Base64 image encoder
Allows to view image as base64-encoded for using in CSS/HTML. <br /> Available as new button in image editor toolbar. This plugin requires Java 8 to run.
  • Date: 2016 Mar 24
  • Rating:
  • Downloads: 1372
Color Browser
This plugin allows you to see colors used in Java code and CSS/HTML files. You may also picks colors and insert one of several representations of that...
  • Date: 2006 Aug 16
  • Rating:
  • Downloads: 14147
  • Plugin types: opensource software
Translates a colour, chosen in a colour pane, into java/css code and inserts it at the cursor location, or copies it into the clipboard , in 1 click.
  • Date: 2005 Jun 18
  • Rating:
  • Downloads: 20677
Gold Section
Gold Section 2(GS2) is a design tool for building nice palette for HTML documents by method of "gold section" (in base of one is magical number...
  • Date: 2004 Jul 01
  • Rating:
  • Downloads: 9406
Image Design Editor
As a developer, how many times did you have to wait somebody to design/draw an image icon for the brand new feature of your software you are working on? Or maybe...
  • Date: 2006 Oct 23
  • Rating:
  • Downloads: 6524
  • License: Apache
A small and simple plugin to quickly and easy view GIF, JPG and PNG images. Images are loaded from a directory or from a JAR-file. Future releases will include...
  • Date: 2004 Nov 17
  • Rating:
  • Downloads: 10034
NavMine Demo
Diagrams demo <br />
  • Date: 2016 Jan 04
  • Rating:
  • Downloads: 2685
  • Plugin types: free software
PNG Optimizer
Plugin allows to optimize PNG files by size before commit and manually via context menu in Project View
  • Date: 2015 Sep 16
  • Rating:
  • Downloads: 3980
A viewer for Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) documents. Since SVG can render images, you can also use this viewer to display png, jpeg, tiff and gif files.
  • Date: 2004 Aug 26
  • Rating:
  • Downloads: 15277
SvgViewer 2
An updated version of the SVG Viewer plugin originally released by Andrew Armstrong back in 2004 (I attempted to contact him but his listed email address is no longer...
  • Date: 2013 Feb 02
  • Rating:
  • Downloads: 20322
  • Plugin types: opensource software