Groovy++ Support
for IntelliJ IDEA

Compatible with:  IntelliJ IDEA Android Studio
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Adds code assistance for the Groovy++. Features:
  • Detect Groovy++ distributions and allow compiler to work with them
  • Support list-map-closure auto-casting
  • Infer parameter types of such closures and suggest code completion for their members
  • Make 'GoTo Declaration' work on properties and methods defined as map values
  • Recognize traits as things that can be implemented, offer code completion for them
  • Resolve & completion for Groovy++ stdlib classes

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This plugin is targeted for IDEA 9 only. Since IDEA 10 its functionality is bundled in the Groovy plugin.
How can i install this plugin to intellij 10.0.3?

The plugin does not appear in the plugin manager
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