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Support for Go programming language. Please note, that the following features are available in Gogland but not in this plugin:
  • Navigation
    • Go to inheritor structures
    • Go to super interfaces
  • Type-aware completion (aka Smart completion)
  • Extract function refactoring
  • Implement type
  • Inspections and quick-fixes
    • Introduce method
    • Introduce field
    • Delete unused parameter
    • Show symbol duplicates
    • Add/delete missing/redundant expressions in case of assignment count mismatch
    • Properly implemented Duplicated symbols inspection
    • Recursive type detection
    • Invalid const initialization
  • Tests and coverage
    • Sub-tests support (runner, navigation, gutter actions)
    • Debugging tests
  • Debugger
    • Step out
    • 100x faster performance
  • General
    • Highlighting of go:generate comments
    • Quick documentation for struct fields
    • Semantic highlighting
    • Parameter name hints
    • SQL auto-injection

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General usage instructions

After the plugin is installed any file named *.go inside the source path for the current module will be parsed and highlighted as a go source code file. You will also need to download / compile and define a Go SDK in order to be able to compile and run go applications. If you encounter any issues with the plugin, please report them on the bug tracker: https://github.com/go-lang-plugin-org/go-lang-idea-plugin/issues.
it was great until the file association just disappeared from phpstorm. now all my go files just look like text
I'm getting the error message "Plugin Go lang plugin is incompatible with this installation" I am on linux mint 18.1. This is for BOTH webstorm and IDEA. I have them both installed to /home/user/apps/.
why do they have a download that isn't compatible with web storm?
Best Plugin available for Go. Full support for refactoring now.
Working with it for half a year now and it just works perfectly, thanks a lot! I would really like to donate something...
Need more refactoring options especially extract method.
Need more refactoring options. And It would be good if it worked in PyCharm as well as intelliJ
will work in the Android Studio?
It's very fragile. Plugin updates will often break functionality that previously worked fine. I would wait until it's (at least) version 1.0 and thoroughly tested and vetted. IntelliJ is of course primarily a Java IDE, and its concept of setup for other lang SDKs do not often match with Go's. Syntax highlighting works, but the rest isn't reliable.
Killer plugin!
Works incredibly well!!
Still a lot to be done, e.g. refactorings, but a very nice plugin!
Tried the new weekly alpha version today - simply loved it. I really like the way it is progressing. It definitely will become the defacto IDE for golang (for non vim/emacs people)!!!
This version is working pretty well with webstorm 0.9.256 141.2 — 141.* 08.04.2015
I really like this plugin, waiting for new release
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