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Android Studio & IntelliJ Plugin for sort xml by name="xxx".
'Editor > PopupMenu(Right Click) > Refactor > Sort Xml By Name'

- Insert space between difference prefix
- Insert version and encoding
- Delete comment
- Code indent number

Es6 intentions

ES6 custom actions.

Jonnyzzz Dependencies

This plugin provide an action to analyze project/modules for unused dependencies



Lookup a synonym for the word under the cursor for easier naming of your variable, parameters, methods and classes. Can be used to replace text in a variable, or during renaming.

To use it, do either of these:

  • select a piece of text and go to the Refactor menu. You'll find the Thesaurus option there now.
  • rename anything (such as a variable or class). The dropdown on the rename modal window will now list synonyms.
  • To learn more, take a look at the repository: https://github.com/pascaldevink/intellij-thesaurus


Eases the creation/updating of XLIFF translations. Select target text and invoke the "Create/Update XLIFF translation" action. Define your Unit ID and destination file. The given text is automatically replaced by the fluid translate view helper.