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AEON: Automated Android Energy-Efficiency InspectiON

Energy-Efficiency is a crucial analysis that if performed correctly provides strong competitive value to mobile applications. Unfortunately, developers find the body of knowledge and tools to perform such analysis significantly fragmented. Furthermore, performing this analysis is a time-consuming and error-prone activity. This paper introduces the AEON solution, which provides developers with a useful methodology to automate analysis and visualization of energy concerns. Our contributions include: (1) Detection and solution models for resource leaks and energy hotspots, where the best practices related to each case are implemented; (2) An Android tailored Inter-procedural Control Flow-, Callback- and Lifecycle- sensitive Graph and (3) An IDE plugin that enforces these models by proactively notifying the developer of energy problems and solutions if available(providing refactoring, fixes or suggestions), and energy consumption information, both statically and dynamically. Finally, we conduct an evaluation of the energy concerns and the effectiveness of the aforementioned detection models.
AEON offers a energy-aware developing environment for the Android platform . These are AEON main features:
A static Analysis tool to inspect common bad practices while using Android API(WakeLcoks, Service Providers and other resources).
Per-method energy consumption estimates, we analyzed them based on previous research findings on energy consumption.
Energy profiling and visualization, by integrating our plugin with Trepn(please visit https://developer.qualcomm.com/mobile-development/increase-app-performance/trepn-profiler), we offer a transparent and automated interaction when analyzing the energy consumption of your app.
Beta Version. AEON is part of an ongoing research conducted by David I. Samudio at George Mason University. If you want to cite my work or contact me , please mail me at dgonza10 at gmu dot edu
This work was performed when I was advised by Dr. Sam Malek. He is currently at UCI.

Avaje Metric Enhancer

Post-compile Avaje metrics enhancement

JVM Debugger Memory View

This plugin extends the built-in JVM debugger with capabilities to explore objects in the JVM heap during a debug session.

The Memory View shows you the total number of objects in the heap grouped by their class name.

When you're stepping over the code, the Diff column shows how the number of objects changes between debugger stops. This way you can easily see how the code you're stepping over affects the heap.

A double click on a class name, opens a dialog with instances of this class. The dialog lets you filter instances by an evaluated expression. All debugger operations such as Inspect, Mark Object, Evaluate Expression, Add to Watches, etc can be applied to instances in this dialog.

WARNING: version for Android Studio contains few restrictions:

  • Getting a large number of instances may fail and stop VM due to Android memory limitations.
  • Android Studio may freeze, see this bug

Perf Guard

A plugin for IntelliJ IDEA which obtains execution and memory profile when you run an application from IDEA and automatically warns you about possible performance problems when you edit the code.