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Agent Custom Token Authorize

By yaegor
[plugin by JetBrains]
a way to authorize an agent by adding a token to agent properties file (basic implementation)

Agent Tasks

enable/disable (and more) predefined set of agents by schedule

Configuration TFS backup

a separate .Net application that monitors TeamCity server configuration files and can automatically check the changes into TFS

Data Directory Browser

[plugin by JetBrains]
Adds "Browse Data Directory" under Diagnostics to allow TeamCity data directory browsing and files editing. ( build) (bundled since TeamCity 8.1)


[plugin contest 2015 participant]
Solves issue TW-6006: adds the ability to bulk disable/enable all agents

JMX plugin

By rodm
Exposes Build Server and Build Agent attributes through JMX that then can be monitored by a monitoring tool, e.g. Munin.

One-time passwords

[plugin contest 2015 participant]
Authentication module which allows logging in to TeamCity via one-time passwords (OTP)

Parameter Finder

[plugin contest 2015 participant]
Customizable detection of software tools installed on the agent and reporting those via agent parameters

RunAs vNext

[plugin by JetBrains]
Experimental, not ready to be used outside testing.
Provides an ability to run builds under the specified Windows user account

Server Configurations

By iiieii
[plugin contest 2015 participant]
Allows maintaining and using sets of parameters (associated with a server) in build configurations


[plugin by JetBrains]
extracts detailed Windows system information about a computer and publishes it to agents' configuration parameters during the agents' initialization

VCS Root Manager

allows you to change checkout rules via a remote API ( announcement). TeamCity 7.0 provides the ability via REST API

VCS users syncronization

a prototype plugin to create TeamCity users based on VCS commits

Web Ssh

[plugin contest 2015 winner]
an SSH console right in the Teamcity UI