PHP RegExp Support
for IntelliJ IDEA

Compatible with:  IntelliJ IDEA PhpStorm
13 074
Support of regular expressions parsing in PhpStorm

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Recent change notes

0.9.3 (07 May 2015)
Rebuild for JDK 1.7 (fixed PluginException)
0.9.2 (03 May 2015)
Fixed issue with incorrect escape character annotation
Added support of Perl5 embedded comments
0.9.1 (15 Apr 2015)
Fixed possible "infinite" loop in regex checker
0.9.0 (13 Apr 2015)
Initial release
Installed in phpstorm 9 and as soon as enabled, it deleted my project files (.idea/*) Uninstalling the plugin, restarting, then restoring the project files from backup did work. CONSIDERED HARMFUL!
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