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Compatible with all products except MPS
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Regular Expression Tester for IntelliJ IDEA.
Allows you to experiment with Java regular expressions in a dynamic environment.
  • Full highlighting of regular expression syntax for an easy visual clue (including bracket matching and error detecting)
  • Tooltips with context help will be shown when the mouse is over a part of the regex.
  • Synchronized selection of regular expression and text: Just select part of the regexp to see which part of the text is matched by this part.
Functionality of this plugin is available as java-applet at

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window background is set to white, what cause on dark themes is not very well readable.
To actually use this plugin, click on the tab that'll appear on the bottom of your window. Screenshot:
Love this plugin! Makes life way easier than using online tools. It would be great if the plugin had an icon so it would match the rest of the tabs in my interface. Check out: the author contributed it to font-awesome but it hasn't been used yet.
Thank you for a great plugin. I can't work without it. It makes debugging regex a pleasure. This is a must have plugin.
Excellent plugin for testing out Java-based RegExes. There are some sweet browser based tools out there, but every one that I've found uses the JavaScript RegEx engine which prevents certain functionality like lookbehind. Since this plugin uses Java's RegEx engine, I can test using all of the RegEx functionality available to me at runtime. Awesome! Thank you very much for building this wonderful plugin!
To testing JavaScript regex you can use online version JS regex tester is in development so functionality is limited.
Thank you for this useful plugin, especially the highlightning is very helpful :)
I do not see it after it is installed in PyCharm community edition.
An essential plug-in for PhpStorm, this is very helpful when working with complex regular expressions.
How do i open this plugin?

I installed it, but how do I launch the window?
I cant install it - for some reasons its not showed in my PhpStorm

OS - Windows XP
PhpStorm 2.1.2
Build #ps107.425
VM: Java hotspot client VM

I tried to update plugins list, etc - plugin is just not showed :(
Excellent plugin. Extremely handy. 5 stars!
This is a fantastic plugin, but sadly it is not compatible with IDEA9! Do you plan to release an updated version.
I would really like to try out this plugin, but it doesn't work with Idea 9.
Hi guys
I am using this plugin, but there is one "trouble": if regular expression consists much '*' or + as example (((A)*+*)*()*()+ then application (IDEA) hang down (freeze) :(

And another thing:
I suggest add check field for "auto match" - this is good when edit regexp (less stress for app/aplet) and also there will be great if regexp match proccess in separate thread and there is button to prevent it (stop match thread) for avoid my situation.

Thanks :)

My regexp witch cause trouble:

But if before ")*?@Persist" put "+" instead "++" then aplication (or applet) will be freeze.

Sorry for my bad english :) I'll try do it better.

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