AceJump allows you to quickly navigate the cursor to any position visible in the editor. See a demo in action here:
  • Date: 2013 Jun 23
  • Rating:
  • Downloads: 32327
  • Plugin types: opensource software
Open Alternate File: i.e. jump from source to test file, maven resource, html file, properties file, etc... configured using regular expressions. Usage: Just use...
  • Date: 2014 Jul 26
  • Rating:
  • Downloads: 16547
  • Plugin types: opensource software
Allows to easily browse next/previous word at caret and highlight other appearances of selected word. Usage: Browse with CTRL-ALT-UP, CTRL-ALT-DOWN (note: on...
  • Date: 2015 Jan 17
  • Rating:
  • Downloads: 30148
  • Plugin types: opensource software
Class Names in Comments
Allows you to go to the declaration of classes whose names are inside comments. This is useful for those of us unfortunate enough to still...
  • Date: 2009 Feb 14
  • Rating:
  • Downloads: 1835
  • Plugin types: opensource software
Code Outline
Shows a zoomed out "outline" of your code while you're editing it.
  • Date: 2005 Jul 08
  • Rating:
  • Downloads: 20117
  • Plugin types: opensource software
Graphic display of elements and their relations
  • Date: 2008 Apr 01
  • Rating:
  • Downloads: 9950
  • License: Apache
Configuration Opener
Allows fast navigation to the source file most relevant to current Run/Debug configuration. Default mapping is Ctrl Shift K.
  • Date: 2014 Sep 08
  • Rating:
  • Downloads: 9
Easy Shell
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  • Date: 2013 Apr 07
  • Rating:
  • Downloads: 608
  • Plugin types: free software
Show popup with currently opened files in editors organized by tree.
  • Date: 2007 Sep 09
  • Rating:
  • Downloads: 6318
  • License: Apache
Porting some great extensions of emacs to Intellij IDEA. such as AceJump, CopyWithoutSelectAction. AceJump C-L 't' 'm' : Basic Word Jump | Type C-L, then type...
  • Date: 2015 Jan 10
  • Rating:
  • Downloads: 6297
  • Plugin types: opensource software
set Favorites split mode to false
  • Date: 2012 Jun 11
  • Rating:
  • Downloads: 264
FileBrowser allows browsing directories and files inside and outside of the current project and thus makes it easier to open files with IDEA that are...
  • Date: 2007 Aug 06
  • Rating:
  • Downloads: 12107
  • Plugin types: opensource software
Frame Switcher
Plugin for more convenient switching between projects/frames/windows than is alt-tab or Window menu. Switch or reopen project - ALT + F2 Close projects - CTRL + ALT...
  • Date: 2015 Feb 04
  • Rating:
  • Downloads: 8810
Go To Project
Enables opening project windows with speed search
  • Date: 2014 Jun 08
  • Rating:
  • Downloads: 1252
  • Plugin types: free software
Shows back and forward locations lists for navigation like in web browsers
  • Date: 2006 Sep 28
  • Rating:
  • Downloads: 1001
  • License: BSD
Support for hyper link highlighting in IDEA editors (Ctrl+Mouse) with mouse click to open (Ctrl+Click).
  • Date: 2007 Sep 10
  • Rating:
  • Downloads: 6251
  • Plugin types: opensource software
Identifier Highlighter Reloaded
Gives you one-stroke way to navigate to next/previous identifier occurrence. Use Shift+Alt+Up and Shift+Alt+Down (or assign your own shortcuts in Keymap) to navigate...
  • Date: 2013 Apr 09
  • Rating:
  • Downloads: 6949
  • Plugin types: free software
Embedded Web Browser
  • Date: 2007 Dec 21
  • Rating:
  • Downloads: 3805
  • License: BSD
Lysosome allows you to move the text cursor to the start or end of a selection using the left and right cursor keys, like in many other common text editors. It also...
  • Date: 2005 Feb 09
  • Rating:
  • Downloads: 4665
Enables [Ctrl-B] in text files and java comments, to jump to files/classes under the cursor. Anchors are recognized (ex: ../bug.txt#bug001-001) Super-Anchors add...
  • Date: 2004 Dec 21
  • Rating:
  • Downloads: 4637
A version of Camel Humps that fits my style and works in latest IDEA. Stops at every possible "hump" - very much like how the old Metrowerks CodeWarrior did it.
  • Date: 2005 May 13
  • Rating:
  • Downloads: 4748
A plugin that eases the navigation through the elements of a project and the execution of actions on those elements. Please visit the home page of this...
  • Date: 2007 Mar 12
  • Rating:
  • Downloads: 4246
  • License: Apache
Navigate From Literal
Enables navigation from any string literal or xml attribute value or xml text to a file by name. I.e. Ctrl+B/Ctrl+Click at literal "myFile.txt" will try to...
  • Date: 2014 Apr 17
  • Rating:
  • Downloads: 10370
  • Plugin types: opensource software
Offline Module
Disable or enable modules in project without deleting
  • Date: 2010 Sep 16
  • Rating:
  • Downloads: 2988
  • Plugin types: opensource software
Open in splitted tab
Opens the declaration / implementation of the current selected symbol within a vertically splitted tab. If there already is an splitted tab, it will use this. If not, it...
  • Date: 2014 May 25
  • Rating:
  • Downloads: 2535
  • Plugin types: opensource software
QuickJump allows you to quickly navigate the cursor to any position visible in the editor. Simply hit "ctrl+;" then start typing. Once options appear, hit...
  • Date: 2012 Aug 07
  • Rating:
  • Downloads: 11463
  • Plugin types: opensource software
Remote call
IntelliJ IDEA plugin for remote call some procedures. At the moment it can open the files on http GET-request to localhost:8091 with "message" parameter...
  • Date: 2014 Oct 18
  • Rating:
  • Downloads: 14774
  • Plugin types: opensource software
browsing directories and files inside and outside of the current project for opening files in IDEA
  • Date: 2012 Dec 16
  • Rating:
  • Downloads: 1562
  • Plugin types: free software
Collection of simple utilities for IDEA. Defines actions: Next True Error (Alt+F2), Previous True Error (Alt+Shift+F2), Next Todo (Ctrl+Shift+F2),...
  • Date: 2005 Apr 08
  • Rating:
  • Downloads: 4955
Switch Structure
Displays a label list for a switch statement enclosing the caret, jumps to source on Enter.
  • Date: 2006 Nov 01
  • Rating:
  • Downloads: 5178
  • Plugin types: opensource software
Awesome replacement for IDEA's 'Show directory in editor tabs for non-unique filenames'. If you have same named files in different directories this plugin will allow you...
  • Date: 2012 Dec 24
  • Rating:
  • Downloads: 13582
  • Plugin types: opensource software
Shows file folder name in the tab if there are several files in the project with this name. It's useful for Django projects to distinguish files from different...
  • Date: 2011 Jun 23
  • Rating:
  • Downloads: 10375
  • Plugin types: free software
Open files/tabs switcher to quickly switch between tabs with less keystrokes than Recent Files. Open files are selected from a list in most recently used order,...
  • Date: 2014 Dec 09
  • Rating:
  • Downloads: 55584
  • Plugin types: opensource software
Open files quickly by organizing them in seperate lists. The lists are defined by going to [Settings|TabSwitcher Extreme] and specifying regex patters for their (full)...
  • Date: 2013 Mar 16
  • Rating:
  • Downloads: 1964
Tasks Navigation
Provides support for navigation to web (in browser) from annotation's string elements (task id's). Also code completion for such string elements provided. Also...
  • Date: 2013 Sep 29
  • Rating:
  • Downloads: 12873
  • License: Apache
This plugin enables you to create and manage named groups of files, or "workspaces", within a project. You can bind a name to a set of one or more files and then...
  • Date: 2004 Jun 30
  • Rating:
  • Downloads: 8337
The XFiles plugin offers a configurable, dynamic mechanism for defining working sets of files and allowing navigation between files selected by a...
  • Date: 2005 Nov 15
  • Rating:
  • Downloads: 2947
Allows navigation from within Ant files Xpress files (Programming language of the Sun Identity Manager/Oracle Waveset) OIM xml files (Export/import format...
  • Date: 2012 Jan 24
  • Rating:
  • Downloads: 6438
  • Plugin types: opensource software