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The Python plug-in provides smart editing for Python scripts. The feature set of the plugin corresponds to PyCharm IDE Professional Edition.
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Is the plugin on any sort of release schedule? I work in IntelliJ IDEA and report bugs to the PY board. It kinda sucks to see the bug fixed, but having to wait eons for it trickle down to the plugin.. It further sucks not having any idea of when I can expect the fix to be available to me.
To which PyCharm version does the latest plugin version (2016.2.162.43) correspond? It doesn't seem to support Pyramid and Flask frameworks although PyCharm 2016.1 and later have support for that.
In plugin version Remote debug is not working under IntelliJ 143.116 and 143.249. Also for some reason it is not updating through ui. I had to install it manually from zip.
I wonder when the idea plugin will get a fix for that major bug: pycharm got an eap with the fix last month and 4.0.6 with the fix was released 3 weeks ago.
Plugin updated, sorry for delay.
Confirmed: broken in EAP 14.1.
Confirmed: broken in EAP 14.1.2.
Broken in latest 14.1 EAP
You need IDEA 14 EAP for the 4.0 139.116. plugin.
The current version (139.116) does not show up inside IntelliJ to update...
current latest version `4.0 Beta 140.58` would hang `Intellij IDEA 14.0.2` on `OSX 10.10.1` many times. but downgrade this plugin version to `4.0 Beta 139.3` it's ok and stable.
I have IntelliJ 14 and tried to install the plugin from within the IDE. The plugin downloads but doesn't install. The IntelliJ logs also doesn't indicate any errors.
Would be great to have IntelliJ EAP 14 version of this plugin.
I have the latest version of IntelliJ IDEA (13.1.2) and the python plugin (3.4.Beta.135.1) but when I click on new Python project in IDEA, all I see is Django & Google App Engine project types. When would we get Web2Py, Pyramid, Flask, HTML5 & Twitter bootstrap project types in the python plugin for IDEA?
I have installed python 3.4 and python plugin 3.4.Beta.135.1 to IntelliJ 13.1. I installed pywin32 module, but in Intellij when I try to 'import win32gui' the IDE warns me that 'No module named win32gui'. but this python project can build successfully and run normally.
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