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Kotlin language support

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Went back to version 2.2-2 and it's working again. I think the new build has an issue
Using 1.0.5-release-Studio2.2-3 I am now getting NullPointerException during ":app:processDevelopmentDebugResources" Was working fine before updating plugin. Tried running gradle with '--debug' and nothing useful is generated, it just dies at that point. Using Android studio 2.2.3 145 Any ideas?
Please make this available for PyCharm.
To jeff303: update is available, see my previous comment.
Does anyone know when the version that fixes the NullPointerException for JSPs will be available for update from within the IDE? I am using IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate 2016.1 if that matters.
NPE during jsp page opening is fixed in the latest plugion version (1.0.1-release-IJ141-33 or 1.0.1-release-IJ143-40).
opening a jsp page while kotlin plugin enabled makes IDE throw an exception.
I love the Kotlin language and this plugin does it justice. There are only minor glitches here and there but overall it's great! I look forward to new features like more intentions. Kotlin perhaps has more cases for intentions than Java!
1.0.0-beta-3595-IJ143-26 causes IDEA to crash after restarting. I had to manually delete Kotlin from the plugins directory to get my IDE back.
Tried using it for Android development, didn't find any issues yet. 5 out of 5.
"206.7 link is 404ing" The link was fixed. Thank you!
206.7 link is 404ing
Kotlin plugin was tested and should work well with Idea 14. If you encounter any troubles with it, please create an issue at https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issues/kotlin
Tried using the latest plugin (kotlin-plugin-0.10.195.zip) with Intellij 14 CE and Ultimate, it's utterly broken. So far this what i've tried: Intellij 14CE - Tried updating the plugin via the intellij notification: Failed with Certification Error. Intellij 14CE- Manually updating via the preferences -> plugins and installing from disk. After restart, intellij doesn't start up - Null Pointer Exception on Kotlin Plugin Then downloaded 14 ulitmate and tried by clicking on configure (startup screen), and then plugins and install automatically via intelliJ. Nothing happens, dialog flashes; doesn't look right so restart and well it doesn't work. Tried manually doing this via install from disk - causes NPE. Tried on Mac and Windows. I'd like to believe you test this prior to releasing, this is terrible! Wasted a day on this along side another developer. Enough to ditch Kotlin and head back to Intellij12, an IDE that actually works.
Ignore previous comment (apologies for not reading carefully) -- use nightly build (see abreslav's comment below).
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