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Minecraft Development

Brings support for Bukkit, Spigot, Paper, BungeeCord, Waterfall, Sponge, LiteLoader, Forge, and Canary projects to Intellij IDEA.


Rust language support.


This plugin extends IntelliJ platform with Go-specific coding assistance and tool integrations, and has everything you could find in Gogland.

Jspresso Developer Studio

Jspresso Developer Studio for IntelliJ IDEA.

MyBatis plugin

Plugin for Mybatis.


GitHub | Issues 特性 支持mysql和oracle和sqlite 根据java对象生成mybatis crud代码和建表sql 根据mybatis接口中的方法名生成mybatis的sql 支持find,update,delete,count方法 只需定义一个方法名就可以得到完整mybatis...


A plugin to query Stack Overflow.

Google Cloud Tools

Provides support for developing Google App Engine applications.

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The Scala plugin extends IntelliJ IDEA’s toolset with support for Scala, SBT, Scala.js, Hocon, and Play Framework.




Bash language support for the IntelliJ platform.


Node.js integration.

Markdown support

Markdown support for IntelliJ products.


Vim emulation plug-in for IDEs based on the IntelliJ platform.


In Web
Provides live edit HTML/CSS/JavaScript.

Markdown Navigator

Markdown Navigator 2.0 Markdown language support for IntelliJ platform A Markdown plugin with GFM and a matching preview style.

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BEAR.Sunday Plugin

BEAR.Sunday plugin.

Natural Language Code Search

Search for pieces of code using natural language.

RELAX-NG Support

Support for RELAX-NG XML schemas.


Takes a sentence and turns it into a FIT method or classname.

PMIP - Poor Mans IDE Plugin

A simple tool for realtime rapid development of Intellij plugins in ruby. For example:.

Eclipse Mode IDEA 11

In Build
Enable Eclipse features in IntelliJ IDEA such as incremental compilation.

Useful actions

In Misc
Contains following actions:.

testIT LivingDoc Intellij IDEA Plugin

IntelliJ IDEA Plugin for LivingDoc.