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360 FireLine Plugin

By qtest
FireLine is a static code analysis software produced by the test team named Qtest in Qihoo 360 Company. Currently it can apply to Android code detection, and it cantains six core rules, they are Security Detection for Android, Code Specification Detection, Memory Leak Detection, Log Sensitive Information Detection, Null Pointer Detection and Multi-Thread Detection. Scan mode involves bytecode parsing mode and pattern matching mode. There are four ways to run FireLine including command line, Android Studio plugin, Jenkins and Gradle. This tool has already been using in lots of product line in Qihoo company.


English: It is a code assistant for you to use baichuan sdk quickly. AlibcCodeAssistant(for alibctrade sdk 3.1 version)
1.init key:bcinit
2.login key:bclogin
3.logout key:bclogout
4.get user information key:bcuserinfo
5.open url page key:bcshowurl
6.open detail page key:bcshowdetail
7.open shop page key:bcshowshop
8.add commodity to my cart key:bcshowaddcart
9.open my order page key :bcshoworder
10.open my cart page key:bcshowmycart 中文: AlibcCodeAssistant(for 电商sdk 3.1版本)


this is a FilterTranslate first: choose the text second:use keys command+shift+x version1.1 support AndroidStudio

JB SDK Bintray Downloader

By fokin
This plugin shows available JB SDK that have been published on BinTray.
The plugin allows to install the JB SDK as a boot environment for JB IDEs.


This is a android plugin that you can invoke rn menu.
Shortcut key : Ctrl+Shift+Z


The plugin adds a "Sweep files" button to the main toolbar.
One or more directories of temporary files within the current project can be configured (in the plugin settings) to be emptied when sweeping. The plugin settings allow to delete also hidden files and directories, and to exclude some files/directories from being swept via ignore pattern.

Please note: This plugin is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS, WITHOUT WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied.

The icons used in this plugin are part of the Fugue iconset (http://p.yusukekamiyamane.com/)

Talking Data ORM Tool


According to the selected database, matching all the tables of the database, automatically generate domain class, dao interface and mapping files.
作者: 冰心
邮箱: bingxin.li@tendcloud.com
Blog: http://happyshome.cn
主页: https://www.talkingdata.com/