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.env files support

By Adelf
.env files support
Homepage | Github | Issues.

  • PHP: getenv() and env() parameters completion, based on .env file keys
  • Ruby: ENV[] parameters completion, based on .env file keys
  • Dockerfile and docker-compose.yml files support. Requires Docker integration and YAML support plugins
  • Go to declaration(in .env file) and usages(in code), by Ctrl+click or hot key(Ctrl-B, etc.)


Activiti Designer plugin for Intellij Idea. Initial version.

AEM IDE Tooling 4 IntelliJ

This ItelliJ IDEA Plugin allows you to manage a project deployed to Adobe Experience Manager or Apache Sling directly from IntellliJ IDEA. It supports the deployment of OSGi Bundles and JCR content nodes, importing content from the Adobe Experience Manager / Apache Sling, creation of content nodes and OSGi services through AEMDC (AEM Developer Companion) to one or more Adobe Experience Manager or Apache Sling instances. In addition a project can be created based on Maven Archetypes. Changes in content nodes can be pushed to the server automatically and changes to OSGi services can be hot swapped in Adobe Experience Manager / Apache Sling without restarting the server.

AEM IntelliJ Plugin

Intellij Platform plugin for Adobe Experience Manager.
  • HTL/Sightly support (HTML files under jcr_root directory)
    • syntax validation and highlighting
    • autocompletion and documentation for:
      • block attributes (data-sly-*)
      • global objects (properties, currentPage, wcmmode, etc.)
      • properties (jcr:title, cq:lastModified, sling:resourceType, etc.)
      • built-in expression options (context, addSelector, i18n, etc.)
      • display contexts (html, scriptToken, unsafe, etc.)
      • use objects (Use API objects and Sling Models)
      • block variables (eg. data-sly-use.variable)

AEM Tools

AEM Tools is a plugin which contains set of AEM related extensions and features
  • HTL(Sightly) support:
    • Syntax Highlighting
    • Code Completion
    • Code navigation
    • Quick Documentation (ctrl+q)
    • Java Use API support (Sling Models & Use Classes)
    Note: to make the completion work, AEM dependencies should be present in project's POM, the project should be indexed
  • OSGi
    • Resolve OSGi configs for OSGi services (Felix only) (configs presented via gutter icon)
  • dialog.xml completion for Classic UI

Android Scala

Plugin for Android development with Scala

AppDynamics Android Agent Installer


AppDynamics Mobile Real User Monitoring (RUM) enables you optimize and gain greater visibility into the end-user experience of your mobile application.

Mobile RUM enables you to do the following:
  • Track mobile user sessions in real-time and understand the business impact of mobile app performance on your KPIs.
  • Identify and resolve crashes and errors quickly and efficiently.
  • Gain accurate user insights and visibility into every user and their mobile application activity.
  • Discover business transactions to provide mobile application to back-end application dependencies by using Mobile RUM with AppDynamics APM.
  • Observe and analyze the network requests from your mobile app.
About the Plugin

This plugin is a lightweight utility employing a wizard to obtain the basic information needed to instrument your application and then injects changes to your Gradle build configuration and instrumentation initialization into your application code.

When Not to Use the Plugin

If you have already instrumented your application, don't use the plugin. Instead, consider customizing your instrumentation with the Android SDK.

Learn More

For general information about our Mobile product, see Mobile Real-User Monitoring. For explicit instructions on installing and using the Android plugin, see the Android Agent Plugin tutorial.


By fgwei
Argus CIT plugin provides Jawa language support, and integrates Argus products (eg., Argus-SAF, jawa2java, etc) for Android APK analysis.

Basis.js framework plugin

Basis.js integration plugin for JetBrains IntelliJ platform.
Features (there are not much features for now):
- remote inspector integration:
Allows you to inspect basis.js apps from your favorite IntelliJ-base IDE
Video demo

Feel free to contribute!

CND Language / Jahia Framework

Jahia logo CND Language / Jahia Framework

definitions.cnd files syntax highlighting, code completion, and other amazing stuff.

Compatible with Jahia versions 6.6.x & 7.x

Java 8 needed

See the plugin Github project for detailed features list.

CND Language
  • Syntax highlighting
  • Syntax checking and error highlighting
  • Code completion
  • Code formatting
  • Find usages
  • Go to declaration
  • Refactoring
  • File icon CND file icon
  • Line markers namespace nodetype mixin property
  • Code folding
  • Brace matching
  • Commenter

Jahia Framework

Compatible with Jahia versions 6.6.x & 7.x

CND files features:
  • Helpers/Quickfixes (alt+enter on nodetype name)
    • Create nodetype and nodetype properties translations
    • Create new view
  • Nodetype folders icon in Project View view folder
  • View files grouping view folder
  • Completion and other features on Jahia nodetypes (embedded Jahia base and main modules .cnd files)

Other files/languages features:
  • JSP / Java / XML
    • Nodetypes usages highlighting & line markers
    • Nodetypes completion
    • Go to nodetype declaration
    • Unknown nodetype error highlighting
    • Create nodetype quickfix
  • Properties (resource bundles)
    • Translations keys syntax highlighting & line markers for namespaces, nodetypes and properties
    • Translations keys nodetypes and properties completion
    • Go to namespace, nodetype or property declaration from translations keys (ctrl-click/cmd-click)
    • Error message if adding translations for a choicelist on a non-choicelist property

Codename One

Codename One Plugin for IntelliJ IDEA
Easily create native apps using Java™ for iOS, Android, Windows and more!


This plugin is intended to increase productivity of developers, who build applications on the CUBA Platform.

Key features:

  • IDE and CUBA Studio integration
    While CUBA Studio facilitates visual development, CUBA Plugin simplifies working with code in a Java IDE.
  • Intuitive navigation
    Navigate transparently through the platform-related elements.
  • Smart autocomplete and injections
    Use auto completion and injections for the platform specific code.
  • Advanced code inspection
    Smart code inspection and quick fix suggestions for the platform-related code in your IDE.

See also:

Website | Forum | GitHub | Issue tracker


Integration with Cuppa, a test framework for Java 8.


Dalesbred support.

DAMapping stack integration

IntelliJ IDEA 14 BETA Integration plugin for the DAMapping stack.


  • IntelliJ IDEA: 14.0.3
  • DAMapping framework: 0.6.0

defrac Support

Build multi-platform apps with defrac inside IntelliJ IDEA

Demandware Studio Plugin

Demandware development tools. JDK8+ Required.

Errai Framework

Errai Framework Support
Add code inspections, refactoring support, and other tools for the Errai Framework to IntelliJ IDEA.

Fabric for Android Studio

Fabric for Android Studio


Fabric launches with four core Kits - Crashlytics, Answers, Digits and Twitter. More on that below.

SDK Onboarding.
Instead of reading through dozens of pages or watching videos to learn how to integrate an SDK, our plugin quickly and smoothly walks you through adding Kits to your app so you can spend more time coding. It's that easy.

Build Tools support. We've tightly integrated our plugin capabilities with Gradle, Maven, and Ant, giving you all the power of Fabric from your command line build tools.

Multi-Organization Support. Part of multiple organizations? Want to switch between them? You can! Just click the small arrow in the upper left corner to bring up the list of your organizations.

Live Updating.
If you or your teammates close issues, delete an app, or add an app on the web or through the IDE plugins, it will update live. Those changes will be reflected immediately in your Fabric plugin.

Automated Deobfuscation.
Using Crashlytics and ProGuard? Our plugins and build tools know you when build and auto-upload your mapping files to our servers, giving you deobfuscated stack traces on your Crashlytics dashboard.

Issues View.
You can see the list of your Crashlytics issues right on your desktop! If you want more details, simply click through and it will load the issue in your browser.

Have questions? Shoot us an email at support@fabric.io. Need access to Fabric? Visit Fabric.io.

Third party licenses


FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) development support for IntelliJ IDEA. This plug-in will work with either the free open-sourced Community Edition or the licensed Ultimate Edition of IntelliJ IDEA. This plug-in requires IntelliJ IDEA 2016.3 or v2017.1 (with FRC plugin v0.5 and later)

Please report issues or make feature requests at: https://gitlab.com/Javaru/frc-intellij-idea-plugin/issues

The plug-in is in beta and is not feature complete yet. But it does provide a fair number of features at this time. More will be added in future versions.

Grafter Macro Support

Provides syntax support for the Grafter library


By evant
IDE integration with Holdr.

hybris integration

This plugin is an open source (LGPL) plugin for SAP Hybris Commerce integration.

Bug tracker: Intellij IDEA Plugin Support

If you have any questions you can send an email to:
Alexander Bartash (repo owner)
Martin Zdarsky-Jones

- Import of Hybris extensions to Intellij IDEA.
- Automatic configuration of Spring, Web and Ant Intellij IDEA plugins.
- Custom editor for impex files with automatic formatting, find usages and go to declaration actions.
- Custom editor for items.xml with validation and easy navigation.
- Visualization of business process graph (use context menu of the file "Diagrams/Show Diagram", only Ultimate IDEA).
- Enhanced project view tree.
- Syntax highlighting for flexible search queries.

Contribution guidelines:
- Please read Contributor License Agreement
- Available tasks are in our JIRA (requires a login but you can sign-up) also you can suggest new features or report bugs without login on our Support Desk it has anonymous access.
- How to Configure Project Environment For Plugin Developers
- We are working with Pull Requests because it allows us to review the code before merging it. You need to fork this repository, implement a feature in a separate branch, then send us a pull request.
- Be sure to include into your pull request and all commit messages the following line: "Signed-off-by: Your Real Name your.email@email.com" otherwise it can not be accepted. Use your real name (sorry, no pseudonyms or anonymous contributions).
- For additional questions you can send an email to Alexander Bartash or Martin Zdarsky-Jones

By installing thing plugin you agree to sending us anonymous statistics about plugin usage. We do not collect any information about you or your project. We just want to know which features from this plugin our users need most and learn new ways to make thing plugin better.

- Alexander Bartash
- Vlad Bozhenok
- Martin Zdarsky-Jones
- Alexander Nosov
- Michael Golubev
- Eugene Kudelevsky
- Markus Priegl
- Sergei Aksenenko
- Roger Ye
- Hector Longarte


Incl - plugin for including android libraries and plugins by one action. 1. Press [SHIFT + CMD(CTRL) + A] 2. Enter "Include " 3. Check action from expanded list: * Include Dagger2 (Incl) * Include ButterKnife (Incl) * Include apt (Incl) * Include jitpack (Incl) * Include Java 8 compatibility (Incl) * Include Vkontakte (Incl) * Include Fresco (Incl) * Include appcompat (Incl) * Include BaseProject (Incl) * Include DataManager (Incl)

Jangaroo Migration to Ext AS 6

Migrate ActionScript and MXML code from Ext AS 3.4 to Ext AS 6.

Microsoft Azure HDInsight Tools for IntelliJ

DEPRECATED – please install Azure Toolkit for IntelliJ plugin to get latest updates.
  • Azure HDInsight Tool for Java has been integrated into Azure Toolkit for IntelliJ. And will stop updating. We recommend that use the Azure Toolkit for IntelliJ which includes the latest and greatest version of HDInsight Tools for IntelliJ.
  • If you created projects using the HDInsight Tools for IntelliJ, they will continue to work in the Azure Toolkit for IntelliJ.
Important new functionalities have been released! Please install Azure Toolkit for IntelliJ plugin to use these cool features. The recent release focuses on users’feedback to ensure a smooth user experiences on project creation and submission. The release also covers a couple of new features including Spark 2.0 support, local run, and a refined Job View and Job Graph.

Support Spark 2.0
The HDInsight Tools for IntelliJ and Eclipse now is fully compatible Spark 2.0. It allows you to enjoy the cool features from Spark 2.0 including API usability, SQL 2003 support, performance improvements, structured streaming, R UDF support, as well as operational improvements.

Local Run - Use the HDInsight Tools for IntelliJ with the Hortonworks Sandbox
With this feature, the HDInsight Tools for IntelliJ can work with generic Hadoop clusters in addition to submitting Spark jobs to HDInsight clusters. Using the Hortonworks Sandbox allows you to work with Hadoop locally on your development environment. Once you have developed a solution and want to deploy it at scale, you can then move to an HDInsight cluster. Connect to local sandbox for local run and debug

Job View & Job Graph
The updated Job View provides you a slick UI to view your jobs list, job summary, and details for a selected job. The job graph also allows you to view the execution details, task summary, and executors view for a job.

Microsoft Cloud Services for Android

Microsoft Cloud Services for Android for IntelliJ and Android Studio.

Mule ESB Plugin For IntelliJ

Mule ESB Plugin For IntelliJ.


Nativetap plugin for Android Studio.

This plugin is intended to work with Nativetap.io desktop client.
For more details, visit our website: nativetap.io.

Neuroph For Intellij

Allows for easy integration of the Neuroph libraries into intellij products and easy to use example neural networks


Plugin for Nuxeo support.

Supported features:

  • Registration of Nuxeo SDKs;
  • Selection of the default SDK to use;
  • Auto detection of Nuxeo modules;
  • Hot reload of Nuxeo module marked as hot reloadable;
  • Integrated Nuxeo Shell.

Source code: https://github.com/troger/nuxeo-intellij

This plugin is not officially supported by Nuxeo, but you can ask questions via Nuxeo Answers.


This plugin adds support for the development of OSGi-based applications to IDEA

PhoneGap/Cordova Plugin

PhoneGap/Cordova integration for InteliJ Platform.
Note: The plugin is a part of WebStorm IDE and you don't need install it manually for WebStorm

* PhoneGap/Cordova Project wizard

* Run PhoneGap/Cordova application from IntelliJ toolbar

* Code completion for event types

* Ionic support



This plugin is indented to reduce effort of Android application development by generating common code accross various applications. Now we completed retrofit integrator only it can be be used to Integrate Retrofit to your project(for server communications).


IntelliJ IDEA plugin for Scio - https://github.com/spotify/scio

SMOG Matcher Generator

Generates a companion matcher class for a selected Java class based on the SMOG library extension to Hamcrest.

The SMOG library supports property matching on object graphs. For more details, see the project page at GitHub.

This plugin is also hosted at GitHub.

Spock Framework Enhancements

This plugin provides support for the Spock specification framework.

  • Adds syntax highlighting to Spock labels
  • Provides inspections for label ordering
  • A Spock spec template and a collection of live templates for feature methods contributed by @fpape
  • Code generation assistance in specs for setup, cleanup, and adding a test method contributed by @fpape

Stapler plugin for IntelliJ IDEA

Stapler plugin for IntelliJ IDEA 11

THOP Builder

Write Thought Processes in IDEA. Plug-in currently supports downloading of all THOPS, editing and uploading a THOP, running a THOP and printing result in the console (debug output collected via debug(..) are visible when run using Debug action)
  • Set-up your SMB connection per project in Tools->Connect SMB...
  • Select one or more .js files, use Upload THOP(s) in context menu
  • Select a directory, use Download THOPs in context menu to download all THOPS
  • Select one or more .js files to Delete THOP(s) using context menu
  • Full support for Run Configurations: Run THOPs by right clicking -> Create, Run or Debug

TMF Plugin

辅助开发基于 tradespi 的程序。可以创建 provider、SPI,在 provider/SPI/namespace 之间跳转。


UIkit live templates / snippets

Check Github repository for list of snippets and for contributing

Unvired SDK Installer

Plugin to install Unvired SDKs for developing Unvired Mobile Apps


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Woko Plugin

Plugin for the Woko framework