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This plugin lets you download and build Docker images, create and start Docker containers, and carry out other related tasks.

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Recent change notes


  • IDEA-152660 Docker Log console does not support ANSI color codes
  • IDEA-153202 Docker plugin - allow to hide stopped containers and untagged (none:none) images
  • IDEA-168191 red code shown for valid "||" operator in Dockerfile


  • IDEA-159223 Support direct connection via unix:// on Mac OS X


  • Aligned with 2016.3
  • PY-21465 Switched to use Netty 4.1.5 to fix multiple problems
  • IDEA-152432 Docker plugin suggests using Dockerfile from libraries
  • IDEA-162047 Performance problem on startup from Dockerfile detection


  • IDEA-161514 Docker Deployment run configuration hangs
  • Allow to cancel pullImage() and exec() operations; more correct counting of total and current download sizes
  • IDEA-152971 - Docker: dedicate view is not created on first server registration until project is reopened
  • "Pipe closed" exception on reading container's stderr fixed
  • Merged with remote execution integrations:
    • PY-20999 InvalidStateException on adding Python docker interpreter fixed
    • Stuck of the debugger on exiting a Python script fixed
    • Updating progress indicator status with stdout messages from running docker container
    • PY-20860 Built-ins aren't resolved for Docker remote interpreter
    • Docker remote run - use docker agent in remote language integrations
    • PY-20743 I have just upgraded and now python interpreter is not working for docker-compose
    • PY-20358 Reloading generated skeletons keeps on running
    • WEB-22719 Node remote interpreter: Docker: correct error message when server is not selected
    • PY-20358 Reloading generated skeletons keeps on running


  • Docker - more secure version of the warning suggested for IDEA-153973


  • IDEA-153973 - show warning about socat-based workaround
  • DSGN-2940 - Create new Docker icons
  • improve error handling
  • IDEA-155582 - Docker. Error is displayed for "!" in the correct Dockerfile in the Editor.
  • IDEA-155150 - Dockerfile editor misidentifies $(...) as syntax error
  • IDEA-155508 - Docker. Error is displayed for the correct Dockerfile in the Editor.


  • IDEA-153973 - Plugin: Docker fails to connect via unix:// on Mac OS X
  • IDEA-157736 - Deploying docker container fails because HostConfig was removed in docker v1.12
  • IDEA-155356 - Docker: Order containers and Images in the Docker View
  • IDEA-142322 - Add possibility to close attached console
  • IDEA-155340 - Docker: Add possibility to "inspect" for images - tab for image properties
  • IDEA-151199 - Docker: (on win / mac): Compute the local volume bindings considering virtual box path mapping


  • IDEA-153414 - Docker-compose Redeploy should rebuild before deploying
  • show existing mounts in volume bindings runtime editor
  • fixed IDEA-150433 - Dockerfile editor should recognize multiline quotes
  • IDEA-146876 - Docker: code style for Dockerfile
  • IDEA-148564 - New help pages for Docker available


  • IDEA-155691 - Docker: attach fails for remote Docker with insecured HTTP access


  • IDEA-154430 - Docker Compose: scale action for services
  • IDEA-154429 - Docker Compose: start/stop action for services
  • IDEA-150970 - Docker: edit container settings in the Docker view - show all container names in the Properties tab
  • fixed WEB-21233 ClassNotFoundException is thrown by Docker when any Remote Node.js interpreter is present


  • fixed IDEA-146347 Docker Plugin fails to attach to container running on server bound to unix socket


  • fixed IDEA-153513 Docker: terminals for Attach and Exec are broken


  • fixed IDEA-153303 Docker Run/Debug window missing labels for inputs


  • fixed IDEA-153214 Docker plug-in depends on SSH Remote Run which is not available in Community Edition


  • fixed IDEA-153110 PhpStorm fails to open PHP Interpreter dialog


  • IDEA-137765 Support docker-compose - initial
  • IDEA-151921 Docker Compose: show composed services / containers in separate subtree in Docker view
  • IDEA-150970 Docker: edit container settings in the Docker view - volume bindings tab
  • IDEA-151479 Don't show detected docker files from project libraries


  • Docker Machine supported
  • IDEA-150969 Docker: replace utility subnodes in the docker tree with tabbed ui
  • IDEA-150970 Docker: edit container settings in the Docker view - environment variables tab
  • IDEA-150970 Docker: edit container settings in the Docker view - port bindings tab
  • fixed IDEA-151477 Dockerfile false negative syntax error message


  • IDEA-150968 Docker: provide Docker view separately from Application servers


  • fixed IDEA-148830 Building Docker images takes forever in IDEA 15
  • OC-13026 Disable Docker plugin for AppCode until we will decide to include Deployment section in settings


  • fixed IDEA-145814 Dockerfile synthax errors
  • Exec supported with Unix socket - see IDEA-146347
  • IDEA-137782 Docker: detect dockerfile and suggest to create run config


  • IDEA-148572 Dockerfile editor: provide completions for keywords
  • IDEA-144536 Dockerfile in project root does not work with files in project root
  • IDEA-146993 Added validation for the colon in the 'Host path' field to the volume binding dialog
  • IDEA-138981 Disable ability "Show processes" for not running containers
  • IDEA-145812 Missing icon for dockerfile


  • Exec session supports both input and output


  • Dedicated application component for Docker Registry accounts
  • Allow to test connection to a Docker Registry
  • Pre-select registry of the image being pushed
  • Pull from Docker Hub by default
  • Fix: disable pull action for other clouds


  • Supported pull and push to a Docker Registry
  • IDEA-146001 Docker: show details of the created container on successful deploy


  • IDEA-145858 Docker: improve status workflow in the Application Servers tool window
  • IDEA-145971 Docker: group containers and images under dedicated tree nodes in the Application Servers view


  • IDEA 15 EAP build 143.116 supported


  • Dockerfile language initial support
  • fixed IDEA-145630 Docker: deployment process interrupted if base image needs to be pulled


  • IDEA-145427 Docker: support full set of the options from Docker 1.21 remote api
  • IDEA-138992 Simplify converting options for command line docker util into json
  • provide existing container names in link creation dialog


  • fixed several NPEs, see IDEA-145239, IDEA-145240, IDEA-145237


  • IDEA-144399 Support for Docker Toolbox
  • IDEA-144850 Docker: run a command in a running container
  • IDEA-144983 Docker: improve UI for configuring container options
  • IDEA-145154 Docker: allow to configure links to other containers
  • IDEA-144612 Docker support: mount to volume current project


  • Built with Java 6, notify Java 7 required


  • Moved to IDEA 15
  • Added TTY support in console


  • Fix: unable to build list of containers due null as a container name


  • Provided console (bash) access to a running container


  • Added possibility to configure a container for an existing image
2 Your problem looks similar to, please take a look: > unpacking PyCharm application to the folder where the previous version is installed mixes up jars and other resources > and this could lead to such problems as this one. If reinstalling to clean folder does not fix your problem, please reopen that youtrack. Hope this helps
Please help! PyCharm returns the following error when creating project: com.intellij.diagnostic.PluginException: com.intellij.remoteServer.impl.runtime.ui.ServersToolWindowManager.(Lcom/intellij/openapi/project/Project;Ljava/lang/String;)V [Plugin: Docker]
if you have multiple projects open, you and local docker engine (linux), the connection lost and you can not see running dockers (ubuntu 16.04)
When i try to configure Docker plugin (Ubuntu Webstorm):
Is this
doc about this plugin? Might be worth linking then.
OS: Windows 10 build 10586.420 IDEA: 2016.1.1 build #IU-145.597 Docker: Docker For Windows v1.12.0-rc2-beta16 build 4760 Docker Integration Plugin: v2.2.1 Problem: When deploying Dockerfile I got an error com.github.dockerjava.api.exception.BadRequestException: {"message":"starting container with HostConfig was deprecated since v1.10 and removed in v1.12"}
User of Docker For Mac (beta) are now automatically upgraded to docker 1.12.0-rc2. In 1.12 the support for starting a container with HostConfig has been removed (it was already deprecated in 1.10). When trying to start the container,you get the following error: Failed to deploy 'myProject': com.github.dockerjava.api.exception.BadRequestException: {"message":"starting container with HostConfig was deprecated since v1.10 and removed in v1.12"} Creating an container_settings.json from the deploy window reveals the HostConfig setting, but removing it won't help. It seems the plugin passes a HostConfig setting anyway. Once docker 1.12 gets out of beta this bug will affect all users of the plugin. Are there any plans on removing HostConfig from the plugin? Is there a workaround maybe? Can I help?
Thanks for your suggestion, We will have this supported (one way or another) in 16.2. I have submitted, you may track progress there.
docker-compose doesn't seem to be called with the project's directory as the working path. This is bad because it won't read the new .env file - see An alternative would be to be able to specify environment variables to be passed to docker-compose within the configuration dialog
Hi to all, one question, I'm experiencing problem in getting the latest version of this plugin to work on PyCharm 2016.3... is this version supported ? Because in my env I'm not able to get the remote interpreter working anymore Tnx
Also for me .dockerignore is not taken into account.
@All: Sorry for the labels missing in UI in the plugin versions 2.1.0-2. This should be fixes in the 2.1.3, please report on if you still have a problems after update.
Great plugin. @jaredweinfurtner I've opened a issue on the issue tracker for the missing labels: Michael Golubev is already investigating.
I just installed IntelliJ IDEA and added the Docker Integration plugin. However, when adding a new Docker Deployment in the Run/Debug Configurations, I am missing the titles of the different form elements (screenshots: --- IntelliJ IDEA 2016.1 Build #IU-145.258, built on March 17, 2016 JRE: 1.8.0_60-b27 x86 JVM: Java HotSpot(TM) Server VM by Oracle Corporation ---
If you don't want notifications, turn them off at Appearance & Behavior -> Notifications and find Docker in the list. You can disable popup balloons and log entries.
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