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ADB WiFi Connect

ADB WiFi Connect lets you manage ADB connected devices and remote connect to them.
Next version will allow for saving connections and reconnecting to them without cable.

Android WiFi ADB

Provides an action which allow you quickly connect your Android device over WiFi to install, run and debug your applications without a USB connected by pressing one button.
Connect your device using a USB cable and press the Android WiFi ADB button. Once the device be connected over WiFi you'll see an IntelliJ/Android Studio notification. Now you can disconnect your USB cable and enjoy deploying, running and debugging your applications over WiFi.
The version 2.0 enables a window to check which of your devices are connected or not and connect/disconnect it manually if needed.

Atlassian Connector for IntelliJ IDE

Atlassian Connector for IntelliJ IDE provides integration for the following Atlassian products:
  • JIRA 3.12 and above
  • Bamboo 2.7 and above
  • Crucible 2.4 and above
  • FishEye 2.4 and above

Cucumber for Scala

Enables Reference tracking of glue code when using cucumber-scala DSL. Requires Scala language integration from Community Repo and the JetBrains cucumber plugin. Issue tracking at https://github.com/danielwegener/intellij-cucumber-scala/issues

Docker integration

This plugin lets you download and build Docker images, create and start Docker containers, and carry out other related tasks.


Seamless integration of GitLab issues and IntelliJ local tasks.

Beyond that, you can also create new and edit existing issues. Due to limitations of GitLab, deleting issues is not supported.

Plugin Importer+Exporter

This plugin currently has two main features.
  • Dump which plugins are installed to a JSON file
  • Download all plugins from a JSON file
This plugin DOES NOT export actual plugins.

GitHub | Issues

Review board

Review Board Code Review Tool

Only Reviewboard 2.0.5 or newer is supported


  • Do reviews directly from your IDE
  • View all, pending or submitted reviews
  • Compare (Diff) changes in review locally
  • Submit changes to the reviewboard server
  • Comment on reviews
    Usage: Add new comments in file diff window with click on line;
  • Submit/Discard Reviews


  • Viewing multiple reviews is not supported
  • Updating diff is not supported

If you find any issues, please report them (please use the GitHub issue tracker instead of review comments).

If you like this plugin, you can support it by writing review and voting for it on IntelliJ plugin repository


task provider

Spell Checker English Dictionary

Standard english dictionary for Spell Checker plugin

Spell Checker German Dictionary

Standard german dictionary for Spell Checker plugin

Spell Checker Russian Dictionary

Standard russian dictionary for Spell Checker plugin