Action Tracker
Allows to record actions performed by user in IntelliJ IDEs. Use Tools | 'Start Tracking' action to start recording, and Tools | 'Stop Tracking...' to show the recorded...
  • Date: 2015 Mar 06
  • Rating:
  • Downloads: 53197
Activity Tracker
This is proof-of-concept plugin for tracking and recording IDE user activity. Currently the main feature is recording user activity into csv files. To use the plugin see...
  • Date: 2016 Mar 15
  • Rating:
  • Downloads: 1002
Android Intent Sender
Plugin allows you to send intents with specified data and extras to android devices or emulators with adb command "broadcast", "startactivity",...
  • Date: 2016 Mar 10
  • Rating:
  • Downloads: 4293
  • License: Apache
Autoscroll Save
At last, a handy way to save your Autoscroll to/from Source settings :) Toggle "Autoscroll to Source": Crtl-Alt-Shift PAGE UP Toggle "Autoscroll from...
  • Date: 2014 Oct 09
  • Rating:
  • Downloads: 5022
Awesome Console
Finally a plugin that makes links in your console at least 200% more awesome! With this plugin all files and links in the console will be highlighted and can be...
  • Date: 2015 Mar 03
  • Rating:
  • Downloads: 21424
  • Plugin types: opensource software
Classic Icon
I Want The Classic IntelliJ IDEA Application Icon Back. Or specify a custom icon in IDEA_HOME\bin\idea.properties Unix: "classic.icon=/path/to/my/icon.png" ...
  • Date: 2016 Jun 18
  • Rating:
  • Downloads: 60
  • Plugin types: free software
Code History Mining
This is proof-of-concept plugin for code history visualization and analysis. For more details and examples of visualizations see GitHub page. See also code history...
  • Date: 2016 Apr 22
  • Rating:
  • Downloads: 20745
Find and share color schemes on <a href="http://ideacolorschemes.com">ideacolorschemes.com</a>
  • Date: 2012 Mar 09
  • Rating:
  • Downloads: 22191
  • Plugin types: opensource software
A plugin to allow developers to configure custom filenames using template variables. Available template variables: ${NAME} name of the new file specified by you in...
  • Date: 2016 Jan 08
  • Rating:
  • Downloads: 306
  • Plugin types: opensource software
The output to the console as a hyperlink URL. Browser will open when you click on the link. https://github.com/siosio/consoleLink
  • Date: 2014 Apr 09
  • Rating:
  • Downloads: 3818
  • Plugin types: free software
Download Selection
Select a url, type &quot;ctrl+shift+A&quot;, type &quot;Download Selection&quot; or select &quot;Download Selection&quot; from the Tools menu.
  • Date: 2013 Jun 04
  • Rating:
  • Downloads: 1974
The first plugin in the world to gamify development in IntelliJ IDEs. Basically, it plays sounds from Mario video game on various actions. See youtube video. To...
  • Date: 2016 Jun 10
  • Rating:
  • Downloads: 2053
Grep Console
Allows you to define a series of regular expressions which will be tested against the console output or file. Each expression matching a line will affect the style of...
  • Date: 2016 Feb 26
  • Rating:
  • Downloads: 285772
  • Plugin types: opensource software
Do you like [Ctrl/⌘]+Shift+N pop-up window? Isn't it really fast way to open files? Do you want to open bookmarks/ notes similar way right from your IDE? In this...
  • Date: 2014 Dec 30
  • Rating:
  • Downloads: 594
  • Plugin types: free software
IntelliJ IDE Distribution Cleaner
Adds 'Delete Disabled Plugins' action to 'Tools' menu allowing to delete disabled plugins from distribution of IDE to save disk space
  • Date: 2013 May 12
  • Rating:
  • Downloads: 1969
IntelliJ task integration for Microsoft team foundation server
Supports integration with Microsoft Team Foundation Server issue tracking system. To configure synchronization between an TFS system and IntelliJ IDEA choose type of...
  • Date: 2013 Nov 01
  • Rating:
  • Downloads: 5110
Keymap exporter
Allows to export IntelliJ IDEA keymaps at the PDF format <br /> Usage: Main Menu | Tools | Export keymap to PDF
  • Date: 2013 Jul 11
  • Rating:
  • Downloads: 5726
  • Plugin types: opensource software
Limited WIP
Plugin to limit the amount of changes you make at a time. It has two main features: show notifications when current changelist size exceeds limit automatically...
  • Date: 2016 Mar 29
  • Rating:
  • Downloads: 697
Live Template preview plugin.
  • Date: 2014 Mar 05
  • Rating:
  • Downloads: 6445
Allows to run multiple run configurations at once: group multiple run configurations and start them in a single click. Not only application and test run configurations...
  • Date: 2016 Jul 13
  • Rating:
  • Downloads: 25416
  • Plugin types: opensource software
Open in terminal
This plugin adds possibility for open terminal from editor and project context menu in corresponding file/directory location. <br />
  • Date: 2015 Nov 10
  • Rating:
  • Downloads: 4381
  • Plugin types: opensource software
Override File Language
Override file language. Useful for "unknown" files or files without extensions. Similar to SublimeText set syntax functionality.
  • Date: 2016 Jun 03
  • Rating:
  • Downloads: 1269
  • Plugin types: opensource software
Performance Testing
Plugin for automated execution of test scripts, capturing performance snapshots and gathering performance statistics.
  • Date: 2016 Jul 11
  • Rating:
  • Downloads: 3606
Plugin Developer's Toolbox
For now only one very useful function: Slicy file mover/renamer. Plugin website: Plugin Developer's Toolbox GitHub Repo Bug tracking &amp; feature requests: Plugin...
  • Date: 2016 Jun 01
  • Rating:
  • Downloads: 543
  • Plugin types: opensource software
Pomodoro timer
  • Date: 2016 Apr 06
  • Rating:
  • Downloads: 24508
  • License: Apache
Pomodoro timer for coding dojo
  • Date: 2012 Mar 11
  • Rating:
  • Downloads: 1501
  • Plugin types: free software
Regular Expression Tester for IntelliJ IDEA. Allows you to experiment with Java regular expressions in a dynamic environment. Full highlighting of regular...
  • Date: 2014 Mar 23
  • Rating:
  • Downloads: 167402
  • Plugin types: opensource software
RemoteSynchronizer plugin allows you to synchronize files with remote locations. Instead of manually copying files from your project to other locations using external...
  • Date: 2016 May 18
  • Rating:
  • Downloads: 42144
  • Plugin types: opensource software
Remove Usage Plugin
Plugin that enables &quot;Eclipse like&quot; removal of search items from usage search results.
  • Date: 2015 Jun 29
  • Rating:
  • Downloads: 384
  • License: Apache
Quickly opens temporary IntelliJ text editor tab. Alt+C, Alt+C - open default scratch Alt+C, Alt+S - open list with all scratches Alt+C, Alt+A - add new...
  • Date: 2015 Sep 05
  • Rating:
  • Downloads: 89641
  • Plugin types: opensource software
Serial Port Monitor
This plugin aims to leverage Arduino development with CLion by providing Serial Monitor Tool Window. It allows you to communicate to your Arduino device without leaving...
  • Date: 2016 Mar 22
  • Rating:
  • Downloads: 2083
  • Plugin types: opensource software
Shell Process
Run a shell command on selected lines
  • Date: 2012 Sep 06
  • Rating:
  • Downloads: 5426
  • Plugin types: opensource software
Solve for All integration
Searches for selected text using Solve for All, a customizable ad-free answer engine that can be enhanced by data and plugins from the community. There are many data...
  • Date: 2014 Dec 14
  • Rating:
  • Downloads: 1562
  • Plugin types: free software
Find and attach sources for binary artifacts by click of a button.
  • Date: 2013 Aug 21
  • Rating:
  • Downloads: 4321
Spell Checker Java Dictionary
Standard Java dictionary based on Maven repository
  • Date: 2007 Dec 11
  • Rating:
  • Downloads: 5562
  • Plugin types: free software
Swing Buttons Fix
By Swing default the Enter always fires default button regardless of selection by arrows or Tab . This plugin fixes it so the focused button is fired with Enter.
  • Date: 2012 Mar 27
  • Rating:
  • Downloads: 1890
  • Plugin types: free software
Tempore Plugin
Absolutely awesome plugin which you can't code without. Don't hesitate, download perfect multifunctional Tempore Plugin with plenty of exiting features. ...
  • Date: 2015 Dec 05
  • Rating:
  • Downloads: 1671
Replaces shortcuts with mnemonics. The only shortcut to remember is TypeNGo dialog invocation: Ctrl+\. The default shortcut can be changed in Settings|Keymap|Invoke...
  • Date: 2015 Sep 08
  • Rating:
  • Downloads: 256
  • Plugin types: free software
Unicode Browser
This plugin allows you to browse and search characters and parts of the Unicode™ character set. Insert characters into an editor in one of 10 forms. Decodes coded...
  • Date: 2016 Apr 17
  • Rating:
  • Downloads: 30962
  • Plugin types: free software
Zipper adds the ability to pack the whole project into a single ZIP file. Ideal for creating backups really quickly. Just choose Menu &gt; Tools &gt; Pack the...
  • Date: 2015 Jul 19
  • Rating:
  • Downloads: 2883
  • Plugin types: opensource software
Manage ZooKeeper in IntelliJ IDEA. After install ZooKeeper plugin, please open &quot;Preferences&quot; to set connection information in &quot;ZooKeeper&quot; item,...
  • Date: 2015 Jun 08
  • Rating:
  • Downloads: 11823
  • Plugin types: opensource software