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Bindows Plugin

Launch and debug Bindows AJAX applications directly from within IntelliJ IDEA.
The debugging features enable you to send messages to a console window inside IntelliJ IDEA from your code. This works for both Internet Explorer and Firefox.
You can also send JavaScript code to be evaluated inside any running browser instance from IntelliJ IDEA. This enables you to remote control the browser, check the values of variables and even rewrite whole methods during runtime.
Check our web site for more information on how to use these features.
We also have an xml schema that will give you code completion of Bindows classes in xml. The schema is included in the plugin and automatically installed.
You also have the ability to add multiple Bindows distributions and quickly switch between them.

Bindows Tools

Bindows Ajax framework launcher and development tools. This is the follow up version of the older Bindows Plugin and targets IntelliJ IDEA 9 and later. More detailed information and usage instructions can be found at http://www.bindows.net in the near future. Report bugs and submit feature requests by sending email to support@bindows.net.

CommonJS AutoComplete

Provides AutoComplete for CommonJS require statements. Attempts to locate corresponding modules or files and complete require statements based on variable names.

Visit Github repo for more documentation and to report issues. If you have a feature request that you would like to make, please post it here as well.

ddescriber for jasmine

A plugin to quickly run jasmine unit tests and suites by switching between describe() / fdescribe() / ddescribe() / xdescribe() and it() / fit() / iit() / xit()

Just type Ctrl + Shift + D (Command + Shift + D on a Mac) to launch a dialog that lets you choose which suites or unit tests you want to include or exclude.

Use the following shortcuts: (Alt I) to include, (Alt X) to exclude, and (Alt G) to jump to the selected test. The plugin will automatically add an iit/fit or fdescribe/ddescribe to the selected node if you don't have any pending changes.

I have tested it on Webstorm and Intellij.

Download the code at: https://github.com/andresdominguez/ddescriber



A plugin to connect to elementor an improved element explorer for Protractor.

  • Start elementor
  • Select a locator or expression that you test against Protractor
  • Press SHIFT Ctrl P (Command SHIFT P on a Mac) or right click and select "Test selected locator" to run.
  • See the results in a popup


ESLint intellij integration.

Support displaying eslint warnings as intellij inspections

Quick fixes for several rules

Support for custom eslint rules

Support for eslint config annotation and completion

Javascript Compressor

compresses javascript files by removing unnecessary whitespace, comments etc
  • javascript source file should be named yourfilename.source.js
  • otherwise source file is created before compressing the original file
  • press ctrl+shift+alt+j while file is opened in editor panel
  • the compressed javascript file will be saved as yourfilename.js
known issues:
  • statements not terminated by a semicolon might cause problems after compressing, uncheck "remove all linebreaks" option in this case (or - which would be the better way - insert semicolons where they should be)

JavaScript Test Finder

A simple JavaScript plugin to allow flipping back and forth between a JS test and the production file

Javascript Uploader

Uploads javascript files to Netsuite's file cabinet. Requires a valid Netsuite account.

JavaScript.next Support Plugin

Javascript ES6/7 syntax improvements and additions. Hope this plugin will be merged in feature to Intellij IDEA

JS Debugger

Launches the Rhino JavaScript debugger for the selected .js file

JS Toolbox

JS Toolbox

An Intellij / Webstorm plugin that provides several tools for javascript development.

Here is a list of available actions:

  • Go to test [Alt T], [Ctrl Command T] on Mac
  • Go to view [Alt V], [Ctrl Command V] on Mac
  • Go to constructor [Alt G], [Ctrl Command G] on a mac
  • Join multi-line strings and variable declarations [Ctrl SHIFT Alt J], [Ctrl Command J] on Mac
  • Open current file in browser [Ctrl SHIFT Alt G], [SHIFT Option Command G] on Mac
  • Add a semi-color at the end of the line [Ctrl SHIFT ;], [Command SHIFT ;] on Mac
  • Sort the selection using a user-defined splitter [SHIFT alt 1], [Command SHIFT 1] on Mac
  • Generate a method for the current javascript class
  • Override a method from the parent javascript class

See all the JS Toolbox actions from two locations:

  • From Tools > JS Toolbox
  • From the editor, right click > JS Toolbox
Go to test [Alt T], [Ctrl Command T] on Mac

Jump between a javascript file and its unit test. You can configure the file name patterns under:

Settings > JS Toolbox

And set values for Unit test suffix and File suffix

If you need multiple patterns use comma. For example:

Unit test suffix: "Spec.js,-spec.js"
File suffix: "-controller.js,.js"

With this configuration the action will take you from:

"my-component.js" or "my-component-controller.js"


"my-componentSpec.js" or "my-component-spec.js"

Go to view [Alt V], [Ctrl Command V] on Mac

Jump between a javascript file and its associated view. You can configure the file name patterns under:

Settings > JS Toolbox

And set values for View suffix and File suffix

If you need multiple patterns use comma. For example:

File suffix: "-controller.js,.js"
View suffix: "-view.html,.html"

With this configuration the action will take you from:

"my-component.js" or "my-component-controller.js"


"my-component.html" or "my-component-view.html"

Toggle camel and dash case

Select some text and then choose the "Toggle camel and dash case" action


Will turn into


Will turn into

Go to constructor [Alt G], [Ctrl Command G] on a mac

Jump to the constructor of the current javascript file.

Join multi-line strings and variable declarations [Ctrl SHIFT Alt J], [Ctrl Command J] on Mac

Join strings and variable declarations

Turn a multi-line string into a single string. Press Ctrl SHIFT Alt J on any of the string lines or select a block of text and join.

    var s = 'one ' +
        'two ' +

Into a single string:

    var s = 'one two three';

Join multiple vars into a single var:

    var foo = 1;
    var bar = 2;

Into a single var declaration:

    var foo = 1,
        bar = 2;
Open current file in browser [Ctrl SHIFT Alt G], [SHIFT Option Command G] on Mac

Open the current file in the browser. Configure the URL that you want to use when opening the browser under Settings > JS Toolbox.

Generate a method for the current javascript class (Under generate menu)

Add a new method to the current javascript class.

You need to use the @constructor annotation to mark the constructor of the class.

Override a method from the parent javascript class (Under generate menu)

Override a parent method in the current javascript class.

You need to annotate the classes with the @constructor and @extends annotations, otherwise the plugin cannot find the class hierarchy.

Sort the selection using a user-defined splitter [Ctrl SHIFT 1], [Command SHIFT 1] on Mac

For example, select a bunch of arguments, choose sort, and enter a text (eg. ,) to split and sort the result.


jscs intellij integration.

Support displaying jscs warnings as intellij inspections

Support for fixing javascript using --fix

Support presets

Support esnext

Support custom esprima


Adds over 70 new JavaScript inspections and over 40 new JavaScript intention actions for IntelliJ IDEA.
Both inspections and intentions run on JavaScript, HTML, JSP and JSPx files.
Derived (and enriched) from the famous Java Intention PowerPack and Inspection Gadgets plugins originally written by Dave Griffith.


Plugin to easy your work on Wechat Weapp . This can help you inject functions to js file .

Meteor JS Template

Meteor JS Template plugin.
  • Add JS/HTML File templates for Meteor.
  • Add Meteor JS Boilerplate by Differential.
  • Add Toggle action between HTML and JS|COFFEE files [Alt][8]
  • Add Live templates for Meteor JS framework.

Needs More Dojo

Tools for working with the dojo toolkit

Dojo AMD Module Import Management
  • Cyclic dependency analysis action and on the fly inspection for cyclic dependencies (inspection must be enabled)
  • Add imports by name instead of module path. Let the plugin insert them for you. Use either absolute or relative path syntax.
  • Remove or reorder import statements
  • Flags unused imports with a strikethrough and allows you to remove them all at once
  • Organize imports alphabetically and remove duplicates
  • Detect inconsistently named imports
  • Convert between absolute and relative path syntax
  • Aware of plugins, modules with resource ids, etc.
  • Supports nested require blocks and snippets of JavaScript in non-js files
Refactoring (must be enabled in settings)
  • Rename dojo AMD modules
  • Move dojo AMD modules
  • Operations update AMD references and paths according to your project's package structure
Other Dojo Specific Features
  • Ctrl+Click supported for dojo/i18n resource strings
  • Ctrl+Click supported for attach points when modules use _TemplatedMixin. Ctrl+Shift+O, A also does this
  • Convert dojo 'util' style to 'class' style or vice-versa
  • Navigate ... declaration supported for modules, methods, and this.inherited references
Still very much under development. Please contact me with any feedback!


NEJ support for Intellij IDEA/WebStorm

PoPo: hzzhenglu, mail: abnerzheng@gmail.com
感谢Do more Dojo 插件,它给了我很多帮助,这里大量的代码都借鉴于它

NetSuite Tools For WebStorm

[GitHub] NetSuite Tools For WebStorm
[LinkedIn] Plugin Author

Open source WebStorm IDE plugin that uses NetSuite SuiteTalk 2016.2 WSDL to provide the ability to:
  1. Specify any NetSuite File Cabinet Folder as the project root directory or select from SuiteScripts or SuiteBundles listing
  2. Upload Folder(s) and File(s) to NetSuite File Cabinet
  3. Compare local File(s) against NetSuite File Cabinet


Node.js integration


Quokka is a rapid prototyping playground in your editor, with access to your project's files, inline reporting, code coverage and rich output formatting.

SAP/Open UI5

This is the SAP/Open UI5 Plugin for IDEA Platforms.


Scaffold Angular JS Components and respective unit tests.

This plugin helps to:

  • Standardize naming convention of angular components across the application
  • Bootstrap jasmine unit tests right next to source file
  • Bootstrap ngdoc documentation for the components

Important ScaffAngular is now build with Java 7, please update JRE your IDE is running to 7+. You can check which JRE is currently used in Help -> About

For any bugs or feature requests go to github.

Sencha Ext JS

Sencha Ext JS

This plugin provides support for the Ext JS and Sencha Touch frameworks.

To try the plugin for free for 30 days, you must have a valid Sencha Forum ID. If you do not have one, you can try the plugin as part of the Ext JS 6 trial. You'll be asked to download the file and register for a free Forum ID.

This plugin is available for purchase from the Sencha store as part of the Ext JS Pro and Ext JS Premium editions.

Sencha IDE Plugins Forum

Sencha JetBrains Plugin Guide

JetBrains IDE Version Support ExtJS Plugin v6.0.10
  • IntelliJ 2016.1+
  • WebStorm 2016.1+
  • PhpStorm 2016.1+
  • RubyMine 2016.1+
  • PyCharm 2016.1+
ExtJS Plugin v6.0.8
  • IntelliJ 15.0.2+
  • WebStorm 11.0.2+
  • PhpStorm 10.0.2+
  • RubyMine 8.0.2+
  • PyCharm 5.0.2+
ExtJS Plugin v6.0.6
  • IntelliJ 15.0.0 - 15.0.1
  • WebStorm 11.0.0 - 10.0.1
  • PhpStorm 10.0.0 - 10.0.1
  • RubyMine 8.0.0 - 8.0.1
  • PyCharm 5.0.0 - 5.0.1
ExtJS Plugin v6.0.5
  • IntelliJ 14
  • WebStorm 10
  • PhpStorm 9
  • RubyMine 7
  • PyCharm 4
  • Ext JS 4+ or Sencha Touch 2+
  • Sencha Cmd 4+ (optional)
Features Code Completion (ctrl-space)
  • config, method, and property names for all Ext JS and user classes
  • values for alias properties such as xtype, controller, viewModel, layout, etc...
  • event names in Component.on, .mon, .un, .mun, and listeners objects
  • css class names in all config properties and methods ending in 'cls'
  • this.lookupReference(...) in controllers with an alias
  • controller methods in listeners: { (event): (here) } as well as handler config property
  • model/store fields for Ext.grid.Column.dataIndex
  • properties from the ViewModel in bind configs
Inspections/Quick Fixes
  • flags unused classes in the requires/uses arrays (can be configured to remove unused classes automatically via Preferences... Other Settings... Sencha)
  • flags classes in the uses/requires arrays which are already listed in parent classes
  • flags references to classes not in the requires/uses arrays (can be configured to add referenced classes automatically via Preferences... Other Settings... Sencha)
  • flags initComponent method without this.callParent()
  • flags references to unknown aliases such as controller: 'missingcontroller' and xtype: 'missingxtype'
  • flags references to unknown classes
  • flags class when namespace does not match the directory structure
  • flags class when name does not match the file name
  • flags references to missing controller methods in view event handlers, provides a quickfix to create the missing method.
Find Usages
  • Right click on any class name to find usages
Project Tree Actions
  • New Class (will automatically create subdirectories if "." is included - only available within an app or package)
  • New View Package (creates a directory containing a view, view model, and view controller - only available within the view directory of an app)
  • New App (requires Sencha Cmd - only available outside of an existing app)
  • New Workspace (requires Sencha Cmd - only available outside of an existing workspace)
  • provides click-through support for this.callParent() to navigate to the appropriate method on the parent class
  • provides click-through support for css class names in configs and methods ending in *cls
  • rename file - updates the class name
  • move file - updates the class namespace
Project Templates
  • New Ext JS App creates a new single app project using sencha cmd (sencha generate app - requires Sencha Cmd)
  • New Ext JS Workspace creates a new multi-app workspace project using sencha cmd (sencha generate workspace - requires Sencha Cmd)
Code Generation
  • Generate... "Generate columns from model" - within a Ext.grid.Panel with a bound or declared store adds a column for each field in the store's model
Class Templates (right-click on project tree... New... Class... )
  • Class
  • View
  • ViewModel
  • ViewController
  • Model
  • Controller
  • Store
Live Templates
  • xc - Inserts Ext.create('', { })
Run Configurations
  • Sencha App Watch (requires Sencha Cmd)
Spell Checking
  • Adds many common Ext JS keywords such as xtype, xclass, and event names to the dictionary so they are not flagged as misspellings

The trial version of this plugin is valid for 30 days.


Allows to trace JavaScript code execution in any browser, on any device and platform

Symbols for JavaScript

In JavaScript we quite often use strings as some kind of identifiers. Event and module names are good examples here.

A good IDE should support this in my opinion. With this plugin you can define a format of your identifiers. Each JavaScript string matching this format becomes a 'symbol' which you can rename(Shift + F6), find usages of (Alt + F7) or Go To (CTRL + Click).

By default all strings in format ':hyphen-identifier' are symbols but you can configure recognized formats in File -> Settings -> Other Settings -> JavaScript Symbols.

Find more details on the project home page.


By pinke
Trydone Javascript Compressor


By ayrat
Плагин для работы с ws

Что реализованино:
- переход и автодополнение в xhtml файлах (в тегах component и option)
- переход и автодополнение в в зависимостях requirejs модулей
- диалог создания компонента