript event types (mouse, keyboard, frame/object, form, control, touch)
    • Named colors from the sRGB color space (white/lightgray/gray...)
    • Text styles (bold, italic...)
    • Web image (gif/jpg/png) and audio (au/aif/wav etc.) format extensions
    • Full and abbreviated names of months and weekdays and units of time
    • Logical operators (and/or/xor/not), arithmetic operations (addition/subtraction...) and arithmetic elements (sum/difference/product..)
    • Meta-syntax terms: foo/bar/baz...
    • Names of common data collection types (list/set/bag/dictionary/tree...)
    • Names of numbers (one/two/three etc.) and ordinal numbers (first/second/third etc.)
    • Boolean (paired) keyword values - Toggles true/false, on/off, yes/no (e.g. Objective-C), shown/hidden, show/hide, positive/negative, from/until, enable(d)/disable(d), pass/fail, min/max, expand/collapse, asc/desc, first/last

    Please note: This plugin is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS, WITHOUT WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied.

    Shortcut Translator

    Translates shortcuts from one keymap to another. Let's say you want to try this Jetbrains IDE you heard about, but you are used to the Eclipse / TextMate / Emacs / Netbeans shortcuts. Sure, you can easily change your keymap in IDEA / RubyMine / PyCharm ... But you want to learn the default Intellij shortcuts, just like you learned the TextMate shortcuts in TextMate and the Eclipse shortcuts in Eclipse. This plugin together with the ctrl+shift+a shortcut wil get you up to speed in no time. press Ctrl+Shift+K to activate the plugin or select "Translate Shortcut" from the help menu


    A plugin you can generate javabean from xml


    generate singleton template.

    Snip2Code Plugin for IntelliJ

    This plugin allows the user to interact with Snip2Code service directly from within IntelliJ IDEA.
    The user is able to select a piece of code and directly add it to his personal basket in one click.
    The user has also access to the standard search engine to retrieve his own snippets and the public ones.
    Snip2Code offers a solution to store and publish software snippets and maintain such snippets always up to date.
    This solutions appeals to the needs of software companies who want to provide continuous access to the best snippets of code despite personnel changes, as well as software gurus and academics who need a tool to propagate or share with others the best snippets in their communities.


    By eitol

    This plugin accelerates the development process by allowing quickly add the most used libraries. Avoids the tedious process of having to manually add libraries.


    Sourcegraph for JetBrains IDEs (IntelliJ, PyCharm, Goglang, etc.)


    Comment your code with your speachme platform
    Create video & screencast in your idea product
    Warning: This is a alpha version.

    For more informations please contact speachme.

    Splitting Up (Java)

    Getting errors from the Java Compiler that a String constant is too long?
    Or do you just want to split up big Strings into smaller pieces?

    This plugin helps you with the tedious task of splitting it manually.

    You can split Strings too big for Java to appropriate lengths (automatic length calculations), or use the option for splitting up Strings in chunks, even if they aren't too long for Java.

    This plugin will add a menu group under the Tools menu with name Split Strings

    By default the shortcuts to activate the splitting are Ctrl+Shift+S (Mac: Cmd+Shift+S) for standard splitting, and Ctrl+Alt+Shift+S (Mac: Cmd+Alt+Shift+S) for custom chunk size.


    By moxun
    Tools for convert SVG file to Android VectorDrawable.
    Sourcecode and Tutorial
    Bug report

    If this tool is helpful to you, please give me a star on Github

    Swagger Codegen

    Swagger Codegen
    GitHub  Issues

    The Swagger Codegen plugin allows you to generate client, server, or documentation code from your Swagger/OpenAPI specifications within your IDE.

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    SwissKnife Plugin

    This plugin lets you quickly generate methods which are compatible with SwissKnife using the Generate Menu.
    You select "Generate SwissKnife Method", select an annotation and a compatible method and the code, both the annotation and the method code will be generated for you.


    I am considering rewriting this plugin from scratch. If you like to contribute some ideas, let me know on Github.

    A plugin for keeping a list of tasks. A todo-list if you like.

    This plugin is a fork of the original plugin with permission of Sergiy Dubovik

    To contact me directly: nlsurfman@hotmail.com

    Bugs can be reported here: https://github.com/NLSurfMan/tasks/issues

    Teamscale IntelliJ Plugin

    Teamscale Plugin for Intellij Platform

    Tōryō - Android MVP Component Builder

    Plugin for creating Model-View-Presenter (MVP) components without hassle.

    Truth Postfix Plugin

    This Plugin for Google truth to use Postfix Completion in IntelliJ Idea/Android Studio.
    Available in Java and Kotlin (limited support).

    Available templates:


    • .assertThat
      Creates assertion from actual.
    • .assertWithMessage
      Creates assertion using custom message.
    • .assertAbout
      Creates assertion from custom subject.


    • .assertThat
      Creates assertion from actual.
    If you want to use assertThat, manually run method import.


    A plugin for the Typed Text Templates framework. Provides
    • TTT paths (source and gen folders) can be configured from the modules settings page, via a new tab
    • Compile action for generating the Java sources from the templates
    • Detect .ttt file change and re-gen template Java sources transparently
    No language support is bundled with the plugin. We recommend associating .ttt files to JSP Editor for the best UX (completion etc).

    Ultimate PasteBin

    Best plugin ever for PasteBin in IntelliJ IDEA.

    You'll love this plugin!

    With this plugin you can easily see all your pastes, get links for them, create new pastes, download pastes, open pastes in editor, see trending pastes and more!

    Check the project page Ultimate PasteBin IntelliJ IDEA to see some pictures, and informatino!

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    Android Studio plugin(根据中文在线查找翻译并生成指定格式的变量名称) .