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Added ability to report exceptions Fixed: #68, #82, #91, #52, #41, #98, #97, #108, #72, #109
I was very happy to see WebStorm in the list, but sadly it's not the case, this plugin does not work correctly with WebStorm and probably with PhpStorm, PyCharm, and others. This is what author of the plugin said: "This is a problem with plugin. I primarily support the Intellij Idea, and some features not so good tested in other products." Source: https://github.com/atsky/haskell-idea-plugin/issues/112 Another issue: https://github.com/atsky/haskell-idea-plugin/issues/124 Please remove these products from the list.
---- Unlike the other commenters, I don't have a problem with lag. I keep my copy of IntelliJ in a RAM disk with a JDK in RAM disk and back up my home folder with "Back in Time" and I commit regularly and it's fine. _____________________________________________________________________________________ ---- I do have a problem with some other things. The auto-complete is funky. It works for standard functions like putStrLn, but it doesn't work for functions within the same Module file or between two different Module files in the src folder. I can import one module into another and the auto-complete for functions in my local modules will not work, but if those same functions that I imported aren't spelled correctly, the IDE underlines the name of the function in red. The IDE obviously knows that the function is there because it knows whether or not it is spelled correctly, but when I press Ctr-Space I get nothing. _____________________________________________________________ ---- Also, documentation doesn't work. I can write a function like this: _____________________________________________________________________________________ {- This is a Haskell doc for the "hello" function. -} hello = do putStrLn ("Hello") _____________________________________________________________________________________ ---- And when I press Ctr-Q, I don't get any documentation. Which wouldn't be so bad if Ctr-B, or "Go To Declaration", worked, but it doesn't. Also, the debugger doesn't work out the box, although Run (Shift F10) does [assuming you had Haskell installed and Cabal in your path - I installed Leksah first and had that running before I installed this] _____________________________________________________________________________________ ---- All in all, it's better than a plain text editor. The syntax highlighting isn't as good as the Atom Haskell IDE pretty syntax highlighting plugin. Also, I can't pull up Hoogle documentation for standard library functions (which I can do with an Atom extension), and documentation doesn't work at all for user defined functions. And the debugger doesn't work out of the box. Also, re-factoring and renaming (Shift + F6) doesn't work. I give it a 3 star because it is OK - not fantastic, but it provides a few features. _____________________________________________________________________________________ ---- Please update this plugin to give it more features - either "Go to Declaration" or "Ctr-Q" documentation, whichever is easiest. I can live without the ability to rename functions (it can always be done later on when that feature becomes available and code can run without it), but the other features are really necessary for diving into a new codebase. _____________________________________________________________________________________ ---- I can understand if the user doesn't fulfil some contract like not putting the documentation just above the function and I would be okay with little restrictions like needing the type to be explicitly given for it to appear in the auto-complete or the Ctr-Q documentation, but all in all this plugin needs work - I want it to one day be at the same level of usefulness as the Scala plugin for IntelliJ.
Extremely high latency, and some bugs with indentation.
When doing simple editing in a small file the editor responds with high latency. Unfortunately, despite how amazing the rest of the plugin is, this is a critical problem that leaves just a dumb text editor less painful. If there was not the latency, I would easily give this plugin 5 stars.
Any chance we can get a forum for this plugin? Maybe it can be a general "Haskell in Idea" forum, since there appear to be other plugins, too.
I'm getting a Kotlin-related error when trying to open a .cabal project. I've reported it in https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/IDEA-132886 but I'm also mentioning it here in case YouTrack is not the proper place.
It is really honorable that you support Haskell with official plugin!
I keep getting this error when I attempt to compile a module: "Error:cabal: configure failed." GHC sdk is set, and it works when I run "cabal run" from the command line. Any idea what could cause this?
Thanks! This is just what I've needed for a long time.
With this plugin, IntelliJ is the ONLY IDE that I could make to work (and without any effort) on my Centos box. This is really GREAT!!! I hope that development will continue in order to make IntelliJ the best platfrom for Haskell development.
This is obviously a work in progress but I'm giving this plugin 5 stars just to support its development. It will be a huge benefit to have a Haskell plugin in the Intellij IDEA ecosystem.
I really appreciate that this plugin exists and hope that more people find it and use it!
I like that this plugin exists! I wish it keeps improving.
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