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Code Iris

This plugin visualizes the modules, packages and classes of your project.

It's like a UML based "Google Maps" for your Source Code.

  • parsing groovy and java source code
  • visualize modules and their dependencies
  • visualize classes and their dependencies
  • visualize packages and their classes
  • filtering of classes and packages
  • highlighting of classes and packages
  • basic structural metrics
  • manual layouting
  • organic layouting based on dependencies
  • navigate from and to class


Import an ecore metamodel into a language's structure. Right-click on a language's structure aspect and select Import Ecore.

Kevoree Modeling Framework IDEA plugin

Authors : Francois Fouquet, Gregory Nain Contributors : Thomas Hartmann, Assaad Moawad Development environment for modeling.

PlantUML integration

PlantUML diagramming tool integration


By vanco

SequenceDiagram for IntelliJ IDEA http://vanco.github.io/SequencePlugin.

with this plugin, you can + generate Simple Sequence Diagram.
+ Navigate the code by click the diagram shape.
+ Delete Class from diagram.
+ Export the diagram as image.
+ Exclude classes from diagram by Settings > Other Settings > Sequence
+ Smart Interface(experimental)

SequencePluginReload rename to SequenceDiagram.
Simple Sequence Diagram Generator. fixed version of SequencePlugin , work from 13.x.
The original version SequencePlugin come from ksibilev@yahoo.com.


By vanco
Simple Sequence Diagram Generator. fixed version of SequencePlugin , work from 10.5.x.
Thanks ksibilev@yahoo.com for the great work of SequencePlugin..