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Activity createIntent Inspection

This plugin add a custom inspection that checks Activity implements a public static method of creating its Intent. If Activity is abstract, it won't warn to implement the method.

Activity kreateIntent Inspection

This plugin add a custom inspection that checks Activity implements a companion object method that creates its Intent. If Activity is abstract, it won't warn to implement the method. This plugin is for Kotlin. For Java user, please use "Activity createIntent Inspection".

ATG Inspections

Provides inspections specific to ATG environment.


Validates WS-BPEL 2.0 and WSDL 1.1 files using 71 of the 95 static analysis rules of the WS-BPEL 2.0 specification.

Build and Lint

This plugin answers this question in Stack Overflow.

ButterKnife Inspections

This plugin detect shows inspections for common mistakes using ButterKnife. For now the problems detected are:
  • No call to ButterKnife.inject
  • That a field exists in all layouts or is optional
  • That the type of the field matches in all views

The detection for which layouts to check for matching ids is based on the following:

  • Each setContentView call in onCreate of an activity
  • Each inflate in onCreateView in a Fragment
  • Each inflate in each constructor in a View
  • Trying to figure out for ViewHolders by data flow analysis and find usages

Checks plural forms of collection variable names

Checks that variables of collection types have names that indicate plural.


This plugin provides both real-time and on-demand scanning of Java files with CheckStyle from within IDEA.

Code Litter

Show existing Checkstyle, PMD and FindBugs violations in:
  • selected files
  • uncommitted files (git only)
  • unpushed commits (git only)
Invoke by Analyze - Code Quality in modified files.


CodeInterview Plugin is an IDEA version of the codeinterview.me functionality. Candidates can code in their IDE and the plugin synchronizes the contents of your editors with the CodeInterview site.


By melix
CodeNarc analyzes Groovy code for defects, bad practices, inconsistencies, style issues and more. A flexible framework for rules, rulesets and custom rules means it's easy to configure CodeNarc to fit into your project. Build tool, framework support, and report generation are all enterprise ready.


By kgdev

This plugin provides both real-time and on-demand scanning of Groovy files with CodeNarc 0.20 from within IDEA.

Connascence Detection

By rgg13
Detects connascences of meaning and position in Java code.


cppcheck plugin for CLion.

Runs cppcheck on the fly while you write code.
Highlights lines and displays cppcheck error messages.
Supports passing options to cppcheck.

Install the Cppcheck analysis tool ( not bundled with this plugin).
Install the cppcheck plugin.
File -> Settings -> Other Settings -> cppcheck configuration.
Fill in the absolute path of the cppcheck executable (e.g. C:\Program Files (x86)\Cppcheck\cppcheck.exe, /usr/bin/cppcheck, etc).

Known issues:
Cppcheck is not designed to be run on header files (.h) directly, as must be done for this plugin, and as a result may have false positives.
When run on header files directly, Cppcheck defaults to C as the language, which will generate false positives for C++ projects. C++ projects should append --language=c++ to the cppcheck options.

DevUtil Inspections

By Venom
A set of new inspections to use with the devUtil library annotations.


Determine if proper precautions are taken if code uses the @EDTOnly annotation

equals() and hashCode() reloaded

Contains inspections: "Field not used in 'equals()/hashCode()' method": Will check if equals() and hashCode() implementations cover all class fields.

Equals/hashCode field inspection

Inspects fields which have not been used in the equals and hashCode method.

Final modifier

Auto insert 'final' modifier

Find duplicates inspection

Example of an inspection, which finds a class with the same fully qualified name. The files can be diffed or deleted.

Fragment kewInstance Inspection

This plugin add a custom inspection that checks Fragment implements a companion object method of creating its instance. If the class is abstract, it won't warn to implement newInstance method.

Fragment newInstance Inspection

This plugin add a custom inspection that checks Fragment implements a static method of creating its instance. If the class is abstract, it won't warn to implement newInstance method.

Hibernate Inspections

Hibernate silently fails in certain situations, leading to bugs which are difficult to track down.
This plugin helps finding and fixing some of these problems. Under Settings > Inspections > Hibernate inspections it adds the following inspections:
  • Persisted class is final
  • Final method of a persisted class uses direct field access
  • Embeddable subclasses embeddable

HTML Entity

Reports any occurrences of illegal HTML characters and provides a quick fix to replace them by their equivalent HTML entity, e.g. replaces '©' with '©'.


This plugin provides hungarian notation inspection .


Adds over 70 new automated code inspections for IntelliJ IDEA for auditing JavaScript.

Inspection-JS for Demetra

Adds over 70 new automated code inspections for IntelliJ IDEA for auditing JavaScript.


More than 90 automated code inspections for the Groovy language

Java Dependencies Checker

Checks Java projects dependencies for version upgrades.


Provides an inpection with quickfix to help documenting field accessors. It detects missing javadoc comment on getters and setters when the corresponding field is correctly documented. It proposes to smart copy the javadoc from field to accessor.

There is an action in the editor context menu that allows you to select which javadoc elements will be deleted and then performs the deletion.

Konaworks EE Inspections

This plugin provides extra EE inspections on top of those already in IntelliJ IDEA. around 40 inspections of the following categories are included:
  • Web deployment descriptor
  • EJB deployment descriptor
  • Application deployment descriptor
And even more inspections and categories are in the pipeline.

Message key usage plugin

This plugin will find message key unused inside property files. It will simplify the task of determine missing text keys usages or unused ones. Also you can specify search scope (file owner module, whole project, project and libraries), and a regular expression to format or clean properties keys. This new feature is under "Analyze" main menu.



Reports fields, parameters and return values of methods which do not have a nullability annotation, like @NotNull or @Nullable.[1]

Quick fixes are presented to add one of the annotations to the elements with a problem.

When your project uses 'default' annotations like @ParamsAreNonnulByDefault[1] by means of JSR305' javax.annotation.meta.TypeQualifierDefault, a quick fix will be presented to apply the annotation to the current package by adding the annotation to the package-info.java. If a package-info.java doesn't exist yet it will be created automatically.

Only annotations registered with IntelliJ will be suggested in the quick fixes. Go to Preferences | Build | Compiler | Configure annotations ... to register your own.

[1]: Any nullability annotation can be used, like JSR-305, JetBrains' or your own as long as you configure them in IDEA.

Object Calisthenics Analyzer

A plugin for analyzing your Java code's adherence to Object Calisthenics.

PHP Attention

Method calls and some common php functions may return null or false that should be checked. This simple plugin help you don't forget do it. This inspection should be seen as a note rather than warning. It is better to create your own inspection severity type.

PHP inheritDoc helper

Folds inheritDoc docblocks and shows the inherited text instead.
Can suggest to add inheritDoc if a docblock is missing but a parent doc is found.
Can also purge inheritDoc's in favor of the inherited text.

Php Inspections (EA Extended)

For support and donations please visit Github | Issues | PayPal.

Please follow me at twitter for status updates.

This plugin is a Static Code Analysis tool for PHP (aka inspections in JetBrains products).

It covers:
- architecture related issues
- weak types control and possible code construct simplifications
- performance issues
- non-optimal, duplicate and suspicious "if" conditions
- validation of magic methods usage
- regular expressions
- validation of exception handling workflow
- compatibility issues
- variety of time-consuming bugs
- PhpUnit API usage
- security issues

Some of inspections are expecting conditional statements (e.g. "if") to use group statement for wrapping body expressions. If this requirement is met then additional inspections are applied to the source code.

For Mac shortcuts, see this reference card. Windows/Linux ones are:
Alt + Shift + I to inspect current file with current profile
Ctrl + Alt + Shift + I to run inspection by name
Ctrl + Shift + F4 to close results of inspection.

On some projects CPU and therefore battery usage could be intensive, so it should be taken into account when traveling with a laptop.


By zenus
phplint is a Phpstorm plugin for phpLint!

Poison Inspection

Inspection looking for field access bypassing setter/getter


Inspection that reports fields annotated with @PrivateWrite that are assigned a value, outside of their defining class.
Requires privatewriteannotation.jar

Problems View

The problems detector for monitoring something wrong in IDE (incomplete settings, wrong configurations, etc)

RedPen Plugin

RedPen is a proofreading tool to help writers or programmers who write technical documents or manuals that need to adhere to a writing standard.

The plugin validates text files with RedPen by adding a 'RedPen' inspection, which is enabled by default after installation.

Some errors can be fixed via quick fixes (Alt + Enter)

Language and variant are autodetected per file, however you can manually override them in IDEA status bar.

RedPen settings can be configured and imported/exported using native RedPen config format. All settings are stored per project.

Custom RedPen dictionaries can be put to .idea/redpen directory and JavaScriptValidator scripts can be put to .idea/redpen/js.

The following file types are supported (provided you have necessary plugins installed):

  • Plain text
  • Properties
  • Markdown
  • AsciiDoc
  • Re:VIEW
  • LaTeX
  • reStructuredText

Please report any issues on GitHub.

Robo Hexar

I am the grammar robot. I have been activated. Missing punctuation and grammar will be punished.


The plugin displays the errors from RuboCop as annotations.


SensioLabsInsight is a quality assurance service that analyzes your PHP source code to find problems ranging from performance issues to potential security exploits. SensioLabsInsight analyzes any kind of PHP application, but it performs more advanced analyses for Symfony applications, Laravel websites and Drupal modules.

The result of each analysis is displayed as a highly detailed report with all the found problems. In addition, every error is explained within the context of your own code and includes comprehensive documentation about how to fix it.

This plugin seamlessly integrates SensioLabsInsight into PHPStorm
  • Get inspection results right into the editor.
  • Synchronize the inspection to the latest SensioLabsInsight analysis.
  • Get access to the code quality violations messages.
  • Use the new SensioLabsInsight panel to perform the most common analysis tasks.
  • Easily track the evolution of your technical debt in the new SensioLabsInsight panel.

For any support enquiries, please contact support@sensiolabs.com

Set of inspections for check a getters

Set of inspections for check getters.
  • Check for name of a boolean property getter
  • Check for a probably getter
  • Check for a clashing getter names
  • Check for a methods name started from modal verb and probably getter
All inspections set off by default. So dont forget to swich it on.

Singleton Inspection

This inspection reports about (probably) inappropriate use of Singleton pattern.

Just write getInstance() method, and this inspection will check this class like a Singleton.

Singleton class should be checked for next errors:

  • Class should be final.
  • Class should have private constructor.
  • getInstance() method must be public and static and return instance of its class.

Please also see JPatterns library for patterns annotations.


SonarLint is an IntelliJ IDEA plugin that provides on-the-fly feedback to developers on new bugs and quality issues injected into Java, JavaScript and PHP code. If your project is analyzed on SonarQube (formerly known as "Sonar"), SonarLint can connect to the server to retrieve the appropriate quality profiles and settings for that project. Java 8 is required to run SonarLint.

Spell Checker Spanish Dictionary

By eom
Standard Spanish dictionary for Spell Checker plugin

UpdateImpact Dependencies Tree

Have a Crystal-Clear view on what libraries you use. This plugin provides dependency tree view distinguishing:
  • regular dependencies
  • transitive dependencies
  • evicted dependencies
  • compile,runtime and test classpaths


Counts number of word repetitions in Java classes. Ignores:
  1. all words in comments
  2. all special chars: ; . ", ! @ # $ % ^ & * - _ + = : \ ' | < > / ? ` ~ ( ) { } [ ]

Yii2 Inspections

Yii 2 and Craft CMS 3 Inspections for PhpStorm/IdeaUltimate

Zero Width Characters locator

Inspired by this question on Stack Overflow - this plugin adds an inspection that prevents some hard to find bugs related to invisible zero width characters in source code and resources.