10 plugins in category «Reporting»


generate an Allure HTML test report as a build artifact

Build Chain Export

allows exporting a build chain graph of snapshot dependencies in various formats (dot, gml). Builds

Dependencies Graph

visualizing dependencies between build configurations. announcement

Flaky tests analyser

allows you to detect flaky/unstable tests in a project ( issue, build)

Maven/TeamCity dependencies Tab

displays Maven project dependencies marking those with corresponding TeamCity build configurations

Pivot report

based on the new pivot viewer control for Silverlight, a proof on concept for displaying TeamCity projects/buildtypes/builds ( announcement)

Queue Statistics Report

a report for average queue times for builds grouped by build configurations and agents

TeamCity Build Agents Diff

allows comparing build agents by their properties

User Roles Report

a plain list report to list all projects and all users with their roles in the projects.


TV screen widgets: 'Top Investigations' - displaying users with most investigations on the server ( related issue); 'Latest commits' - displaying list of latest VCS changes