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By sharm
Consists two analysis options.
Basic Security check which checks if the code has some basic security practices flaws, which has to be changed.
Web Connections which are made insecure is identified by the second plugin option. This includes http and ssl usages.


Auto generate Bigo IProtocol implements


This plugin is check the cite of Class file and its fields
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Automatically track everything you do when you code. See reports and metrics in real-time and never forget again what you did on the code.


Add common code to your editor.
Press `Alt + G`
Open it in Code Menu (`Alt + C`) -> Generate CommonCode... .

Create TestNG XML

Create TestNG XML, by Right click on the project file
创建testng的xml,通过项目的文件上右键选择,文件会被生成在项目的根目录下 有问题mail: heygeo@163.com 详情: https://github.com/Felixlovechina/testngXmlAutoCreate/blob/master/README.md

Dao Code Generator

Generate Code for Dao framework.

Easy Import Android project

When you import an Android project, you would modify 'build.gradle' at Android project root folder,
and 'gradle-wrapper.properties' same as your Android Studio's available version.
Now, this problem is given to me!
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EasyShortcut 是使用IntelliJ IDEA系列开发工具中常用的快捷键介绍,查看方便,并且更容易记住快捷键.


Learn IDE keyboard shortcuts using flashcards.

Source: https://github.com/denvned/idea-flashcards


Smart Tomcat

This is for Tomcat Server plugin. The SmartTomcat will auto load the Webapp classes and libs from project and module, You needn't copy the classes and libs to the WEB-INF/classes and WEB-INF/lib.
The Smart Tomcat plugin will auto config the classpath for tomcat server.
The Smart Tomcat support Tomcat 6+


Some Code Template Of Java, Such As Instance And Inner Handler .


Android Studio Plugin. Translate chinese to english.
How to Use?
  • Open Tools Menu or (alt+T)
  • Input Chinese
  • Press enter
  • Enter again will disappear panel