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Api Debugger

Api Debugger

Beame Insta-ssl plugin

Beame.io Jetbrains plugin

Beame-insta-ssl provides HTTPS tunnel for exposing your work.

Beame.io tunneling infrastructure allows you to expose local HTTP port so it's accessible via https://YOUR-RANDOM-ID.beameio.net to anyone with the link.

The encryption is end-to-end. TLS is terminated on your machine.


Get initial registration token


Node.js Remote Interpreter

Allows to configure Node.js interpreters for remote environments;
run, debug, and profile Node.js applications remotely
(currently working only though SSH)

Open Uploader

File (default.Apk) upload plugin, do not need to open the page directly to the APK file or other files uploaded to the server, support for custom upload path and parameter information.