Android Drawable Viewer

This plugin provide function that see drawable resource of the android project.


  • Show thumbnail list of the drawable resource
  • Show preview of the image
  • Copy the resource name
  • Support .png and .jpeg files



Codebrag Integration Plugin

Experimental plugin integrating Codebrag (code-review tool) with IntelliJ Idea

JSON Data Viewer for DataGrip

JSON Data Viewer for DataGrip
Supported Postgresql


Viewer to allow request json data from online endpoints direct in your favourite IDE

For open viewer go to View > JSONViewer

Viewer enable add headers or/and request body to any type of request such as POST, GET etc.

Every request include its headers, httpmethod, body and url is save to history and could be use later (select from history and double click)

OSGi Declarative Services Viewer

OSGi Declarative Services Viewer

Recent changes:


  • Added icons to distinguish between XML and annotated service components.
  • Added icons for the tool window.
  • Show full class name for services.
  • Hide/Show Modules
  • Show XML icon for XML Components and Java icon for Java Components.
  • Open XML file instead of implementation is case Component is XML based.
  • Enter to open Service Component
  • Double Click/Enter on Service will open service interface.


  • The service inspector will show a "used by" section which will display all components which uses the current selected component
  • Support and view XML Services Components

This plugin will add a new action to the Tools menu called "View Declarative Services...". The action will open a OSGi declarative services inspector view. The inspector will show all available components in the project and displays them in a ToolWindow. The user can double click a service to jump to the source. The provided services and consumed references will be shown for selected service.

Please note that this plugin is in a early stage and supports only Felix SCR annotated services components.

Planned features are:

  • Support and view standart OSGi annotated service components
  • Graph view to visualize Service Component usage

Feature requests are welcome. Please go to

Show As ...

A small plugin to display formatted data out of the debugger.

Uses IntelliJ's build-in formatting capabilities.
No more need to copy values from debugger to a file to format them there. Following formats are supported:
  • Xml
  • JSON
  • Base64 encoded JSON
  • Base64 encoded text
Usage: While debugging, a new context menu item ("Show as") is added to every variable, allowing you to display the value of this variable formatted. The context menu item is available in debugger -> variables, debugger -> watches and when evaluating expressions.


TransPlug is a simple plugin for JetBrains IDE (PhpStorm, WebStorm etc.) It provides easy way to manage translation files in your project.

How to use
  1. Prepare translation files. All translations should be in one dir. Filename should be like `locale-hereLangCode.json` for example `locale-en.json`
  2. Install plugin from JetBrains plugin repository.
  3. To open plugin window use key shortcut `ctrl+alt+shift+k`, or click on tab on bottom of the screen.
  4. Click `settings` button and pass path for dir with translations (relative to project root).
  5. Enjoy!
  • JSON files support
  • All translations shown in readable table
  • Incomplete translations are marked
  • Translation can be added and edited
  • Known issues
    • Plugin doesn't work properly when IDE has opened more then one project
    See me on Github

WebP Stinks

WebP Stinks
Preview Webp in Android Studio.

How to use
  • Open an android xml file that references some Webp resources.
  • Open the preview/design panel.
  • Hit the refresh button.
  • Et voila! You can now see all the webps.
The plugin currently doesn't support automatic refreshes. You have to click the refresh button every time.


  • Download the latest version from
  • Add to your IntelliJ/AS like this:

Found problems? Feel free to contact me by email and link me your logs: