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IntelliJ IDEA plugin for the Aardvark.

The plugin adds syntax highlighting and code completion for Aardvark (.vark) files.


A packer plugin for android.

Buck for IDEA

An IntelliJ plugin for Buck build system.
  • Syntax highlighting for BUCK file
  • Keywords auto completion
  • Go to buck file with one click
  • Go to to paths of dependencies with one click
  • Buck file formatter
  • Buck line commenter
  • Buck dependencies sorter


By bugvm

Easily create native iOS apps with Java.

BugVM is free and open source.

Requires Xcode 7 on Mac OSX and at least 1GB of heap space for gradle VM.


Provides Buildfeedback via FreeTTS


Plays sound when the build is ready

Buildr Plugin

Plug-in for Apache Buildr. You must install Buildr in order to use this plug-in. This plugin is a fork of the original Buildr plugin created by Shane Whitbeck.


BuildStats keeps track of your build activity and send you daily and weekly reports

Execute Gradle Task

Plugin to be able to execute a gradle task from a context menu action on a module.
You can also use Ctrl + Alt + G to trigger the Execute dialog in an editor. If used in the editor
the current module path will be used as the base for running a task.

Freeline Plugin

android studio plugin for Freeline


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Gradle Confirmation

This plugin shows a confirmation dialog before executing gradle tasks.

GitHub | Issues

Gradle Navigation

The Gradle Navigation Plugin for IntelliJ adds additional features to the standard Gradle plugin.  You can now swivel between the source editor, the project view, and the Gradle view. <\p>

This plugin works for both single-project and multi-project builds.

From The Project Tree View (for the selected file or folder)
  • Go To Gradle Tree View - Project
  • Go To Project Tree View - The Gradle Settings File
  • Go To Project Tree View - The Gradle Build File
  • Go To Project Tree View - Source Root
From The Gradle Tree View
  • Go To Project Tree View - The Gradle Settings File
  • Go To Project Tree View - The Gradle Build File
  • Go To Project Tree View - Source Root
From The Editor (for the selected file)
  • Go To Gradle Tree View - Project
  • Go To Project Tree View - The Gradle Settings File
  • Go To Project Tree View - The Gradle Build File
  • Go To Project Tree View - Source Root
From The Select In Menu
  • Go To Gradle Tree View - Project
  • Go To Project Tree View - The Gradle Settings File
  • Go To Project Tree View - The Gradle Build File

Gradle Stop

A small plugin that allows you to stop any running Gradle process in one click. For instance, it can help you cancel the building process. Note that it requires you to have gradlew executable in the project directory (it's there by default when using Android Studio). After the installation you can find "Gradle Stop" button on Main Toolbar and inside Run Menu. Please leave all your bug-reports and feature-requests on Github page.


This plugin integrates the Leiningen build system into IntelliJ IDEA.

LESS CSS Compiler

Watches directories for changes to LESS files and compiles changed files to CSS.

Supports LESS 1.6.0.

Features: Recursive directory monitoring

When a LESS file in a watched directory (or one of its subdirectories) is modified and saved, it is automatically compiled to CSS and copied to the same relative path in one or more output directories.

@import dependency resolution

Files that @import a modified LESS file are also recompiled automatically.

Include / exclude files by pattern

Prevent specific LESS files from being compiled by specifying include / exclude patterns (glob) that match against filename, folder name, or any part of the complete path to the LESS file.

Move, copy, and delete detection

When a LESS file is moved, copied, or deleted, the plugin will offer to perform the same operation on the corresponding CSS file(s).

Virtual filesystem notification

Unlike other solutions, this plugin is smart enough to notify IntelliJ when CSS files are changed, moved, copied, or deleted. In most cases, updated CSS files will be immediately reflected in the editor and Project tree view.

Selective compilation

If the plugin somehow fails to catch changes to a LESS file, simply right-click anywhere in the editor or Project tree and select "Compile to CSS". You can also compile an entire directory by right-clicking on it in the Project tree.

Error notifications

Any errors encountered during the compilation process will produce an error notification balloon in the IDE containing a link to the file and the line number that caused the error.


Screenshots are available at the LESS CSS Compiler page on the IntelliJ Plugin Repository website.

Source Code:

GitHub project


NOTE: This plugin is ONLY compatible with IntelliJ IDEA 11+, PhpStorm 5+, and WebStorm 5+. It should also be compatible with RubyMine 4.5+, but has not been tested.


Merger. Инструмент для сборки и разработки проектов в рамках микро-модульной архитектуры с возможностью использовать maven репозитории, ant скрипты, сборки проектов Intellij IDEA и прикладную модульную логику сборки на явном ООП. Сборочные элементы компилируются со scala 2.12

OpenJpa extension for DataNucleus integration

By geri
Version 1.1.0 -only- works with DataNucleus Plugin 1.1.0-beta or later! As a result this plugin is also just available for IDEA versions >= 10.5.

Integration of the OpenJpa JPA class enhancer in IDEA as extension of DataNucleus IDEA enhancer integration plugin.

Not part of- and not supported by DataNucleus!
Since 1.1.0 DataNucleus plugin 1.1.0-beta (or later) has to be installed!
If using DataNucleus plugin versions from 1.0.6 to 1.0.8 stay with 1.0.0!
Leverages the features provided by the DataNucleus plugin but uses OpenJpa enhancer in the build process.

  • Install DataNucleus plugin first!
  • Look at the release notes of DataNucleus plugin, especially 'Known Issues'.
  • Do not post at DataNucleus Forum in case of problems!. You will get _NO_ answer there, as not supported by them. Use this plugins comments instead.
  • Tested with openjpa 2.1.1 and 2.2.0 only
  • If encountering ClassCastExceptions regarding xerces and the like, you most probably are including openjpa-all.jar and thus having issues with duplicate dependencies (with different versions) - so this plugin is not to be held responsible in such cases.

Known issues:
  • When changing enhancer implementation for the first time the selection does not react immediately or needs a reselection to update the configuration.

Private note:
  • When finding enough time I will put this project onto sourceforge or github to provide a central point for problem/enhancement inquiries (it's intended to be opensource anyway).

Phing Support

Phing build tool support

Run Configuration For External Tools

It adds a 'Run Configuration' type for 'External Tools'.

The configuration executes nothing, BUT you can associate an 'External Tool' via the 'Before Launch' section. Thus the 'External Tool' is available via the Run-/Debug-Popup.

It solves or helps you with the issues IDEA-104897, IDEA-168555, IDEA-161285 Configuration