La Clojure
for IntelliJ IDEA

Compatible with all products except MPS
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Provides Clojure language support: syntax and error highlighting, completion, navigation and refactorings

For IDEA 2016.2 and later please use

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Plugin development were stopped in favor of Cursive Clojure: Plugin for Clojure language support in IntelliJ IDEA
La Clojure cannot supported
Yo fellas, I am just wondering whether La Clojure is planned to support leiningen directly. I read on wiki that along with La Clojure Leiningen plugin should be installed for Leiningen projects support, however, that one is not maintained any longer... Thanks
0.7.67 can't work at 13.1 EAP IU-135.406
It's right, because it requires IntelliJ IDEA 13.1 EAP build.
0.7.67 doesn't work with IDEA 13.0.2 build 133.696. It says: "Plugin La Clojure is incompatible with current installation"
7.67 error: Plugin la Clojure is incompatible with current installation. Using Ultimate 13.02
Is it technically possible to make La Clojure work on RubyMine?
286 appears to break 12.1.4 on Mac. I can't even open a java hello world project after installing this plugin. Uninstalling resolves the problem.
0.5.286 version is incompatible with IntelliJ 12.0.4, however, 0.5.228 version still seems to work. Please address this incompatibility for version 12 on future La Clojure builds if possible. большое спасибо.
It is very good, but I would really like to have debugging support for lein tasks. Lein is pretty much exclusively used for building clojure code, so proper support for it within the La Clojure plugin seems to make sense.
Thank you for providing fix for 2 of the 3 problems with debugger in version 0.5.228. Scrolling after breakpoint is hit works now. Also, Variables pane shows values of vars and locals.
I'll take a look for the debugger feature. Before this, only text output debugging I can suggest for you.
The debugging feature described above is broken (see issue CLJ-161). Does anyone have any alternatives to suggest until this issue gets fixed? Anyone running debugging successfully in any Edition/version of IntelliJ?
Please create new ticket here: Best regards, Alexander Podkhalyuzin.
Following up on my message below, here are a couple of screenshots: AND As screenshots show, control is on line 152 but it is not highlighted; I cannot see the cursor stepping through the clojure code. Nor can I see local variables in the debugger. When I evaluate a variable in the Watches pane, I can see values only if the name of the VAR does not have a hyphen (otherwise it treats it like a minus). Is this expected with La Clojure? Can I remedy this somehow? Thanks in advance.
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