Plugins in category Build

File Watchers

Executes task on file modifications.

LESS CSS Compiler

Watches directories for changes to LESS files and compiles changed files to CSS.

Error-prone Compiler Integration

Allows to build project using 'error-prone java compiler' ( to catch common Java mistakes at compile-time.

Freeline Plugin

android studio plugin for Freeline.

Apache Felix

Apache Felix Integration for IntelliJ IDEA 10 & 11 This plugin provides native IntelliJ IDEA support for developing, running and debugging OSGi projects developed...

Buck for IDEA

An IntelliJ plugin for Buck build system.

RoboVM Intellij IDEA Plugin

RoboVM support for IntelliJ This plugin requires Intellij IDEA to be run with Java 1.7+.

Ant Debugger

Ant Debugger enables Apache Ant build script debugging.

Gradle Killer

This plugin kills Gradle tasks using the system task manager with just one click.


This plugin integrates the Leiningen build system into IntelliJ IDEA.