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Alternative Textgen for JetBrains MPS using regular reduction rules


By venca
MPS Ecma script support

mbeddr Plugin Manager

There is a plugin manager in the preferences of MPS. The problem is, that it doesn't support other plugin repositories properly.
This plugin provides the same plugin manager, but with bugfixes to make it work with the mbeddr plugin repository.

MPS BaseLanguage Extensions

By venca
A set of handy extensions to BaseLanguage, such as tail recursion optimization and function memoization


ANTLR and org.campagnelab.antrl.tomps languages. The ToMPS language helps develop ANTLR-compatible visitors to parse text into nodes of an MPS language. ToMPS also provide support to create concepts of a new MPS language (whose nodes will be populated by the parser), using the ANTLR grammar as a guide. Note that version 1.1.3 only includes the subset of ANTLR that we needed to model to implement the R language. Sadly, no documentation is available at this point and the language is unpolished. Reference build: 208 in branch master and with commit : 705fdcc29db0a8bb6e01439d4446f8120c82c8db.


This plugin provides the org.campagnelab.background language that makes it easier to program backgroundable tasks in MPS. Build number: 0


The Cloud interactive is a set of languages developed with the Jetbrains MPS Language Workbench that make it easier to use Google Cloud buckets as process input for workflows created with Nextflow Workbench (see http://campagnelab.org/software/nextflow-workbench/). Reference build: 28, commit: 0abd4627640b048504c6ca36825e859938b516c1, branch: master


GobyWeb Interactive languages. This plugin is part of the NYoSh Analysis Workbench. See http://workbench.campagnelab.org for more information. Build number: 50


The Nextflow workbench is a set of languages developed with the Jetbrains MPS Language Workbench that make it easier to write data analysis workflows with Nextflow 0.21.2 (see http://www.nextflow.io/). Reference build: 975, commit: 4ef174c87090e3640053132184da279faaf98155, branch: master


A language to model text filea and generate such files with the MPS generator aspect. Build number: 0


Language to assemble UML class diagrams a subset of concepts from MPS Languages.