Plugins in category "Build"

Freeline Plugin

android studio plugin for Freeline.

LESS CSS Compiler

Watches directories for changes to LESS files and compiles changed files to CSS.

Buck for IDEA

An IntelliJ plugin for Buck build system.


This plugin integrates the Leiningen build system into IntelliJ IDEA.

Phing Support

Phing build tool support.

Gradle Confirmation

This plugin shows a confirmation dialog before executing gradle tasks.


IntelliJ IDEA plugin for the Aardvark.

OpenJpa extension for DataNucleus integration

In Build. By geri
Version 1.1.0 -only- works with DataNucleus Plugin 1.1.0-beta or later! As a result this plugin is also just available for IDEA versions >= 10.5.

Buildr Plugin

Plug-in for Apache Buildr.


A plugin for the Kobalt build system.