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Bumblebee is a TeamCity plugin that enables developers, testers, and release engineers to easily integrate HP ALM into their CI environment. Plugin provides the following features:
  • Automatically publish testing results from a variety of development and test frameworks into HP ALM.
  • Trigger test run in HP ALM and report results back to TeamCity.
  • Run local HP UFT tests and report execution results.
  • Run tests in HP Performance Center.

CrossBrowserTesting.com Integration

This plugin integrates TeamCity users with Selenium Testing and Screenshot Testing on CrossBrowserTesting.com. CrossBrowserTesting.com provides cross browser testing of websites, webpages, and web applications on Windows, Macs, and real iPhones, iPads, and Android Phones and Tablets.


TeamCity runner plugin for Kobalt build system.


Load test with NeoLoad to detect performance regressions with a pass/fail on SLA statuses and detailed performance reports.

XebiaLabs XL Deploy

Publish and deploy a deployment package in XebiaLabs' Deployment Archive (DAR) format