Plugins in category OS Integration

Native Neighbourhood

Provides some actions to integrate IDEA into the native desktop environment.


Opens the relevent folder when right clicked.

Open containing folder in a File Explorer

Opens the containing folder for the current file in the file Explorer.The Explorer program may be specified in The Settings. This Plugin will work in...


Provide a bookmarking application to view, search and bookmark PDF files.


Plugin for Viewing folders with Windows Explorer - Category: Editor.

Reveal In Finder

Reveals the currently selected file in the Finder.


This plugin support for file assotiations for IntelliJ application.


(Windows Only!) This plugin adds a menu item that lets you choose what priority the process should run as.


This plugin provides integration with AnyBar OS X menubar status indicator.

Finder Info

Extends the project files popup menu with an option for showing file informations in the Mac OSX finder.