Plugin Development

BNF Grammars and JFlex lexers editor. Readable parser/PSI code generator.
  • Date: 2015 Jul 10
  • Rating:
  • Downloads: 20282
  • Plugin types: opensource software
Groovy Console Plugin
Allows to run Groovy Console in Idea classloader, so that makes testing different APIs really easy
  • Date: 2010 Aug 29
  • Rating:
  • Downloads: 10492
  • Plugin types: opensource software
Lets you instantly try running plugin components like Intentions, Inspections and Actions in the current IDE instance. Just open a...
  • Date: 2006 Sep 20
  • Rating:
  • Downloads: 2625
  • License: BSD
Install Plugin Locally
Install a plugin module locally This plugin is useful if: You wish to test a plugin locally before uploading to the repository ...
  • Date: 2011 Apr 10
  • Rating:
  • Downloads: 1267
  • Plugin types: free software
IntelliJ Api Watcher
Plugin for IntelliJ IDEA which allows developers to quickly find plugins which use IntelliJ platform classes, methods and fields. Note: it makes no sense to install...
  • Date: 2016 Feb 12
  • Rating:
  • Downloads: 4579
This is a plugin for writing plugins at runtime (i.e. without IDE restarts). It uses Groovy as main language and has experimental support for Scala and Clojure. To...
  • Date: 2015 Dec 24
  • Rating:
  • Downloads: 13938
Plugin Packer
This plugin can pack plugin distributive for IntelliJ IDEA Plugins Central. It can also pack sources into common archive.
  • Date: 2009 Oct 15
  • Rating:
  • Downloads: 5623
  • License: Apache
This plugin for plugins is only meant for IDEA plugin developers and provides no user functionality! The Plugin Error Report Submitter is a plugin...
  • Date: 2007 Feb 10
  • Rating:
  • Downloads: 4166
  • License: Apache
This plugin allows plugin developers to upload new versions of their plugins to the IDEA Plugin Repository from within IDEA. The...
  • Date: 2007 Feb 10
  • Rating:
  • Downloads: 5851
  • Plugin types: free software
A Program Structure Interface (PSI) tree viewer. This plugin may be useful for developers who are considering using the PSI interface in their own plugins.
  • Date: 2015 Sep 03
  • Rating:
  • Downloads: 30607
  • Plugin types: free software
Generate properties(getter and setter) with JsonProperty.
  • Date: 2014 Mar 20
  • Rating:
  • Downloads: 181
ViewHolder for Android
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  • Date: 2016 Jan 22
  • Rating:
  • Downloads: 18