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Activiti Designer plugin for Intellij Idea. Initial version.

Basis.js framework plugin

Basis.js integration plugin for JetBrains IntelliJ platform.
Features (there are not much features for now):
- remote inspector integration:
Allows you to inspect basis.js apps from your favorite IntelliJ-base IDE
Video demo

Feel free to contribute!

Demandware Studio Plugin

Demandware development tools. JDK8+ Required.

hybris integration

This plugin is an open source (LGPL) and official plugin for hybris platform supported by community and hybris.
If you have any questions you can send an email to me:
Alexander Bartash: AlexanderBartash@gmail.com
Martin Zdarsky-Jones: martin.zdarsky@hybris.com

Import of hybris extensions to Intellij IDEA:
- Automatic modules dependency management.
- Automatic classpath configuration.
- Proper project configuration to make it compatible with JRebel.
- Automatic Spring facet configuration (only Ultimate IDEA).
- Automatic Web facet configuration (only Ultimate IDEA).

Visualization of business process graph (use context menu of the file "Diagrams/Show Diagram"). (only Ultimate IDEA)

Enhanced project view tree:
- Rarely used elements are grouped into "junk" virtual folder also you can include to or exclude specific folder from the "Junk" list.
- Compacting of empty middle folders in the project tree like it is done for java packages.

Editor for impex files:
- Syntax highlighting and errors indication for hybris impex files.
- Selected column name highlighting.
- Automatic alignment into columns via "Reformat code".
- Code folding to improve readability.
- Autocompletion within the header for modifier name and value. *
- Autocompletion for hybris types based on the current IntelliJ-Project (hybris coretypes + your custom types). *
- Autocompletion for hybris attributes based on the current IntelliJ-Project (hybris coretypes + your custom types). *

* Due autocompletion based on the IntelliJ-Class-Index this feature is only available after the IntelliJ-indexing process is finished. The indexing is automatically run on the first completion-action. After an *-item.xml change or adding a new hybris-extension - and ant install - you can rerun the "indexing" mechanism with "Tools/Index [y]-types".

- How to import hybris project using Intellij IDEA "hybris integration" plugin
- How to use HotSwap in hybris with Oracle JDK and DCEVM OpenJDK
Visit our page in BitBucket for more details.

Contribution guidelines:
- How To Configure Project Environment
- Available tasks here also you can suggest new features.
- Also you can find useful information in our wiki.
- For additional questions feel free to send me an email.

- Alexander Bartash
- Vlad Bozhenok
- Martin Zdarsky
- Markus Priegl
- Sergei Aksenenko


Nativetap plugin for Android Studio.

This plugin is intended to work with Nativetap.io desktop client.
For more details, visit our website: nativetap.io.

PhoneGap/Cordova Plugin

PhoneGap/Cordova integration for InteliJ Platform.
Note: The plugin is a part of WebStorm IDE and you don't need install it manually for WebStorm

* PhoneGap/Cordova Project wizard

* Run PhoneGap/Cordova application from IntelliJ toolbar

* Code completion for event types

* Ionic support



IntelliJ IDEA plugin for Scio - https://github.com/spotify/scio

THOP Builder

Write Thought Processes in IDEA. Plug-in currently supports downloading of all THOPS, editing and uploading a THOP, running a THOP and printing result in the console (debug output collected via debug(..) are visible when run using Debug action)
  • Set-up your SMB connection per project in Tools->Connect SMB...
  • Select one or more .js files, use Upload THOP(s) in context menu
  • Select a directory, use Download THOPs in context menu to download all THOPS
  • Select one or more .js files to Delete THOP(s) using context menu
  • Full support for Run Configurations: Run THOPs by right clicking -> Create, Run or Debug


UIkit live templates / snippets

Check Github repository for list of snippets and for contributing

Unreal Engine 4 SDK Support

This plugin allows you to write UE4 code more efficiently