OS Integration

This plugin provides integration with <a href="https://github.com/tonsky/AnyBar" rel="nofollow">AnyBar</a> OS X menubar status indicator
  • Date: 2016 May 25
  • Rating:
  • Downloads: 31
  • License: BSD
Finder Info
Extends the project files popup menu with an option for showing file informations in the Mac OSX finder. Having the files component focussed, the keyboard shortcut [CMD]...
  • Date: 2014 Aug 17
  • Rating:
  • Downloads: 1879
  • Plugin types: opensource software
Native Neighbourhood
Provides some actions to integrate IDEA into the native desktop environment. Actions include executing the currently active file in the platform's default ...
  • Date: 2010 Nov 13
  • Rating:
  • Downloads: 35616
  • Plugin types: free software