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atoum plugin

Integrate atoum in PHPStorm.

Features :
  • Go to the test class from the tested class (shortcut : alt+shift+K)
  • Go to the tested class from the test class (shortcut : alt+shift+K)
  • Execute tests inside PhpStorm (shortcut : alt+shift+M)
  • Easily identify test files by a custom icon
More information about those features could be found in the project's README


Useful plugin for faster Behat development.

  • Custom icon for Behat Context and PageObjects files
Feature file:
  • tag auto completion
  • reference provider for Gherkin steps
Behat context:
  • reference and inspection provider for PageObjcet names
  • reference and inspection provider for SubContext names
  • create PageObject quick fix for missing classes
  • type hinting for getMainContext() method
  • type hinting for getSubContext() method
  • parameter auto completion for getSubContext() method with names of available contextes
  • annotation hinting
Page Objects extension:
  • quick fix for missing PageObjects and PageObject elements
  • reference provider for getElement and hasElement method of PageObject classes
  • type hinting for getPage() and getElement() methods
  • parameter auto completion for getPage() method with names of available pages in current project

Drupal Test Runner

Drupal Test Runner With Drupal Test Runner, a new run configuration is added to PhpStorm specifically for Drupal's test running script run-tests.sh. This allows you to run Simpletest, Unit, Kernel, Functional, and FunctionalJavascript tests with one single runner.


By Kuffi
JsChilicat is a javascript test framework integration for intellij idea. JsChilicat is based on Rhino and EnvJs for headless JavaScript testing. As testframework is QUnit in use. The plugin will add a new Run configuration JsChilicat which let you configure a source and a test directory. It will present the test results in a JUnit style. Added local server for Ajax tests. JsChilicate supports now to write a server interface completely in java script. It allows the user to write a mock server for AJAX api tests in a easy way. Currently is it possible to receive Forms and JSON objects ans to send JSON objects back. Please download the latest jsChilicat release bundle form the project page. Feedback is welcome.

JSTestDriver Plugin

Allows running, debugging JavaScript unit tests and measure test coverage.


Integration with Karma, a spectacular test runner for JavaScript


MoreUnit Logo

MoreUnit assists you in writing unit tests!


  • Works for all IntelliJ-based IDEs (AppCode, IDEA, PhpStorm, PyCharm, RubyMine, WebStorm, etc.)
  • Jump form your production code to you test code, and vice-versa. To access the command:
    • From the main menu: "Navigate" > "Jump to Test" or "Jump to Test Subject".
    • From the contextual menu: "Go To" > "Jump to Test" or "Jump to Test Subject".
    • From the "Find Action..." pop-up window: "Jump to Test / Test Subject".
  • Should several candidates be found, a list is displayed for selection.
  • Supported naming patterns:
    • lower/upper CamelCase or word separated with hyphens, underscores or even spaces
    • "test", "tests", "spec" or "should" suffixes (case insensitive, except for CamelCase style)
    • "test", "tests" or "spec" prefixes (case insensitive, except for CamelCase style)
  • Writing tests for your Java code in Scala? Your test code does not have to be written in the same
  • language as you production code!
  • Practicing TDD, having integration tests? You likely don't always have a one-to-one relationship between your test and production files...
    MoreUnit lets you simply jump to the last opened test file (respectively to the last opened production file). To access the command:
  • From the main menu: "Navigate" > "Jump to Last Opened Test" or "Jump to Last Opened Test Subject".
  • From the contextual menu: "Go To" > "Jump to Last Opened Test" or "Jump to Last Opened Test Subject".
  • From the "Find Action..." pop-up window: "Jump to Last Opened Test / Test Subject".
  • Nette Tester


    This plugin integrates Nette Tester into PhpStorm IDE.


    NUnitJS integration plugin, NUnitJS is a test framework for NodeJS


    phpspec support for PhpStorm IDE. General:
    • Custom icons for phpspac files
    • Generate spec file for php class
    • go to spec from php class / go to clas from spec class

    PHPUnit Autocomplete Assistant

    By mx

    PhpStorm plugin to provide smart autocomplete, code navigation and refactoring features for mocked class methods.

    Feature list

    • method autocomplete for class, abstract class and trait mock objects;

      • type providers: getMock, getMockForAbstractClass, etc. will return mock object with methods of mocking class and PHPUnit_Framework_MockObject_MockObject;
      • supported PHPUnit methods:







    • code navigation (go to declaration, find usages, etc.) and refactoring (rename methods);
    • highlighting of incorrect method usages;
    • Prophecy support.


    Mock creation

    Mock usage

    PHPUnit code coverage

    By oker1
    Displays PHPUnit code coverage of file in the editor.


    Official IntelliJ IDEA plugin for Spek.


    Ctrl + Alt + U, U

    Supports multiple cursors
    Can insert test methods based on the current cursor(s) lines contents. Will update method if shortcut is triggered from inside a docblock comment that's followed by a "public function test______" string
    Uses the project's indent settings; defaults on four spaces.
    Limitations / bugs:
    no PHP-only file filtering was set, will trigger and behave the same for any file

    Install: Open PhpStorm's File / Settings... menu, go to Plugins and click the "Install plugin from disk..." button. Search for the jar file (download from the Releases page), click OK and restart the editor.

    TypeScript spec file generator / navigator

    TypeScript test file generator / navigator.

    Unitils plugin

    To make Unitils using easy!