Plugins in category Languages

Apache Avro™ support

A plugin adding support for Apache Avro™.

AppleScript Support

Provides support for writing and executing scripts with AppleScript.

Google Closure Soy Templates

Google Closure Soy Templates custom language plugin for IntelliJ IDEA.


CSharp language support.

D Language Support

D Language support for IntelliJ IDEA 14.


Language support for the Zephir Language Zephir - Ze(nd Engine) Ph(p) I(nt)r(mediate) - is a high level language that eases the creation and maintainability of...

OpenResty Lua Support

Adds lua-nginx-module auto-completion and documentation to Lua code.

NSIS plugin

NSIS syntax highlighting plugin.


Plugin for LiveScript language support.

Paste Images into Markdown

Paste images into MarkDown documents directly from clipboard.