Plugins in category "Languages"

NSIS Language Support

Language support for NSIS.

MQL Idea

MQL4 language support.

TL Schema support

Supports TL schema files coloring and several inspections.

Courier schema language

Courier Schema Language plugin.

NASM Language

NASM language for JetBrains IDEs.

XQuery Support + MarkLogic Debugger

XQuery 3.0/3.1 Language Support, with MarkLogic Debugger Forked from XQuery Language Support plugin by Grzegorz Ligas.


Device components description language tools.

Jet Template Language Support

Go Jet support for intellij ===== This intellij plugin adds support for the Jet template engine - [x] Parser - [x] Lexer - [x] Multilayer...


Support for the LeekScript language (

Djinni IDL file support

Add some basic navigation, code-completion and error highlighting support to .djinni files. License Copyright 2015-2016 Dropbox, Inc.