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Bootstrap 3

Bootstrap 3 live templates / snippets

Documentation / list of snippets

Based on Jason Morton's plugin

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Full Stack Tools

Full Stack Tools for Web Developers enable your full stack abilities

Get gist (Beta)

Get gist for Github


Google instant search.
Use Ctrl+shift+g to search selected text


Haskell - Hoogle instant search.
Use ctrl+shift+h to search selected text in Hoogle. If no text is selected, the word under cursor is selected.

IntelliJ Stylelint Plugin

By rugby
Stylelint plugin for all products based on IntelliJ Platform (IntelliJ IDEA, RubyMine, WebStorm, PhpStorm, PyCharm, AppCode, etc.)

Configure the path to the stylelint executable through Preferences -> Tools -> Stylelint

lang tip

language text tip


  • 选中占位符lang_xxx
  • 按下 SHIFT Ctrl P (Command SHIFT P on a Mac) 或者右键点击"多语言占位符提示"
  • 代码窗口显示红色hint提示


Provides live edit HTML/CSS/JavaScript.




Since version 0.5 LiveEdit works as part of JavaScript debug session only.

Be aware:

  • CSS/JavaScript sync and element highlighting are not working if Web Inspector is opened, vote for Chrome bug.
  • Usability issue with the "plugin is debugging this tab" infobar, vote for Chrome bug.

Markup to SCSS

Adds option to generate SCSS from selected markup
Supports PHP, JSX, AngularJS and HTML

Open file with markup(.php, .jsx, .js, .html)
Select block to generate scss template
Press RMB, select Generate SCSS from context menu
Paste to your scss file


Support for Meteor framework
Note: The plugin is a part of WebStorm IDE and you don't need install it manually for WebStorm


* Meteor project generator

* Resolve for Meteor templates/helpers in Spacebars

* Navigate to Meteor Spacebars templates from *.js code

* JavaScript code completion for Meteor core methods

* Spacebars code completion for templates/helpers

* Server/Client debug, navigate to error from console

* Autoimport Meteor non-standard packages as external library for code completion (the action also available in the 'packages' file)

* Inspections for Spacebars

* Meteor-angular plugin support


Search the selected text using any online search engine.

  • Compatible with all IntelliJ-based IDEs
  • Add custom search engines' URLs in (Settings | Other settings | OnlineSearch)
  • Launch the search from the editor's context menu (Select text | Right-click | OnlineSearch | Select a search engine)
  • Map a search engine to a keyboard shortcut (Settings | Keymap | <search engine name>)
  • Pop up the search engine list with a keyboard shortcut (Settings | Keymap | OnlineSearch)
  • Works with other IDE "views" that have text areas (e.g. Diff, Debugger Console, Run Console, etc.)
  • If you don't see the context menu entry, try a keyboard shortcut to show OnlineSearch's popup
  • Out-of-the-box support for Google, Github, GrepCode, CppReference, and others (Ability to add/remove/reorder any number of search engines)

Polymer & Web Components

Polymer & Web Components support

React CSS Modules

React CSS Modules support for components written in JavaScript and TypeScript.

Provides the following features:

  • Completion and error highlighting for CSS classes used in React styleName attributes
  • Completion and error highlighting for CSS classes used in styles string literals, e.g. styles['my-class']
  • Intention to create missing CSS class from usage in React
  • Integrates React references to CSS class names with 'Find Usages', 'Rename', and 'Go to Declaration'


React Templates integration.

Add new React Templates file type for *.rt files

Build rt files on the fly

Inspect rt files

Completion for rt-* attributes

Completion for react attributes

Regularjs Support

Regularjs support.

Thanks for GoJet plugin, it help this project a lot.

Sass Lint

Sass Lint intellij integration.

Support displaying Sass Lint warnings as intellij inspections


SCSS Lint intellij integration.

Support displaying SCSS Lint warnings as intellij inspections


Stylint Intellij integration. Support displaying Stylint warnings as Intellij inspections. More: Documentation | Issues

Install stylint and stylint-json-reporter
npm install -g stylint stylint-json-reporter


  • Go to preferences, Stylint plugin page and check `Enable` plugin.
  • Select the path to the Stylint executable.
  • Set the `.stylintrc` file, or Stylint will use the default settings.
  • By default, Stylint plugin annotate the editor with warning or error based on the Stylint configuration, you can check the 'Treat all stylint issues as warnings' checkbox to display all issues from stylint as warnings.
  • Stylint plugin will also try to highlight error in the right place. If you prefer more verbose display you can check the 'Highlight whole line' setting. Otherwise Stylint plugin will highlight whole lines only for those errors where more precise display was not possible.
  • Show column number setting is mostly for debugging, but maybe someone will find it useful.


  • Intellij branch 145: IntelliJ IDEA 2016.1, WebStorm 2016.1, PhpStorm 2016.1
  • stylint >= 1.5.0
  • stylint-json-reporter >= 0.3.1


Provides some extra features for web-developers (see 'Webmaster' item in 'Tools', Editor popup and Project View popup)

Zurb Foundation 5

Zurb Foundation 5 live template snippets

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Snippets enhancement: Enhancement

Compiled with Java 1.6

Zurb Foundation 6

Zurb Foundation 6 live template snippets

Releases: Changelog

Follow me on Twitter: @manolenso

Gitter: intellij-foundation6

Snippets enhancement: Enhancement

Compiled with Java 1.6