14 plugins in category «Administration Tools»

Agent Custom Token Authorize

a way to authorize an agent by adding a token to agent properties file (basic implementation)

Agent Tasks

enable/disable (and more) predefined set of agents by schedule

Configuration TFS backup

a separate .Net application that monitors TeamCity server configuration files and can automatically check the changes into TFS

Data Directory Browser

Adds "Browse Data Directory" under Diagnostics to allow TeamCity data directory browsing and files editing. ( build) (bundled since TeamCity 8.1)


Solves issue TW-6006: adds the ability to bulk disable/enable all agents

JMX plugin

By rodm
Exposes Build Server and Build Agent attributes through JMX that then can be monitored by a monitoring tool, e.g. Munin.

One-time passwords

Authentication module which allows logging in to TeamCity via one-time passwords (OTP)

Parameter Finder

Customizable detection of software tools installed on the agent and reporting those via agent parameters

RunAs vNext

Experimental, not ready to be used outside testing.
Provides an ability to run builds under the specified Windows user account

Server Configurations

Allows maintaining and using sets of parameters (associated with a server) in build configurations


extracts detailed Windows system information about a computer and publishes it to agents' configuration parameters during the agents' initialization

VCS Root Manager

allows you to change checkout rules via a remote API ( announcement). TeamCity 7.0 provides the ability via REST API

VCS users syncronization

a prototype plugin to create TeamCity users based on VCS commits

Web Ssh

an SSH console right in the Teamcity UI