Plugins in category "Misc"

Grep Console

By meo
Change colors of matching text Grep output into a new console tab Fold output Filter out unwanted lines Play sounds on matches Clear Console on matches Tail...


Regular Expression Tester for IntelliJ IDEA.


By syl
Quickly opens temporary IntelliJ text editor tab.


Pomodoro timer.

Code History Mining

By syl
This is proof-of-concept plugin for code history visualization and analysis.

Quick Notes

Quick Notes is a plugin written for IntelliJ IDEA.

Action Tracker

By nik
Allows to record actions performed by user in IntelliJ IDEs.

Open in terminal

This plugin adds possibility for open terminal from editor and project context menu in corresponding file/directory location.

Awesome Console

Finally a plugin that makes links in your console at least 200% more awesome!.

Serial Port Monitor

This plugin aims to leverage Arduino development with CLion by providing Serial Monitor Tool Window.