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ADB Friendly

ADB Friendly is a Android Studio plugin to provide some useful functions via ADB.
The plugin can rotate screen on connected devices or emulators only now. But I will add to some features. If you have requests feel free to contact me :)
Install the plugin then icon is added to toolbar.
If you using Android Studio, it was added to the menu inside Tools > Android.
Click the icon or menu then dialog pop up.

Now the plugin automatically connect to adb but it was not work well on Windows.
If your devices are not shown on the dialog, please try to run some adb command (e.g. "adb devices") from the terminal. (You can use adb command, the plugin can access adb and display devices.)

ADB Idea

Adds the following ADB commands to Android Studio and Intellij:
  • ADB Uninstall App
  • ADB Kill App
  • ADB Start App
  • ADB Restart App
  • ADB Clear App Data
  • ADB Clear App Data and Restart

There are two basic ways to invoke a command:
  • Through the Tools->Android->ADB Idea menu
  • By searching for "ADB" in "Find Actions" (osx: cmd+shift+a, windows/linux: ctrl+shift+a)

ADB Uninstall

Provides simple visual uninstalling support for the current application.


ADBWIFI Android Studio plugin for debug android app over Wi-Fi.
How to use it
Connect Android device and adb host computer to a common Wi-Fi network accessible to both. We have found that not all access points are suitable; you may need to use an access point whose firewall is configured properly to support adb.
Connect the device with USB cable to host.
Make sure adb is running in USB mode on host.
in Android Studio: go to tool → android → ADB WIFI → ADB USB to WIFI

ADB WiFi Connect

ADB WiFi Connect lets you manage ADB connected devices and remote connect to them.
Next version will allow for saving connections and reconnecting to them without cable.

AdbCommander for Android

Simple tool for helping with handling connected android devices or emulators.

NEW! Dynamic macros. Now is possible have macros more dynamic.

Example. We have got macro named "my_email", type "input text" with value "my.email@email.com".
For some reason is nice to have option change email on fly.
In this case we must little bit edit macro content.
For params which can be replaced just add $ as first letter of value. my.email@email.com > $my,email@email.com - that's it.
Now in shell tab is possible call macro with its name $my_email and new value > $my_email new.email@email.com and press execute.
Origin value from macro will replaced with new value and macro will execute.
If you don't add value or you will run dicro direct will used value witouth first $ char.
Also is possible do chain of macros execute as they're added into shell tab or mix shell commands and macros in one.

For more news follow me either on twitter @speedy2222 or on G+ as +RobSlama

Open Plugin via menu: View > Tool Windows > ADBRemoter or from Tool Buttons at lower right side of the IDE

How it works

The first step is to map the adb executable file.
The first panel shows all devices currently connected to ADB (via usb or remote).
The second panel contains 3 tabs:

  • input text - is for input text (text is sent to all selected devices in first panel)
  • macros - here you can add often-used commands (ie your email address, open wifi settings) and press the run icon to send to all selected devices
  • shell - encapsulates shell commands (ie. ls -la) and the output from each selected device is opened in output text console

The third panel contains virtual keys - the command is sent again to all selected devices in the first panel
The fourth panel is a simple option remap path to your executable ADB file.

Android Builder

Build & Flash your own Android ROM with IntelliJ IDEA or Android Studio
The following features are available:
  • Support AOSP or CyanogenMod build system
  • Show available build configuration on your android platform sources.
  • Prints on Build console with link for source codes that have errors.
  • Support full or partial build.
  • Java compiler can be selected via module Sdk.
  • Flash ROM image on your devices with fastboot or adb

Android On-Device Resource Localization

Tools >> On-Device Resource Localization

Adds dynamic string resource management features enabling:

  • in-context community translation,
  • on-the-fly localized string resource download,
  • gesture driven language change by shaking the phone

Supports 70+ languages including Chinese, Right-to-left languages

Works with native Android apps using Gradle build.

Android Property Manager

Add/modify android property of devices by tool window
Usage :
1) ctrl+shift+A or [Help] > [Find Action]
2) enter "tool windows"
3) Click Android Property Manager
4) choose connected device
5) choose table or add table by edit combo box
6) modify android property

******* please read ********
"Save Prop File" button save your current table to property file. this file is used to push or load.

"Push Prop File" button modify system/build.prop file, so it can be dangerous. (original system/build.prop will be saved at your project path) If possible, you must push prop file that save all properties.

"Load Prop File" button load prop file and apply properties, so don't load property file that save all properties. if you want to load properties, save prop file with custom table. loading all properties will malfunction.

Android Tools

Helping development more easy
1.generate Show Toast by toast postfix
2.generate findViewById according layout

Android TV Remote

This plugin adds a remote controler toolwindow to connect and remotely control your Android TV or other android device.

Android WiFi ADB

Provides an action which allow you quickly connect your Android device over WiFi to install, run and debug your applications without a USB connected by pressing one button.
Connect your device using a USB cable and press the Android WiFi ADB button. Once the device be connected over WiFi you'll see an IntelliJ/Android Studio notification. Now you can disconnect your USB cable and enjoy deploying, running and debugging your applications over WiFi.
The version 2.0 enables a window to check which of your devices are connected or not and connect/disconnect it manually if needed.

ANTLR v4 grammar plugin

By parrt

This plugin is for ANTLR v4 grammars and includes ANTLR 4.7. It works with Intellij 15, 2016.1-2017.3. It should work in other Jetbrains IDEs.

  • syntax highlighting
  • syntax error checking
  • semantic error checking
  • navigation window
  • goto-declaration
  • find usages
  • rename tokens
  • rename rules
  • comment grammar rule lines with meta-/ (1.7)
  • grammar/comment folding (1.7)
  • generates parser code; shortcut (ctrl-shift-G / meta-shift-G) but it's in Tools menu and popups.
  • code completion for tokens, rule names;
  • finds tokenVocab option for code gen if there is a tokenVocab option, don't warn about implicit tokens.
  • handles separate parsers and lectures like TParser.g4 and TLexer.g4 (1.7)
  • Parse tree nodes show the alternative number the parser chose to match that node. (1.7)
  • has live grammar interpreter for grammar preview. Right click on rule and say "Test ANTLR Rule".
  • view parse trees in hierarchy (sideways tree) view. (1.8)
  • can view parse trees for input matched in more than one way (ambiguities) (1.7)
  • can view lookahead trees to show how input directed ANTLR to match a particular alternative (1.7)
  • changes to grammar seen in parse tree upon save of grammar.
  • works with all Jetbrains IDEs (1.8)
  • refactoring: extract rule, inline rule (1.8), dup rule to make refs unique (1.9)

Generates code in /gen/package/YourGrammarRecognizer.java unless you override in the configuration dialog. Shortcut to generate parsers is ctrl-shift-G / meta-shift-G but it's in Tools menu, popups. Code completion for tokens, rule names. finds tokenVocab option for code gen if there is a tokenVocab option, don't warn about implicit tokens. shortcut conflicted with grammar-kit plugin. Has live grammar interpreter for grammar preview. Right click on rule and say "Test ANTLR Rule". Changes to grammar seen in parse tree upon save of grammar.

You can configure the ANTLR tool options per grammar file; right-click in a grammar or on a grammar element within the structured view. When you change and save a grammar, it automatically builds with ANTLR in the background according to the preferences you have set. ANTLR tool errors appear in a console you can opened by clicking on a button in the bottom tab.

You can use the ctrl-key while moving the mouse and it will show you token information in the preview editor box via tooltips.

Errors within the preview editor are now highlighted with tooltips and underlining just like a regular editor window. The difference is that this window's grammar is specified in your grammar file.

See README.md for more details.

For really big files and slow grammars, there is an appreciable delay when displaying the parse tree or profiling information.

Github source

AppCan Plugin

By ylt
根据module name自动生成插件入口类以及plugin.xml,config.xml
在config.xml中配置 根据plugin.xml method name生成对应方法 使用说明: 1.复制AppcanPluginDemo3.0工程,重命module为插件名称,以uex开头;
2.右键module -> AppCanMenu -> initModule (初始化工程)
3.在config.xml中配置method name type params(多个参数以“|”分隔)
4.右键 -> Generate -> generateMethod

Atlassian Connector for IntelliJ IDE

Atlassian Connector for IntelliJ IDE provides integration for the following Atlassian products:
  • JIRA 3.12 and above
  • Bamboo 2.7 and above
  • Crucible 2.4 and above
  • FishEye 2.4 and above

Bitbucket Linky

Bitbucket/Stash References plugin is now called Bitbucket Linky

Bitbucket Linky plugin provides a handy ways to navigate to Atlassian Bitbucket. This plugin adds following actions into your IDE:

  • copy Bitbucket link to the selected file or selected lines in the file (Ctrl+Shift+X,C on Windows / Cmd+Shift+X,C on Mac)
  • open selected file or selected lines in the file in Bitbucket in your Browser (Ctrl+Shift+X,B on Windows / Cmd+Shift+X,B on Mac)
  • copy Bitbucket link to the selected commit (VCS log and editor gutter context menus)
  • open selected commit in Bitbucket in your Browser (VCS log and editor gutter context menus)
  • open Create pull request form in Bitbucket for current branch (Ctrl+Shift+X,P on Windows / Cmd+Shift+X,P on Mac)

Bitbucket Linky supports both Bitbucket Cloud and Bitbucket Server (formerly known as Stash).
The plugin uses your project's VCS settings (supports both Git and Mercurial) to build links to the repository in Bitbucket, and in most cases doesn't require configuration. However, if Bitbucket hosting is not automatically recognized, it can be configured via IDE preferences.

Huge thanks to Brent Plump and Piotr Wilczyński!

Please note that this plugin is not officially supported by Atlassian.


An IntelliJ IDEA plugin which makes PNG compression much more convienient.
It's powered by the well known pngquant library and API from tinypng.

Checker Framework Support

The Checker Framework enhances Java type system to make it more powerful and useful. This lets software developers detect and prevent errors in their Java programs. The Checker Framework includes compiler plug-ins ("checkers") that find bugs or verify their absence.

Clever Cloud Integration

Clever Cloud integration in IntelliJ IDEA.
  • Detection and association of Clever Cloud applications with the current project.
  • Clone a Clever Cloud application
  • Push on Clever Cloud action
  • Integration of logs inside the IDE

CollabNet Tools

CollabNet Connector for IntelliJ IDEA provides IDEA IDE integration for CollabNet TeamForge.

Connector to assigned Targetprocess entities

Adds support of Targetprocess server into Jetbrains' IDE (IDEA, WebStorm, etc.). Retrieves assigned entities from Targetprocess server.

Create Jira Ticket

Creates Atlassian Jira-Tickets directly from Comments in Sourcecode based on configurable rules.


The plugin lets you integrate android project with Crowdin. It enables you to upload new source strings to the system instantly as well as download translations from your Crowdin project. To start using this plugin, create a file with project credentials named crowdin.properties in the root directory of the project.

Plugin will automatically find strings.xml file in the values directory and if renewed it will be uploaded to Crowdin instantly. If you have more source files or the source file's name is other than `strings.xml` please specify this in the `sources` parameter.
sources=file1.xml, file2.xml
To download translations from Crowdin, choose in menu: Tools > Crowdin > Download. Translations will be exported to the Resources folder.
  • Install plugin via JetBrains Plugin repository
  • Plugin automatically detects the file with sources strings ("**/values/strings.xml"). If changed, the file will be updated in Crowdin itself
  • Source file can also be manually uploaded to Crowdin via menu Tools > Crowdin > Upload or just select Upload to Crowdin option using the Right Mouse clicking on the file
  • To download translations use menu Tools > Crowdin > Download. Translations will be exported to the resource folder (**/resources/values-uk/strings.xml, **/resources/values-fr/strings.xml, ...)
Seeking Assistance Need help working with Crowdin CLI or have any questions? Contact Customer Success Service.

Cucumber for Groovy

This plugin enables Cucumber support with step definitions written in Groovy. The following coding assistance features are available:
  • Error and syntax highlighting.
  • Indentation.
  • Intention actions.
  • Viewing code structure.
  • Navigation in the source code.
  • Integrated documentation.
  • Code completion.
  • Search for usages.
  • Commenting and uncommenting lines.

Cucumber for Java

This plugin enables Cucumber support with step definitions written in Java. The following coding assistance features are available:
  • Error and syntax highlighting.
  • Indentation.
  • Intention actions.
  • Viewing code structure.
  • Navigation in the source code.
  • Integrated documentation.
  • Code completion.
  • Search for usages.
  • Commenting and uncommenting lines.

Cucumber for Scala

Enables Reference tracking of glue code when using cucumber-scala DSL. Requires Scala language integration from Community Repo and the JetBrains cucumber plugin. Issue tracking at https://github.com/danielwegener/intellij-cucumber-scala/issues


A smart and simple plugin that provides keyboard shortcut access for Dash, Velocity or Zeal in IntelliJ IDEA, RubyMine, WebStorm, PhpStorm, PyCharm and Android Studio.


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The default shortcut assigned to search is Cmd-Shift-D (Mac OS X) or Ctrl-Shift-D (Windows, Linux).

A menubar command named either "Search in Dash" (Mac OS X), "Search in Velocity" (Windows) or "Search in Zeal" (Linux) can be found in the "Tools" menu.

The plugin either searches for the statement at caret position or the current selection. It will identify the programming language in use and request filtered results accordingly.



You can change the shortcut at Preferences -> Keymap -> Plug-ins -> Dash.

Toolbar Icon

You can add a "Search in Dash/Velocity/Zeal" button to the toolbar. Right-click the menubar -> Customize […]. You will find the button under "Plug-ins -> Dash".

Supported API Documentation Browsers

Kapeli Dash (Mac OS X)

Dash is an API Documentation Browser and Code Snippet Manager. Dash stores snippets of code and instantly searches offline documentation sets for 150+ APIs (for a full list, see below). You can even generate your own docsets or request docsets to be included. http://kapeli.com/dash

Velocity (Windows)

Velocity gives your Windows desktop offline access to over 150 API documentation sets (provided by Dash for OS X). https://velocity.silverlakesoftware.com

Zeal (Linux)

Zeal is a simple offline API documentation browser inspired by Dash (OS X app). http://zealdocs.org

Docker integration

This plugin lets you download and build Docker images, create and start Docker containers, and carry out other related tasks.


This plugin can use for Install apk to mobile without using commands!
You can drag your APK file to this window or you can select file from your directory.


GitHub | Issues

Droidlane is an deploy tool help you upload your apk to Google Play.

Dynatrace AppMon Integration

The Dynatrace IntelliJ Idea Integration Plugin enables you to:
  • launch applications with an injected Dynatrace Agent directly from IntelliJ IDEA
  • retrieve & display the key architectural metrics (such as number of SQL queries, external API calls, exceptions and log messages) from your tests
  • perform look-ups of sources files and methods from applications under diagnosis in Dynatrace Application Monitoring

Help & Troubleshooting

  • Christian Grimm
  • Maciej Mionskowski

Ebean weaver

Post-compile Ebean weaving

Embedded Linux JVM Debugger (Raspberry Pi, BeagleBone Black, Intel Galileo II, and several other IoT Devices)

Java Runner/Debugger for Embedded Systems/IoT Devices that run on any variant of the Embedded Linux Kernel

Felix SCR Annotation Processor

By Kuffi
A Felix SCR Annotation processor for for IntelliJ.

The plugin will add a compiler plugin to the IntelliJ build chain which will detect if a module uses Felix SCR annotations. In case the compiling module uses Felix SCR annotations it will create a service component XML and add it to the MANIFEST.MF.

The plugin also delivers also a bunch of code inspections which might be useful.

  • Compiler plugin to process Felix SCR Annotations.
  • Generates a service component xml in the build output.
  • Add service component xml to the manifest (overwrite/merge).
  • Click-able error messages in case SCR generator fails.
  • Basic Inspection for Felix Annotations (missing bind/unbind method).
  • Auto Refactoring - The "Refactor" menu offers a new Action for XML files which allows you to convert a Service Component XMl automatically into Felix SCR Annotatations

What is supported:

The plugin currently supports only Felix Annotations 1.9.0 or greater

What is not supported

The plugin doesn't support JavaDoc parsing.

If you want to provide feedback feel free to drop me a email or to post a issue on the github repository


The FindBugs plugin for IntelliJ IDEA
Provides static byte code analysis to look for bugs in Java code from within IntelliJ IDEA. FindBugs is a defect detection tool for Java that uses static analysis to look for more than 200 bug patterns, such as null pointer dereferences, infinite recursive loops, bad uses of the Java libraries and deadlocks. FindBugs can identify hundreds of serious defects in large applications (typically about 1 defect per 1000-2000 lines of non-commenting source statements). The name FindBugs™ and the FindBugs logo are trademarked by The University of Maryland. As of July, 2008, FindBugs has been downloaded more than 700,000 times. FindBugs-IDEA uses FindBugs™ under the hood. For more information see http://findbugs.sourceforge.net/.

..."We use IDEA inspections and FindBugs complementary. FindBugs is running in our continuous integration process and IDEA inspections are used during coding." What about using both during coding from within IntelliJ IDEA?

FindBugs-IDEA plugin features:

  • FindBugs 3 support
  • Quickfix: annotate, suppress findbugs patterns (GutterIcon and document markup (alt+enter))
  • idea 13.0 until the latest 15 EAP compatibility
  • configure findbugs on idea project and module level
  • jump to source from results shown in toolwindow including anonymous classes
  • bug descriptions, solutions
  • run analysis always in background
  • run findbugs analysis on all affected files after compile/automake
  • min. priority to report
  • background scanning
  • configurable effort run level
  • configurable detectors
  • bug categories to report
  • file filter (include, exclude, exclude baseline bugs)
  • load additional detector plugins like fb-contrib.jar
  • group results by: bug category, classname, package, priority, bug rank
  • intellij local history support
  • quick search within the result tree
  • basic Scala, Groovy and AspectJ support
  • Analyze actions (all actions are also available in the intellij project tree, toolbar menu, context menu):
    • analyze all modified files
    • analyze all files on the active changelist (available from FindBugs-IDEA main ToolWindow and the ChangelistToolWindow)
    • analyze class under cursor
    • analyze current editor file
    • analyze all files of an intellij project
    • analyze all files of an intellij module
    • analyze all files of the selected package
    • analyze a bunch of selected files (project tree)
    • analyze a scope
  • export a bug collection to html and/or xml with limited configurable dir based archive support
  • import a bug collection from xml
  • configurable : open an exported bug collection html page in the intellij configured browser
  • configurable : preview found bugs in an editor preview panel

fir.im upload

fir.im upload
ONLY 2 STEPS To Distribute Beta Applications
FIR.im provides beta app distribution services for free in a fast and safe way by 2 steps: upload IPA/APK, download and install by a short URL . FIR is short for Fly It Remotely.
fir.im http://fir.im

FontStorage plugin

Use custom free fonts in your projects.

GCM Push

Google Cloud Messaging (GCM) is a service that enables developers to send data from servers to Android applications.

GCM Test Tool

Allows sending test GCM to android device right from android studio.
Now there is not need to write curl command or php script just to test GCM.
After installation run tools, Tools -> GCM Test Tool

Generate OpenCL CL file's header

Generate OpenCL's CL files to each const char* to Single header file.


Gerrit Code Review Tool Integration

Only Gerrit 2.6 or newer is supported (missing / incomplete REST API in older versions)


  • Do reviews directly from your IDE (voting and commenting)
  • List and query changes
  • Optimized push dialog for Gerrit operations (refs/for, add reviewers, ...)
  • Compare (Diff) changes against your local clone (much more comfortable than in Web UI because of well known syntax highlighting and other IDE features)
  • Submit changes
  • Notifications for new changes which are waiting for your review
  • Cherry-Pick and checkout changes into your local clone
  • Star (and unstar) changes
  • File and line based comments (Gerrit 2.7 or newer only)
    Usage: Add new comments in file diff window with right click on line; remove not yet submitted comments with a click on comment icon. Comments need to be submitted with "Submit" or any "+/-" action.
  • Clone and set up Gerrit projects directly in IDE (commit-message-hook is automatically added)
  • Abandon changes
  • Publish and delete draft changes

If you find any issues, please report them (please use the GitHub issue tracker instead of review comments).

This plugin uses gerrit-rest-java-client for communication with Gerrit REST API. If you need to build a Java application which needs to communicate with Gerrit, this library probably supports you quite a lot.

If you like this plugin, you can support it:

  • Spread it: Tell your friends who are using IntelliJ and Gerrit about this plugin (or even bring them to use these fantastic products!)
  • Vote for it: Write your review and vote for it at the IntelliJ plugin repository.
  • Star it: Star it at GitHub. GitHub account required.
  • Improve it: Report bugs or feature requests. Or even fix / implement them by yourself - everything is open source!
  • Donate: You can find donation-possibilities in the README file.


Provides support of Gherkin language


Provides support of Gherkin language

GitLab Integration Plugin

GitLab Integration plugin:

Lets you interact with gitlab from within your IDE.

  • List projects (by namespaces) and their issues
  • Filter issues by author, assignee or custom text
  • Re-open / close issues (right click)
  • Edit issues (double click)

Please, leave a comment or drop me an email with any issues/reports.

After plugin install, go to IDE preferences, and look for Gitlab Integration.
You'll need the host and your API key from your gitlab (which you can find under Profile Settings -> Account)

Groovy Grape support

An intention on @Grab annotations to download the needed dependencies

Heroku Integration

By jexp
Heroku integration for all Jetbrains products. Stores credentials and API-token, lists existing apps, allows current project to be connected to an app, new app creation, deploy. Handling of addons, processes, scaling, collaborators, logs, environment and releases.


This plugin intends to simplify the usage of HotSwapAgent.
Agent provides real hotswap functionality together with DCEVM which extends JVM class redefinition functionality.

Hrisey Plugin

A plugin that adds first-class support for Hrisey (Lombok for Android)

hSenid Mobile TAP IDE

All in one plugin for telco application development with hSenid mobile apis. Logon to hSenid mobile DevSpace for more details.
TAP IDE features
  • 1. Telco application skeleton projects.
  • 2. Code generation.
  • 3. Ant based extensive build system.
  • 4. Running and debugging applications.
  • 5. Automatic code snippet generation for integrations.
  • 6. In build tap simulator.
  • 7. Integrated SDK for USSD session management.


Open imdone-atom task links in intellij.


By pyten
Share your android project builds to slack channel in a single click.


Plugin for translate English to Chinese.


Seamless integration of GitLab issues and IntelliJ local tasks.

Beyond that, you can also create new and edit existing issues. Due to limitations of GitLab, deleting issues is not supported.

Jenkins Control Plugin

A Jenkins Plugin for Intellij

jenv IntelliJ IDEA plugin

jenv(http://jenv.mvnsearch.org) is Java environment manager, and it is a clone of RVM for Java. jenv IDEA plugin can give IDEA guys conveniences with jenv support, such as SDK auto detection.

JRebel for Android

JRebel for Android accelerates the development of Android-based applications. It eliminates the time-consuming full build, install and run cycle. Save hundreds of hours of development time per year.
Plugin installation includes JRebel for Android Free and JRebel for Android Enterprise.

LDAP browser

Plugin to browse LDAP servers
Using Apache Directory LDAP API version 1.0.0-RC1
Currently supported authentication methods are anonymous and simple authentication


A plugin for Leanpub that allows you to generate previews as well as publish books, directly from inside the IDE. Works on all IntelliJ-based IDE's

MaxCompute Studio

Changes in Version

  • Change: Remove limitation on service mode job submission
  • Bug fix: DDL submission issue on public projects

Changes in Version

  • Change: Update MaxCompute compiler version
  • Bug fix: Can't open help document in IDEA 2016.x

Changes in Version

  • Enhancement: Data preview performance
  • Bug fixes

Changes in Version

  • Bug fixes

Changes in Version 2.6.2:

  • Feature: Unstructured data handler template and examples
  • Feature: Support live template in SQL Editor
  • Feature: Support decimal type in data import/export
  • Feature: Support variable replacement in SQL script on submission
  • Feature: Table partition list and partition data preview
  • Feature: Running job progress visualization and replay
  • Enhancement: Job detail view UI enhancement
  • Enhancement: Job running log view performance enhancement
  • Enhancement: Add contextual help documentation for many dialogs
  • Enhancement: Job execution plan can display input/output table/view now
  • Enhancement: Better formatting of job json summary
  • Bug fixes: fixed some bugs

Changes in Version 2.6.1:

  • Fix some bugs

Changes in Version 2.6.0:

  • History job execution replay
  • Script mode submission (experimental feature)
  • Python UDF support (Alibaba internal use only)
  • Java UDF debugging (Alibaba internal use only)
  • D2 integration (Alibaba internal use only)


MaxCompute Studio is an intelligence tool for MaxCompute management and sql development.The plugin adds following functions:

  • MaxCompute sql language support
  • MaxCompute system connection

MaxCompute sql Language Support

The plugin recognize the MaxCompute sql (superset of HiveQL) and provides additional code editing supports:

  • Basic Features:
  • File type recognition (.sql, .odpsql, .q)
  • Syntax highlighting
  • Code block recognition and code folding
  • Navigation support (go to definitions / symbols / usages)
  • Commenting
  • Code formatting / beautify
  • Line marking (errors, specific statements, etc.)
  • Code templates

Advanced Features:

  • Code completion (context-awareness)
  • Inspections and quick-fixes
  • Intention actions
  • Code insights

MaxCompute system integration

The plugin integration make it possible to maintain connections to remote project on MaxCompute clusters and performall necessary development actions from the IDE without switching context.

  • MaxCompute Project explorer
  • MaxCompute Job submitter and explorer

Mongo Plugin

Mongo integration for Intellij

Multi-OS Engine Plugin

Multi-OS Engine IDE plugin for Android Studio

nginx Support

nginx server support for IntelliJ IDEA
Runs/reloads configuration/stops nginx server from IDEA.
Configuration file syntax highlighting, auto-completion and inspections.

OneSky Plugin

OneSky Plugin for Android development on Intellij IDEA and Android Studio

Open in LightPaper

By skift
Open markdown file into Markdown Viewer LightPaper.
Default keymap is "Ctrl+Alt+M".
You need to install 'LightPaper'.
Visit this site.

Open in Marked

Open markdown file into Markdown Viewer Marked.
Default keymap is "Ctrl+Alt+M".
You need to install 'Marked'.
Visit this site.

Perfecto Continuous Quality Lab for Android Studio

Test your application on real mobile devices with Perfecto Continuous Quality Lab.

Installation and Setup Guide
'How To' Guide

By installing:

Perfecto Continuous Quality Lab for Android Studio

plugin, you agree to:
Perfecto Mobile license terms and conditions


This plugin allows you to easily embed PhoneGap in your Android project.


PhpMetrics integration.

PhpMetrics is a static analysis tool for PHP.

Documentation available on www.phpmetrics.org website.


PhraseApp helps you manage Translations in your Android Studio projects.

Plugin Importer+Exporter

This plugin currently has two main features.
  • Dump which plugins are installed to a JSON file
  • Download all plugins from a JSON file
This plugin DOES NOT export actual plugins.

GitHub | Issues

QAPlug - Checkstyle

Checkstyle module for QAPlug - an Intellij IDEA plugin to manage code quality which integrates tools such as PMD, Checkstyle and Findbugs.

QAPlug - FindBugs

FindBugs module for QAPlug - an Intellij IDEA plugin to manage code quality which integrates tools such as PMD, Checkstyle and Findbugs.

QAPlug - Hammurapi

Hammurapi module for QAPlug - an Intellij IDEA plugin to manage code quality which integrates tools such as PMD, Checkstyle and Findbugs.

QAPlug - PMD

PMD module for QAPlug - an Intellij IDEA plugin to manage code quality which integrates tools such as PMD, Checkstyle and Findbugs. Included PMD version: 5.0.4

React Native Console

React Native Console an IDEA/WebStorm/Android Studio Plugin for One-Click run React Native command in embed console tab


One-Click run following commands:
react-native run-android
react-native link
react-native run-ios
run with physical iOS device
list all iOS devices(include monitor and physical) and run target one
npm run start
npm install
Open dev menu on Android device(adb shell input keyevent 82)
forward android device request to dev machine(adb reverse tcp:8081 tcp:8081)
Android Reloading JavaScript
open React Native debugger ui(Chrome browser required)
react-native log-android
react-native log-ios
gradlew assembleRelease
react-native bundle --platform android/ios --dev false

New: one-click rerun commands, reuse console window, tabs with title and icon, search in console output.
Auto detect React Native package.json or build.gradle in current folder and parent/children folder(eg only coding Java in Android Studio), thus the command will auto execute in the correct folder

功能 一键运行下列功能:
react-native run-android
react-native link
react-native run-ios
npm run start
npm install
安卓设备上打开开发菜单(adb shell input keyevent 82)
安卓设备网络请求转发到开发机(adb reverse tcp:8081 tcp:8081)
打开 React Native debugger ui(需要Chrome浏览器)

react-native log-android
react-native log-ios
gradlew assembleRelease
react-native bundle --platform android/ios --dev false

新功能: 一键重新执行, 重用执行窗口, 可读性强的图标和标题, 执行结果支持查找.
自动在当前目录和父级目录检测 React Native的package.json文件位置(比如在Android Studio中只开发Java代码时), 这样所有的npm相关的命令都会自动在正确的目录执行

First, please setup your React Native dev env: Java 8 required to run the IDE.

Submit Suggestions or Bugs


ReactNativeTools, to make it easier to execute react-native commands

ReST Console

A simple ReST console for IntelliJ.
Create and test network calls using OK HTTP.
Supports import of requests in Charles Proxy XML format, and DHC Json format.

Review board

Review Board Code Review Tool

Only Reviewboard 2.0.5 or newer is supported


  • Do reviews directly from your IDE
  • View all, pending or submitted reviews
  • Compare (Diff) changes in review locally
  • Submit changes to the reviewboard server
  • Comment on reviews
    Usage: Add new comments in file diff window with click on line;
  • Submit/Discard Reviews


  • Viewing multiple reviews is not supported
  • Updating diff is not supported

If you find any issues, please report them (please use the GitHub issue tracker instead of review comments).

If you like this plugin, you can support it by writing review and voting for it on IntelliJ plugin repository


By jeje
Adds integration tools with Rio.

Robot Framework Support

Robot Framework support plugin for IntelliJ Idea
  • Syntax highlighting
  • Code completion support:
    • User defined keywords from .robot files
    • User defined keywords from Static Python libraries [*]
    • Robot Library keywords [*]
  • Jump to keyword definition, from local file and from the recursively imported resources
  • Jump to resource
  • Find usages / rename of keywords and resources
  • Structure view for test cases and keywords
[*] requires PyCharm or Python plugin from JetBrains


task provider


Automated stack search integration from samebug.io
  • Captures stack traces on your debug console
  • search solutions on Samebug
  • connects you to other Samebug users to help each other

Sireum v3

Sireum is a software analysis platform being developed at SAnToS Laboratory, Kansas State University. This plugin integrates Sireum tools such as the Logika program verifier and natural deduction proof checker for propositional, predicate, and programming logics with IntelliJ.


An anti-boss plugin for you to chat with your QQ friends privately.
about more: https://github.com/Jamling/SmartQQ4Intelllij/

SonarQube Community Plugin

Connects SonarQube to IntelliJ IDEA

Source Synchronizer

GitHub | Issues | Donate ( PayPal )

Source Synchronizer is a powerful plugin for performing one-way file synchronization for your project.
It synchronizes the remote target so that it will match your local project. It features support for FTP, FTPS, SFTP and SCP protocols. You can filter the uploaded files, or you can simply opt to sync out only selected or changed files.

Spell Checker English Dictionary

Standard english dictionary for Spell Checker plugin

Spell Checker German Dictionary

Standard german dictionary for Spell Checker plugin

Spell Checker Russian Dictionary

Standard russian dictionary for Spell Checker plugin


After installing this plugin, you can choose the stock, and add to the "my stock" tool window, and then you will receive the latest price information.
Note: currently only supports A-share market

StringTemplate v4 plugin

By parrt

This plugin is for StringTemplate v4 .stg files. It works with Intellij 13.x+. It should work in other Jetbrains IDEs.

Github source

TargetProcess Tasks Connector

Plugin which integrate Target Process with IDE.

TeamCity Integration

Integration with JetBrains TeamCity - innovative solution for continuous integration and build management.

TeaVM IDEA plugin

Plugin that allows to run TeaVM compiler and debug applications generated by TeaVM.

TestFairy Integration

TestFairy Integration plugin.
upload your app to TestFairy with a single click

TF Uploader

TF Uploader helps you upload your Android builds to Test Flight without having to open the browser and got to your project's page.
You just have to add the notes of your new build, set the path for the build (only once), add a team and the upload API token from test flight site and you are ready to send the Android builds right from your favorite IDE.


This is a Chinese-English translate plugin for IDEA and Android Studio. It supports translate the words that you selected or automatically identified word around caret in editor. It also provides a translate panel that you can input any word or phrase want to translate just like a dictionary app.


Move the caret int the word you want to translate or pick it,and then use one of the method following, the translate result will be shown in a balloon nearby caret for a moment.

  • (Recommended)Press the translate keyboard-shortcut,default shortcut is Ctrl+Command+T(Mac) or Alt+T(Windows),please change shortcut if conflict.You can specify shortcut by yourself.
  • Click Translate button in Toolbar,it may located in the last of Toolbar usually.
  • Choose Translate pop menu by mouse right click
  • (Not Recommended)Choose Menu in Translate -> Translate to translate. It's not recommended because it may lose the focus of editor in Windows and unable to pick the words

The translate panel is in View -> Tool Window -> Translate,the panel is simple but useful.

  • You don't need to specified the language because it can identify the language automatically.
  • It supports translate phrase if you pick them in editor or input phrase in translate panel.
  • It supports CamelHump code style,such as "HelloWorld" can be separated as "hello world" automatically,but word like "JSON" will no be separated.
  • It is on line translate service,so It will does not work if there has no network

Power by YouDao translate engine.


Home Page | Plugin Page | GitHub | Issues


General Usage Instructions:
  • 选择需要翻译的文本 > 点击鼠标右键 > 点击Translate.
  • 或者使用快捷键Alt + 0/1/2/3/R/T(Mac下可能无效,需要自定义快捷键)进行翻译。
  • 你可以直接翻译如"getTranslatedString"和"HELLO_WORLD"这样的文本。
    • 详细说明文档

      Compiled with Java 1.6


    TinyPng压缩,自动识别git仓库下更改的图片,使用TingPngApi进行压缩,然后自动git commit。 Use TinyPng compression picture, automatically identify the git warehouse under the change of the picture, use TingPngApi compression, and then automatically git commit.

    Upsource Integration

    Integration with JetBrains Upsource

    Note: If you want to have access to the most recent bug fixes and features of the plugin, you can install it from the alpha channel. To do so please add the following custom plugin repository: https://plugins.jetbrains.com/plugins/alpha/7431

    Useful sites

    You can download source code from


    By Roar
    Developer tools for HP webOS developers. Requires a valid installation of the HP webOS SDK 2.1 or 3.0 to function properly.


    Now you can connect your android devices over wifi really if you also use the android software I provided.
    Or connect devices using the USB cable for the first time.
    For more information,please visit my GitHub.

    York Logcat

    See all your logcat on android device.
    You need to install Android App York Logcat on your device! You need York Logcat from Google Play https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.sked.yorklogcat!

    YouTrack Integration Plugin

    By jk1

    Extends bundled task management plugin to provide deeper integration with YouTrack bug tracker:

    • Adds command window to execute YouTrack commands from IDE
    • Supports code navigation when clicking on Java stack traces in issue tracker
    • Provides issue browser
    • Renders YouTrack wiki markup
    • Recognizes YouTrack issue ids in Java code comments and VCS history

    Compatibility: YouTrack 5.2+