Plugins in category Languages


Plugin for CoffeeScript language support.


Plugin for LaTeX support in IntelliJ IDEA.

SnakeYAML plugin

YAML parser/highlighter for Intellij IDEA platform IDEs Includes complete YAML loading pipeline under the hood.


Plugin for doT.js templates support.


Language support for FitNesse, the fully integrated standalone wiki and acceptance testing framework.

Tree syntax highlighter

Tree - very simple, readable, compact structural format. Better than xml, json, yaml and other.

Jodd Props Support

Enables editing of Jodd props files.

Apache Avro™ support

A plugin adding support for Apache Avro™.

AppleScript Support

Provides support for writing and executing scripts with AppleScript.

Google Closure Soy Templates

Google Closure Soy Templates custom language plugin for IntelliJ IDEA.