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Agent Auto Authroize

For organizations that heavily automate their build agent infrastructure, the manual step of authorizing and unauthorizing agents can become an issue. For example, agents setup in an AWS Auto Scaling Group could appear and disappear multiple times a day. "Agent Auto Authorize" listens for agent registrations and automatically authorizes them if they have the `auto_authorize` agent property. Additionally, if they become unregistered for any reason, they will also be unauthorized.

Amazon S3 Uploader

Allows to upload content into different Amazon S3 buckets. It also allows to delete the existing content on the bucket before uploading. It can be set up for each build configuration as a build step, allowing to define different users and/or buckets.

AZK Control

AZK Control tasks and time tracking integration

Bugzilla task provider

By nhh
Allows for access of your bugzilla tasks.


This plugin provides a simple multi-user chat window, allowing you to chat with other developers on your local LAN. It takes advantage of IP Multicast, which means it doesn't require a standalone chat server but will only work with developers on the same subnet. It has emoticon and whisper functions.

COLA Tests

COLA Tests is a small framework designed to facilitate the usage of JUnit tests with Gherkin stories/scenarios. It is much simpler to use than any other similar framework because it injects the stories directly in the JUnit POJO and, due to this nature, it does not require a JUnitRunner.


DeltaShareXP: chat, sharing and more...
DeltaShareXP is a plugin written for IntelliJ IDEA. This plugin adds the ability to chat, share code references, files and screenshot with other developers in your network.


  • Peer-to-Peer Chat System;
  • Conversation history;
  • Emoticons [:(, :), :P, :D];
  • Share reference to class, method, line or file in project;
  • Share files;
  • Share selected test;
  • Saving and sharing screenshot(with crop functionality);


[plugin contest 2015 participant]
a runner to add TeamCity parameters from a file. Inspired by the plugin. (also available is the bundled approach)


Floobits lets you collaborate on code in real-time across multiple text editors and IDEs.
You need a Floobits account. Create one at https://floobits.com Features include being able to see other people's cursor and highlights, being able to summon, and also follow edits automatically.

GitHub Commit Hook

[plugin by JetBrains] This plugin allows installing GitHub webhooks for GitHub repositories used by TeamCity VCS roots. At the moment the plugin does three things:
  • it shows a suggestion to install a GitHub webhook if it finds a GitHub repository in a project without such a webhook
  • it provides a new action in the project 'Actions' menu for webhook installation enabling you to install or reinstall a webhook at any time
  • it checks the status of all of the installed webhooks and raises a warning via the health report if some problem is detected
The plugin also installs webhook automatically when a build configuration is created via a URL or GitHub integration and uses a repository from GitHub Enterprise. The plugin is compatible with TeamCity 10.0 or later.

Gradle about

[discontinued by plugin author]
a plugin for Gradle with support for TeamCity. Generates a textual description of the artifacts


A fully extensible implementation expertise mining framework. The framework supports heuristic metrics that quantitatively mines artifacts-centric expertise levels from version control and issue tracker repositories.

An integrated communication infrastructure links developers seeking help on given software artifact to the appropriate experts. The skilled experts subset is deduced by a user-defined metric evaluated at runtime. The communications facilities includes sending emails, sharing code pointers using IDEtalk, submitting bug reports or new feature requests.

By default, the expertise query/help action is mapped to Ctrl+Shift+F1.

iceScrum for Intellij

Use iceScrum (or iceScrum Pro) as IntelliJ Tasks resource.

You can choose tasks from your project and start them.
Be sure to take a look at the iceScrum & Intellij integration documentation, as it contains a full preview of this plugin.

Task titles (and reference ID's) are then added automatically to each commit so your iceScrum Pro version (as it have an integration with SVN / GIT) will know that some commit is about some task.


A plugin for code-related communications between developers.

  • Exchange messages with your fellow developers right inside the IDE. You can reach your colleagues from your local network or use Jabber for distant communications.
  • Right click in your editor and send a "code pointer" - a reference to that particular point in the file.
  • Send stacktrace to a user from your contact list. The stacktrace will be navigatable on the receiving side.
  • View list of files opened in IDEA by any of your IDEtalk contacts. Hide your files from viewing, if you don't like to be spied.
  • View differences between your files and files of your contact.


Task Provider for bugzilla

IntelliJ Configuration Server Plugin

Deprecated - please use Settings Repository plugin.

Supports sharing settings between installations of IntelliJ Platform based products used by the same developer on different computers.

JetBrains Hub

[plugin by JetBrains]
- provides integration with JetBrains Hub, allowing for single sign-on (SSO) and automatic update of user details from Hub in TeamCity.

Jira Browser

The Jira Issue Browser plugin integrates the Atlassian Jira ( http://www.atlassian.com ) issue tracking system into the IntelliJ IDEA development environment. The plugin provides quick access to assigned and outstanding issues and the ability to annotate classes/methods worked on whilst developing against an issue. The plugin also provides the ability to create, comment, and resolve issues direct fromm the IntelliJ environment.

Kanbanery for IntelliJ

Use Kanbanery as IntelliJ Tasks resource. You can choose tasks from your Kanban board (or multiple boards) and start hacking on them. Be sure to take a look at the README in the github repo, as it contains a nice preview of this plugin :-)

Task titles (and reference ID's) are then added automatically to each commit so Kanbanery will know that some commit is about some task.

You will need to create a Kanbanery account to use this plugin, but don't worry - it's free :-)

Launchpad Tasks Provider

By norrs
Launchpad tasks / bugs in your favorite IDE. https://launchpad.net/lp-intellij-tasks-provider for project page containing bug reports and feature requests. https://github.com/norrs/launchpad-intellij-tasks-provider for forking and making pull requests!


this plugin allows you to email all open files

Maven about

[discontinued by plugin author]
a plugin for Maven with support for TeamCity. Generates a textual description of the artifacts

Net client

Net client for team work in a local network

Rally ALM Tasks Integration

By crc83
Rally ALM Tasks Integration


Team Code Reviewer for Intellij IDEA. Simple and flexible, created specially for IDEA.

Rob Keyboard

This plugin is produced for holding on keyboard when pairing program. You can type "shift ctrl K" to lock intellJ by a Dialog with amusing words. You can lock intellJ by password, with configging password enabled. At first, you should add a Mr. Big for Keyboard Robber's Gang. And you can add new robber by "shift ctrl A". You can remove the robber by "shift ctrl D".

Server Profiling

By , yaegor
[plugin by JetBrains]
Can be used for detailed investigation for TeamCity server performance problems. The data collected is to be sent to TeamCity support.
Uses YourKit agent to profile TeamCity server.
See additional installation instructions on the plugins page.

Settings Repository

Supports sharing settings between installations of IntelliJ Platform based products used by the same developer (or team) on different computers.

Synchronization is performed automatically after successful completion of "Update Project" or "Push" actions. Also you can do sync using VCS -> Sync Settings.

See project page for more info.


SinCity helps you find out who broke a build. Your build configuration has gone from green to red (or from red to redder), but the build that failed contained 6 commits. Which of the 6 commits is to blame? SinCity (1) lets you trigger the intermediate builds, (2) adds a build feature to trigger the intermediate builds automatically, and (3) adds a new tab to show the overview of the suspect commits.

Slack Storm

Allows posting a selection of text to a Slack channel via incoming webhooks

Taiga.io Tasks

Enable the use of taiga.io as an IntelliJ task server.


'TaskList' plugin fetchs issue from your favorte issue tracker it has an abstract web service layer which can be extended for any issue tracking software. Currently "Mantis" (php based issue tracker) is only implemented. you can introduce this web service module under "webservice" directory. for more information and support http://hasan.we4tech.com

TeamCity Console

[discontinued by plugin author]
a Web console to run Groovy scripts in TeamCity environment. Also provides a report of server Spring context.

TeamCity Tests Watchdog

This plugin provides a build failure condition to fail a build if tests duration increases more than specified percent.


Adds support for Swift to TeamCity


Smart and powerful repository browsing, reporting and tracking tool. Supports Subversion and CVS.

Tool Window

This sample plugin illustrates how to create your custom tool window.

VersionOne task provider

Task provider for Version One platform


Displays complete task list

Wrike plugin

Integrate your development workflow with Wrike, link commits with corresponding Wrike tasks


This is a simple XMPP Client to integrate with IntelliJ IDEA.