PMIP - Poor Mans IDE Plugin
for IntelliJ IDEA

Compatible with all products except MPS
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A simple tool for realtime rapid development of Intellij plugins in ruby. For example:

class HelloWorldAction < PMIPAction def run(event, context)'Hello World', 'Hello from PMIP!') end end bind 'ctrl alt shift A',

Please see homepage for full instructions, examples and plugin helper bundles.

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Recent change notes

  • Fix issue where PMIP sometimes fails to start in Intellij 11.
  • Upgraded jruby to
  • Refresh no longer puts the cleared text in the clipboard.
  • Refresh now clears console log.
  • Finally have a workaround for intellij bug that prevented PMIP from starting when intellij plugins directory contains a space
  • Core bundle updated to support many new features including: CTRL-E style choosers, playing of sounds, executing external commands executing ant tasks, displaying balloons and hosting servlets.
  • Upgraded to jruby 1.5.0.
  • Resolved (hopefully!) jruby startup issue (i.e large blob of red) caused by intellij settings directory containing a space
  • jruby_home property now exposed to scripts.
  • Finally added some instructions - see: homepage.
  • Plugin name now available during plugin loading.
  • Improved error handling when intellij setttings directory contains a space.
  • Rebuild to support 1.5 JDK.
  • Plugin directive now creates file structure automatically.
  • Initial Release.
Admittedly this is because of the seen potential and not long term usage just yet. However, this plugin is the plugin-maker for "the rest of us". I do have to learn Ruby but that is less of an issue than learning a complete plugin development workflow. Also it's simplified a bit because I come from Textmate which has a ton of sample code to be used in similar ways. PMIP then allows me to begin to do Textmate like extensions. That in and of itself is a great addition. This makes it trivial to pipe selected text through external commands and all that's available via the commandline. I haven't yet figured out how to replace the currently selected text with output from a PMIP script but I can get it in clipboard automatically so it's still a simple process.

I do recommend this plugin.
You can use rubygems, please see the FAQ:
Great plugin, I can use ruby gems for plugin development.
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