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Android Studio Unit Test

By evant
Android Studio IDE support for Android gradle unit tests. Prepared for Robolectric.
This plugin will mark test directories and resolve testCompile dependencies. It also sets up the correct system properties for Robolectric.

Android Tests Recorder

Android Test Recorder allows you to record user interactions and generate Unit Test sources.

Check Tests

Using the IntelliJ index this plugin will find usages on file(s) you have selected with right click or you are going to commit and try to find TestClasses that are being referenced. You will then be asked if you would like to run the tests.

Concordion support

This plugin provides support such as autocompletion, navigation between spec files, go to declaration and renaming for http://concordion.org/ testing framework.
Plugin homepage: https://github.com/concordion/idea-concordion-support
Require idea 14.1+ with JUnit plugin running on jdk 8 (project may use any jdk)


easyb behavior driven development framework


easyb behavior driven development framework. This is the version for IDEA 11 as considerable parts of the openapi have changed


easyb behavior driven development framework. This is the version for IDEA X

Espresso Black Box

EspressoBackBox add support of black box testing for Espresso framework to Android Studio
It allows you to import existing APK and create Espresso tests against it without access to APK sources.
After installation plugin is available at Tools > Espresso Black Box menu item. See details at plugin homepage.

Generate Tests

Helper plugin for working with generated tests.
Needs a run configuration named "Generate Tests" which updates source files with generated tests.
The plugin adds a toolbar button to run this run configuration (also available with Control-Shift-G) and when the tests are generated it analyzes changes made to the source files and detects tests that have been added. It shows a popup with suggestion to run them.
Currently only JUnit tests are supported.


By Kuffi
JsChilicat is a javascript test framework integration for intellij idea. JsChilicat is based on Rhino and EnvJs for headless JavaScript testing. As testframework is QUnit in use. The plugin will add a new Run configuration JsChilicat which let you configure a source and a test directory. It will present the test results in a JUnit style. Added local server for Ajax tests. JsChilicate supports now to write a server interface completely in java script. It allows the user to write a mock server for AJAX api tests in a easy way. Currently is it possible to receive Forms and JSON objects ans to send JSON objects back. Please download the latest jsChilicat release bundle form the project page. Feedback is welcome.

JSTestDriver Plugin

Allows running, debugging JavaScript unit tests and measure test coverage.


MoreUnit Logo

MoreUnit assists you in writing unit tests!


  • Works for all IntelliJ-based IDEs (AppCode, IDEA, PhpStorm, PyCharm, RubyMine, WebStorm, etc.)
  • Jump form your production code to you test code, and vice-versa. To access the command:
    • From the main menu: "Navigate" > "Jump to Test" or "Jump to Test Subject".
    • From the contextual menu: "Go To" > "Jump to Test" or "Jump to Test Subject".
    • From the "Find Action..." pop-up window: "Jump to Test / Test Subject".
  • Should several candidates be found, a list is displayed for selection.
  • Supported naming patterns:
    • lower/upper CamelCase or word separated with hyphens, underscores or even spaces
    • "test", "tests", "spec" or "should" suffixes (case insensitive, except for CamelCase style)
    • "test", "tests" or "spec" prefixes (case insensitive, except for CamelCase style)
  • Writing tests for your Java code in Scala? Your test code does not have to be written in the same
  • language as you production code!
  • Practicing TDD, having integration tests? You likely don't always have a one-to-one relationship between your test and production files...
    MoreUnit lets you simply jump to the last opened test file (respectively to the last opened production file). To access the command:
  • From the main menu: "Navigate" > "Jump to Last Opened Test" or "Jump to Last Opened Test Subject".
  • From the contextual menu: "Go To" > "Jump to Last Opened Test" or "Jump to Last Opened Test Subject".
  • From the "Find Action..." pop-up window: "Jump to Last Opened Test / Test Subject".
  • NUnitJS

    NUnitJS integration plugin, NUnitJS is a test framework for NodeJS


    IntelliJ version of PairHero plugin http://www.happyprog.com/pairhero/

    PHPUnit code coverage

    By oker1
    Displays PHPUnit code coverage of file in the editor.

    Robotium Recorder

    • Record professional Android UI test cases in minutes
    • Records from emulators and actual devices
    • Full support for native and hybrid Android apps
    • Supports binary APK:s and apps with source code
    • Automatically detects resource ID:s 
    • Click to Assert™ - Click any View to make an assert
    • Always in perfect sync with the latest Robotium features


    Official IntelliJ IDEA plugin for Spek.

    Test Recorder

    Records behaviour of the developer about testing.


    Auto Generate Unit Tests for source class in Java or Groovy.

    No more boilerplate!

    • Auto generate Java or Groovy test code with JUnit 4/5, TestNG or Spock frameworks
    • Auto generate Mockito mocks
    • Generate test params and assertion statements
    • Integrate with IDEA menus: Code->TestMe, Code->Generate

    You're welcome to report issues and raise feature requests at TestMe project forum

    TypeScript spec file generator / navigator

    TypeScript test file generator / navigator.

    Unitils plugin

    To make Unitils using easy!